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A person’s voice sounded beside him.

It was a soft and delicate voice, and after hearing it you would know it was Yu Chuyao.

Jin Sihan turned his head intending to go around her, to another place to get some fresh air.

But a hand pulled his arm, Yu Chuyao’s eyes flooded with tears while looking at him pitifully.

“Sihan are you unwilling to see my face now”

“I can explain, what happened between me and your brother is not like what you think.

I was force to do it.”

“You know it’s hard to live in high society with a status like mine.

A man like your brother he asked me to accompany him, I dare not accompany him ah.”

She continued.

“I swear I only stayed with him for a few days, I only ate and shopped with him, nothing happened if you don’t believe me ask you brother.”

Yu Chuayao defended.

Jin Sihan stood there with no ripple in his expression, he was neither pushing her away nor making the next move.

Yu Chuyao seeing her chance in this situation, leaned closer to him.

Thankfully she was able to spray perfume today, it was his favorite scent.

“Sihan I know I’ve wronged you and I regret it now, I’ve broken it off cleanly with you brother.

Can you forgive me once, I swear I will only be good to you from now on.”

Jin Sihan finally moved and he still had a smile on his face.

“Don’t pretend anymore, do you think I don’t know My brother even sent me the chat logs and audio of calls between you and him.”

“I don’t blame you, even in some ways I think you’re a victim.”

“But when it comes down to it, don’t come back and lie to me.

It will make me sick.”

In the records that Jin Shang showed him, Yu Chuyao looked more active than her brother.

Yu Chuyao’s face immediately paled.

“What are you talking about Jin Shang, Jin Shang why would he show you this!”

She never dreamed that Jin Shang would be able to tell Jin Sihan about all that had happened between her and him after he pried him out of his corner.

“My brother helps me identify people’s motive.”

In fact, it was a means for his possessiveness to control him.

He pulled Yu Chuyao’s hand on his arm, the person who once felt wonderful before was uglier to look at now.

Shi Ning was really right.

He was just blind in the first place.

He added in the midst of Yu Chuyao’s shocked and disoriented look.

“Let’s just move on.

I won’t care about you anymore.”

Yu Chuyao’s teary eyes blurred as she looked at him, she regretted all these days why she could not resist Jin Shang’s temptation and took a wrong step.

If that hadn’t happened, she and Jin Sihan would still be fine.

He would still be obedient to her and listen to her on everything.

Jin Sihan was not in the least interested in her tears, although it was said that tears were the best weapon of women.

But this weapon if always used would rust causing it to be ineffective.

“I can forgive you for everything but you can’t harm Shi Ning again.”

His expression was cold and stern.

It was the first time Yu Chuyao see him like this, she unbelievably took two steps back.

“Why are you so mean to me now Do you really no have feelings for me”

She paused and said unbelievingly.

“I harmed Shi Ning Obviously she is the one who has been bullying me, can’t you see that….”

Jin Sihan pulled out a smiled, the smile was no different from his usual smile but looking closely his eyes were cold and full of indifference.

“Earlier, you were trying to hit Shi Ning with a stone, right”

Yu Chuyao was once again stunned as she took another two step back realizing that she seemed to have never known the person in front of her.

He knows, so he knows everything!

He saw it, but didn’t say anything.

He knew all the things between them but he didn’t mention them all.

And just like a fool, she kept calling and sending messages to him.

Always felt that there was room for maneuver between them.

Yu Chuayo now only feels like a jumping clown.

“I’ve given you your chance, if you lay your hands on Shi Ning again—“

“Don’t blame me for not thinking the old times.”

Jin Sihan finished this sentence and walked away.


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