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Translated by: Parfait


A young girl laid quietly in the white hospital bed.


There were three people in front of the hospital bed, a middle-aged couple, and a handsome young man.


The middle-aged man pointed to the young man’s nose and reprimanded.

“I want you to be more concerned about your sister.

Take my word, if anything happens to Shi Ning, I won’t hesitate to beat you to death.”


The young man twisted his eyebrows and glanced at his father coldly: “What can I do This is the third time this month.

Last time she hanged herself and took sleeping pills.

Now, she cut her wrists.

In terms of suicide, our little princess is well-knowledgeable.

She can turn the world upside down every time.

Everyone is worried about her.

Looking at her shoes, there’s no reason to end her life.”


Pa—As soon as the young man’s voice fell, a loud slap met his face.


The middle-aged man was so angry that he trembled: “You animal, do you even know what you’re saying! Is that some stranger who is laying in the hospital bed No, that’s your sister! Look at your sullen mother, you have no conscience! I’ve raised you all these years for nothing.”


The young man looked coldly at the woman sitting in front of the hospital bed, wiping her tears.


“She’s not my mother.”


Shi Zhanping wanted to curse again, but at this moment, the woman in the hospital bed slowly opened her eyes.


“Shi Ning woke up!”


Seeing her open her eyes, the middle-aged man’s anger died down and swiftly moved to the bed.


Shi Zhanping asked with concern: “Shi Ning, do you feel better”


Shi Ning blinked.


What’s going on


Her memory still lingered at the frightening scene of her bus breaking down and hitting the bridge.


Her name was Li Shining.

She was a student from an 18th-tier poverty-stricken city.

With her own efforts, she won first place in the county’s high school entrance examination.

Just when she thought that she could realize her dream and go to the best senior high school in the city, and then be admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University——


A car accident happened.


The accident ended her life in that world.


The memory of the original owner of this body constantly poured into her brain.

Shi Ning found that she had just transmigrated in a book.


She transmigrated in a book set in high school called “F4 and their little fairy” which she stumbled upon online after she took her high school entrance exam.


The content of the book was the same as the title of the book.

The story was about those handsome young men of four families who fell in love with the poor and innocent woman named Tong Lu.

Those four men fought against each other to win her heart.


It’s just that she did not transmigrate as Tong Lu, but Shi Ning, who had the same name as her.


In the book, Shi Ning, as one of the children of the four big families in Yangcheng, grew up with the four male leads.

She was a childhood sweetheart.

Shi Chen, who was also one of the F4, was also her half brother.


The situation of the Shi family was very complicated. 


Shi Zhanping and Shi Chen’s mother, Cao Shu, married for the sake of business.

They had no emotional basis.

Soon after their marriage, they had Shi Chen.

A year later, Shi Zhanping and Cao Shu divorced due to differences. 


Before marrying Shi Chen’s mother, Shi Zhanping had a first love whose name was Mo Xue.

After divorcing Cao Shu, Shi Zhanping married Mo Xue in a flash. 


She then gave birth to Shi Ning a year later.


In the book, Shi Chen was not in harmony with his father and stepmother.

He was rebellious since childhood.


However, he began to cherish his sister who he grew up with.


It’s just that the more Shi Ning grew up, the more selfish she became, hoping that their parents would only dote on her. 


She often provoked conflicts between Shi Zhanping and Shi Chen. 


Because of this, Shi Chen slowly alienated her.


At the end of the plot, several male leads in the book, including Shi Chen, fell in love with the female protagonist, Tong Lu.


Among them, Nan Xiao, the son of the richest family, was the object of Shi Ning’s secret love since childhood.


In order to have Nan Xiao and get his attention, Shi Ning had done a series of unreasonable behaviors.


She isolated and bullied the female lead in school. 


After the female lead was rescued by Nan Xiao, she felt that they favored the outsider more than her, and made a fuss.


At first, they reflected on their affection towards her and bore with her actions, but later, as she became more and more excessive, they stopped paying attention to her anymore.


The neglected Shi Ning started bawling and even attempted suicide by hanging.

After this, she forced her brother to help her chase Nan Xiao, but he was not willing.

Shi Ning went to her parents to show her grievances and also committed a second suicide.


She pushed her brother, who originally loved her, farther and farther.


In the end, even Shi Chen didn’t care about her. 


Shi Ning poured sulfuric acid on the female lead and destroyed her appearance.

This caused the F4 to hate her.


She remembered that after this event happened in the book, Nan Xiao held a knife and grazed it on the skin of the female supporting character, Shi Ning.

His eyes were cold and piercing, and his hoarse voice disguised his extreme hatred.


“You owe Tong Lu.

Don’t blame me.”


“Brother Xiao, don’t…I, I like you! Why do you only like that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! She is not worthy of you.” Shi Ning, in the original book, cried in horror.


“Like me Are you worthy In my heart, you are a vicious person.

