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Chapter 30: A Glance Fraught With Meaning

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In the Longevity Hall.

After everyone took their seats, the servants quickly served tea and snacks.

Lu Yunshuang took a sip of tea, then put down her cup.

As she looked at Lu Liangwei sitting next to the Dowager Duchess, a trace of confusion flashed rapidly across her eyes.

The Dowager Duchess had always disliked Lu Liangwei, and Lu Liangwei had always avoided the Dowager Duchess—so why were they so intimate today

It seemed as if there had never been any hostility between grandmother and granddaughter.

Lu Yunshuang felt puzzled and very uncomfortable at the same time.

She looked toward Madam Zheng with a questioning gaze.

Madam Zheng shook her head, but a trace of hatred for Lu Liangwei flashed across her face.

Seeing this, Lu Yunshuang understood the situation a little more.

Actually, on the day that Lu Liangwei had tried to hang herself, when she had suddenly run to the front hall and told their father that she did not want to be the Heir Apparents concubine, Lu Yunshuang had sensed that Lu Liangwei had changed a lot.

This time, with the Dowager Duchesss return, Lu Liangwei must have pulled out all the stops to win their grandmothers favor again.

At this thought, a frosty look flashed through Lu Yunshuangs eyes.

Lu Liangwei can try as much as she wants, but it wont be any use. As if the Dowager Duchess could easily change her opinion of her!

However, noticing that the Dowager Duchesss attitude toward Lu Liangwei was different from before, she felt somewhat restless.

Lu Yunshuang watched as grandmother and granddaughter talked and laughed with each other, then Lu Liangwei said something to the Dowager Duchess that made her laugh heartily. When she observed this, Lu Yunshuang felt a great uneasiness in her heart.

Without letting her unease show on her face, she commanded in a low voice, “Hong Xiu, quickly bring out the cakes that were brought from the palace.”

Upon hearing this order, Hong Xiu put a food box on the table.

Lu Yunshuang herself took out the cakes contained within the box, then personally brought them over to the Dowager Duchess.

“Grandmother, these are lotus seed cakes that the Crown Prince specially ordered the royal chef to make. Please do try some.”

Only then did the Dowager Duchess look at the cakes in Lu Yunshuangs hands, before nodding and saying to Long Chi, “Your Highness is far too thoughtful.”

Long Chi shook his head and replied humbly and courteously, “It was Shuangers idea. She is always thinking about you, Madam. Knowing that you like lotus seed cakes, she asked the royal chef to make them. The cakes were made this morning and are still fresh; you can eat them without worry.”

The Dowager Duchess gave a sigh. “Such a bother for the both of you to be always thinking about this old lady.”

Lu Yunshuang put the cakes on the table in front of the Dowager Duchess, then snuggled against her affectionately. “Being filial to her grandmother is a granddaughters duty. Grandmother, hurry up and try them; these lotus seed cakes are made by the best pastry chef in the palace.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Lu Liangwei. It was a glance fraught with meaning.

However, Lu Liangwei did not pay any attention to her, instead lowering her head to eat the fruits on her plate.

What Lu Yunshuang meant to say was that she herself was the only one who cared about the Dowager Duchess, and she, Lu Liangwei, knew nothing apart from how to cause trouble.

In the past, the Dowager Duchess would have despised Lu Liangwei even more, but now after listening to Lu Yunshuangs words, she merely smiled mildly. “Lets put those cakes aside for now. Ive just had the bamboo leaf cakes that Weiwei made herself; I cant eat anything more at the moment.”

Lu Yunshuangs expression changed slightly, and she glanced at Lu Liangwei in shock. “The bamboo leaf cakes made by Lil Sis”

Aunt Lan smiled and commented, “Yes, Second Miss craftsmanship is really commendable. Her bamboo leaf cakes are not cloying sweet at all and suit Madams taste very well. Madam even ate two in a row.”

Lu Liangwei did not seem to have noticed Lu Yunshuangs slightly stiff expression and passed her older sister one of the plates in front of her.

“Big Sis, why dont you try some too—but I dont know if it will be to your taste. After all, compared to the royal chef in the palace, my craftsmanship is certainly far worse.”


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