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Night time.

Shi Ning stretched out after completing all the study plan she had for the day.

Her eyes were a little blurry and a little heavy so she did a set of eye exercise on her own which was quite comfortable.

Looking at the clock on the wall, it was only 10 o’clock.

Perhaps because she was stimulated by someone more outstanding that’s why she was particularly productive in her studies today.

After doing all of this, Shi Ning flipped through the topics she had  done for today.

In her mind, she remembered the set competition papers she saw and the words Lin Suno said to her.

“Do you want to learn it If you want to I can teach you.”

Shi Ning closed her book and went to her brother’s room.

Obviously Shi Chen was also not asleep yet, before Shi Ning came to find him he was usually lying on his bed playing with his phone or reading extracurricular book.

And recently, even her brother who has always believe in combining work and relaxation has been working hard and was still studying at this hour.


Shi Ning entered the room and called out, she saw that he was still studying.

“Am I bothering you”

Shi Ning asked.

“No, come in.”

Shi Chen put down the book in his hand.

Shi Ning went in and saw all kinds of test papers and textbooks on Shi Chen’s desk as well as extracurricular tutorials.

“Brother, you have quite a heavy task now.”

Shi Chen smiled.

“Yes, got tired of reading and solving some topics.

But since you’re here I can relax and talk to you.”

Shi Ning noticed a book on his desk for a high school math competition.

She picked it up and flipped through the pages.

“Since when did my sister become interested in this part of the competition”

Shi Ning instead asked Shi Chen.

“Among all the students in our school are they any liberal arts students who take part on mathematical competition”

Shi Chen thought about it.

“It seems that there was none.

Even if there is, they basically just participate in the preliminary round and there would only be few who got into league matches.”


Shi Ning answered while looking at the book in hand in dazed.

“Why did you get interested Mathematics Olympiad”

“Not interested, just think that people who can do these difficult questions are very outstanding.

For example Suno, for example you also brother.”

Shi Ning explained.

“Suno is better than me, I couldn’t make it to the finals when I was a freshman.”

“But you don’t used to study hard just like someone else and Suno did.”

Shi Ning glance at her brother.

Before, her brother used to just attend to school without even trying to study and just casually study.

But he did not fall out of top ten, it was only until he was in his senior year that Shi Chen started to make an effort and after that stayed top one all the time.

Shi Ning thought she was already working hard, but Lin Suno seemed to be working harder than she was and there seemed to be nothing else in his world but studying.

He was simply the emotionless learning machine.

Shi Chen laughed as he lazily leaned against the back of his chair.

“That’s true.”

“Brother this time the national competition if you win, will you get additional points for entrance examination”

Shi Chen responded.

“En, but only the national level can add 20 points and as long as it’s a national award.

It will be good for if you participate when the time comes.”

As Shi Ning listened to her brother her heartbeat thumped, after all no one could tell about the college entrance examination, in case something unforeseen happened extra points would be specifically important at that time.

Shi Chen looked at his sister and guessed her thoughts.

He patted the back of her head and said.

“Actually I think if you study liberal arts according to your current development there is certainly no problem with Peking University after all my sister is the little genius in liberal arts.”

He tried it himself and had a first-hand experience of how hard the competition was.

Shi Chen know that Shi Ning was already studying very hard so he just hoped she could have a relax time.

Shi Ning’s tone softened and with a little coquettishly said.

“But brother I want to try everything and the only way to know is to try, isn’t it”

It seems like this whole learning things has been fun for her since she was young and since she could learn everything quickly it makes her loved learning more.

And this kind of learning was not limited to textbook knowledge but also extra-curricular knowledge and even some strange crafts and skills.

Now that she had the opportunity to do everything she wanted without worrying for anything.

She was now filled with interest and was more eager to climb up to see the view from its heights ad even from its very top.

When Shi Chen heard her say this, he did not force his idea and smiled.

“If you want to try then go ahead and try.

Do whatever you want and brother will help you, later I will give you some introduction to mathematical Olympiad books after sorting it out.”

“You can do them first and if you don’t understand just ask me, anyway you’re only a freshman in high school you don’t have heavy curriculum task so you still have time to learn these.”


Although it was her own decision already she was more down to earth when she got her brother’s approval.


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