You can’t even compare to a strand of Lulu’s hair.”


If it wasn’t for Shi Chen who came to save Shi Ning in the last minute, no one knew what would happen that day.


Shi Ning looked at her brother with tears in her eyes.


Shi Chen said coldly, “This is the last time I care about you.

From now on, I don’t have a sister.

You are so vicious that I feel sick.”


So far, this was the ultimate fate of the female supporting character, Shi Ning.




When Shi Ning read the book, she felt sorry for the supporting character who shared the same name as her.

She was born well, loved by her parents, and spoiled by her brother.

How could she have reached this point


She never thought that she would be born again, she went from Li Shining to Shi Ning.


Fortunately, according to the memory of the original owner, everything was not yet out of control.


Tong Lu had just transferred schools, and Shi Ning’s bullying only reached the stage of shutting her in the classroom and insulting her daily.

She still had not become the Shi Ning who had lost her mind to the point she was considered as vicious and poisonous. 


Thinking of this, Shi Ning was a little relieved.


She looked at the three people beside the bed, laughed, and said, “I’m okay.”


Shi Ning looked at his father’s love for his daughter, and then looked at Mo Xue, who had tears on her face.


There was also the brother who had indifference written on his face, but his eyes showed only concern for her.


They were all Shi Ning’s family, and they had been hurt by Shi Ning’s stubborn and willful behavior.


Since god gave her a chance again, she would live on with Shi Ning’s identity.

Starting from now on, the family of the original owner would also be her family.


“It’s okay.

Now that you’re fine now, don’t do anything stupid in the future.” The parents were relieved.


After chatting with her parents, Shi Ning noticed that there was another person looking at her.


It was her half brother, Shi Chen.


Shi Ning met his gaze, the other party didn’t speak, but instead, turned and left the ward.


“Where are you going” Shi Zhanping yelled.


Shi Chen ignored him and walked out without looking back.


“This b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.” Shi Zhanping chased him outside.


“The relationship between your brother and your father…” Mo Xue sighed.


Seeing that Shi Ning was in deep thought, she thought she was sensitive again, and comforted her.

“Shi Ning, don’t focus on the indifferent look your brother is giving you.

In fact, he loves you very much.

During the two days you slept, he kept guarding.

He didn’t go anywhere outside the ward.”


When Shi Ning heard this, she thought of the misunderstanding between Shi Chen and his father, which led to this bad relationship between father and son.

Normally this time…


She pulled out the needle from her hand, got up from the bed, and ran out at full speed.


After looking around in the hospital, as expected, Shi Zhanping and Shi Chen were arguing at the door.


Seeing that Shi Zhanping was about to do something to Shi Chen, Shi Ning ran over and blocked her father from her brother.

She then grabbed Shi Zhanping’s outstretched hand.


The enmity between this father and son would not clear for a while, but Shi Ning knew that beating his own son was wrong no matter what.


The original Shi Ning would try to intensify the conflict between this duo, but she wasn’t her.

When she read the book from the perspective of a bystander, her favorite character was Shi Chen even though he was the most hated.


In the original book, Shi Chen was actually quite miserable.

He looked indifferent on the outside, but he lacked love on the inside.

Shi Zhanping and Shi Chen’s mother, Cao Shu, completely married for the purpose of business.

Although Shi Zhanping couldn’t let go of his first love, an accident still occurred that caused Cao Shu to have a child, resulting in marrying her officially.


It could be considered that no one expected Shi Chen’s birth.


After his parents divorced, his father soon married his first love and gave birth to Shi Ning. 


Under the influence of his own mother, he believed his parents divorced due to his father’s faults.


He longed for maternal love, so he alienated his father and stepmother for his mother’s sake.


Later, he was used by his own mother as a tool for revenge which became a knife for Cao Shu to destroy the Shi family.


He was a stoic person by nature.

He obviously cared about loving his only sister who was connected with him by blood, but he was not good at expressing himself.

The original owner, who was a selfish person, constantly hurt him.

She completely turned his heart cold and made him lose his love towards his family.


After that, Shi Chen ran away from home. 


Shi Zhanping had a car accident in the middle of looking for him and fell in a coma.

The fate of the Shi family, who had lost its backbone, was the same as that of the original owner, Shi Ning.


A well-known family from centuries ago, whom everyone looked up to, was destroyed in a blink of an eye.


Thinking of these, Shi Ning was frightened.


When she was Li Shining, she lived a miserable life.


In order to support the family in the countryside, her parents left them to their grandmother to work in other places.

Because the place they worked at was too far, it cost so much money to come back to the countryside.

She couldn’t even see her parents during the New Year.


But from the tuition fees she received every year, she knew that her parents loved her and worked hard for her sake.


So despite the hardships of her life and the inferior schooling she received in the remote area, she still made every effort to study in order to get ahead and change her fate and her family.


But before she could change the fate of her family, she was dominated by fate and was left with no chance.


Her parents died just after she reached junior high school because of an accident in the construction site. 


A year later, her grandmother also died of serious illness.

She lived alone for a year, and after finally entering high school, death found her again.


Her whole family ended in tragedy.


In this life, although the original owner also ended miserably, she was better than her.


And knowing what’s going to happen in advance, there must be a way to prevent it.


Because she became Shi Ning, she would change the fate of the Shi family and herself.


There was still time to change their fates.


“Dad.” Because of the memory she received, it didn’t sound awkward when she called him.


Shi Ning looked at Shi Zhanping seriously and said, “It’s wrong to hit a person.”


Shi Zhanping was startled.


Shi Chen was even more stunned.


Was this girl in front of him still the little devil who bullied him everywhere


Shi Ning just woke up, so her face looked pale and pure without her usual gorgeous makeup.


It was quite different from the usual wayward arrogance that everyone was used to.


Her eyes were firm and bright.


Oh, f̲u̲c̲k̲.

He could actually hear Shi Ning say this kind of thing.


When his father usually hits him, Shi Ning wouldn’t come to his aid.


Shi Chen also noticed Shi Ning’s banged wrist that she used to stop her father’s hand.

The gauze had freshly blood stains.


He frowned and said to Shi Ning in a cold voice, “You don’t need to worry about it.”


He then added, “Look at your hand, the wound is open.

You did this to yourself, so don’t ask help from me.”


Shi Zhanping originally wanted to scold his son, but after Shi Chen’s reminder, he still felt that his daughter’s injury was more important.


He quickly pulled Shi Ning to the ward to re-bandage the wound.


Even though Shi Ning was pulled by her father to deal with the wound, she also had been looking back at Shi Chen.


Shi Chen slightly squinted.


He suspected that he just had a delusion.

Shi Ning looked at him just now.


There was compassion and sympathy.


It was a kind of compassionate gaze that could only come after suffering from the world.

It was mature that it didn’t look like the gaze of a sixteen-year-old girl.


Shi Ning’s injury was not serious.

She could be discharged from the hospital when she wakes up, and could also go to school the next day.


As one of the four major families, the Shi family was described in the book quite magnificently.


After living in the house, Shi Ning realized what it was like to live in riches.

A bathroom could be as big as her original home.

If it wasn’t for the memory of the owner, she would never be familiar with these high-tech appliances in her home.


After eating the soup made by the special chef, Shi Ning returned to her room.


The first thing she did was to turn over her books.


She was only 15 years old when she died and had just finished her high school entrance examination. 


The original owner Shi Ning was one year and two months older than her.


According to the memory of the original owner, her high school, Yangcheng No.1 middle school, was the first private aristocratic high school in the area.


There were more than 20 scholar students who could take the exam every year, and would have the chance to enjoy China’s top educational resources and teaching conditions.


It’s a famous high school that Shi Ning didn’t dare to think about before.


Why would the original owner chase an egocentric and conceited man Not to mention, he liked to fight with people every day.


Was learning not good


With this kind of good educational source, and still choosing not to study, Shi Ning felt sorry for the original owner.


This night, Shi Ning read the contents of several subjects again.

Fortunately, she never forgot what she learned in her past life and read all the high school textbooks.


The next day, she was sent to school by the driver.


Because she had just returned from the hospital, Shi Ning slept until noon and went to school in the afternoon.


Getting out of the Rolls Royce, Shi Ning heard a lot of gossip.


Everyone looked at her.


“Well, is that Shi Ning from the Shi family”


“Yes, yes, how did she come to school Didn’t she commit suicide a while ago”


“I heard Nan Xiao rejected her after confessing her love.”


“Relying on her own good birth, she is nothing but beautiful.

Her grade ranking decreases year by year, and her temper is bad.

How can Nan Xiao like her”


“How could she attempt suicide so fast I’m sure she’s pretending.

She wanted Nan Xiao’s attention and love.

So shameless.”


As Shi Ning heard these comments, she realized the reason why the original owner tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist.

After Nan Xiao won the school basketball championship, she confessed to Nan Xiao in public.


As a result, she was brutally rejected.


When she read the book, she felt that Shi Ning was too intolerable to look at.


Unexpectedly, she became this Shi Ning now.


It was too humiliating.

Shi Ning chose to ignore it as she silently turned and ran to the building.


Because she ran too fast, she forcibly hit a person’s chest.


Since the other side’s chest was firm and hard, Shi Ning couldn’t stand firmly and fell to the ground as a result.


When she looked up, she saw that the man she bumped into was tall and handsome.


The other person looked at her face impatiently.


‘Don’t bother me.

Get away.’ was written all over his face.


And Shi Ning was forced to remember.


Oh, this was the male lead who made the original owner commit suicide not long ago.


Nan Xiao.


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