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Although Yang Tiandong was seriously injured, Han Jue didn\'t care too much.

He chose this path himself.

Han Jue wasn\'t his father and didn\'t have to follow him every day.

Besides, Yang Tiandong had the Demon Saint bloodline.

He wouldn\'t die so easily.

Han Jue continued to try and break through to the sixth level of the Body Integration Realm.

As more and more people from the Jade Pure Sect experienced life and death, Han Jue became more determined to cultivate.

Not only did he have to cultivate diligently, but he also had to urge Xing Hongxuan and Mo Zhu to cultivate together and not slack off.

In the blink of an eye, another seven years passed.

Han Jue finally broke through to the sixth level of the Body Integration Realm.

The Spirit Qi of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain was the most concentrated in the Great Yan.

The Fusang Tree and the Earth Immortal Gourd Vine were both creating Spirit Qi.

Han Jue suddenly thought of the Grand Elder and used his divine sense to probe the Jade Serene Peak.

Fairy Xi Xuan was still cultivating in the Jade Serene Hall.

After so many years, she was already at the ninth level of the Nascent Soul realm.

It was all thanks to the opportunities she had encountered outside that she could make such a breakthrough.

Fairy Xi Xuan, why don\'t you move to the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain I\'ll open up a cave abode for you.

Han Jue sent a voice transmission to her.

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her eyes.

Her temperament had become more and more otherworldly and holy.

Her devastatingly beautiful appearance was not the least bit overbearing.

It was the kind of beauty that people simply liked, like a fairy from heaven.

Fairy Xi Xuan frowned.

That\'s your mountain.

It\'s not convenient for me to go there.

You should already know about the Grand Elder\'s issue.

I\'ve been cultivating my entire life.

There aren\'t many people I care about.

You\'re one of them.

I hope to be able to walk the Great Dao with you.

I don\'t want to be the only one left on the path of cultivation.

If anyone else heard Han Jue\'s words, they would definitely feel that he was asking for a beating.

However, Fairy Xi Xuan understood him.

Ever since he entered the Jade Serene Peak, he had been cultivating diligently and had not even left the sect.

Thinking of the Grand Elder, Fairy Xi Xuan\'s heart felt heavy.

Although she had already sent away many of her fellow disciples, her master\'s death still made her feel a little uncomfortable.

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Come here, I won\'t disturb you without reason, Han Jue continued.

Fairy Xi Xuan hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing.

Han Jue asked her to pack up and come over directly.

He then stood up and left his cave abode to open up a cave abode for her.

On a hill not far away, Xun Chang\'an and the Black Hell Chicken were curious.

Master, are you opening a cave abode for me Xun Chang\'an asked in embarrassment.

He was already used to staying under the Fusang Tree.

Han Jue rolled his eyes at him and said, This is Fairy Xi Xuan\'s cave abode.

Fairy Xi Xuan used to be my master and is now my friend.

You are not to disturb her cultivation, understand

Xun Chang\'an suddenly understood.

He had naturally heard of Fairy Xi Xuan.

The Black Hell Chicken asked, Does Fairy Xi Xuan want to eat you

Are you asking for a beating Han Jue retorted angrily.

The Black Hell Chicken might not have understood in the past, but now, it definitely did.

How dare it tease him!

The Black Hell Chicken trembled in fear, not daring to say anything.

Soon, the cave abode was successfully created.

Fairy Xi Xuan also successfully checked in.

Seeing her appearance, Xun Chang\'an was in a daze.

He strengthened his Dao heart.

His master was right.

As long as his cultivation level was high, some beauties would like him.

Qian\'er was actually just like that.

He didn\'t have to die for her.

For some reason, ever since he had mastered the Heartless Flying Sword, Xun Chang\'an was very calm every time he thought of Qian\'er.

He was no longer as restless as before.

Han Jue was relieved after Fairy Xi Xuan moved over.

As for Mo Zhu, forget it.

He would think about it in the future.

She had outstanding potential and did not need it for the time being.

Furthermore, she wasn\'t on good terms with Xing Hongxuan.

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Recently, Xing Hongxuan had gone out again.

With the Heavenly Puppet on her, Han Jue wasn\'t afraid that something would happen to her.

Han Jue sat on the bed and checked his emails while using the Book of Misfortune to do his daily mission.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog, Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou, and Yang Tiandong began competing on who would get the highest number of beatings.

Some also obtained opportunities.

What was worth mentioning was that the situation in the Demon Taming Sect was getting worse.

Han Jue felt that it was about to collapse.

The jinx has awakened his divinity, how terrifying is that

The fact that the Demon Taming Sect could last so long meant that they were worthy of their reputation!

In a vast valley, a huge silver-furred demon hound crawled halfway up the mountain.

There were many demons in the valley, including the surrounding mountain peaks.

The silver-furred hound was none other than the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

After so many years, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog was no longer as fat as it was when it was young.

Instead, it was very healthy.

Under the sunlight, its demonic body looked extremely handsome.

At that moment, it was lazily looking down at the people below.

Yang Tiandong!

Yang Tiandong looked at the lofty Chaotic Heavenly Dog with a complicated expression.

He took a deep breath and said, Heavenly Dog, what do you think Let\'s join forces to kill Great Sage Green Python and split the territory equally.

Back then, Yang Tiandong had watched the Chaotic Heavenly Dog grow up.

Now, its strength far exceeded his.

It made him feel the difference in bloodlines.

Call me the Great Sage of Chaos. The Chaotic Heavenly Dog yawned and said nonchalantly.

Yang Tiandong was instantly annoyed.

Do you believe that I\'ll go back and tell Master!

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog immediately jolted when it heard that.

It bristled as it glared at him.

You still have the cheek to look for him You haven\'t even gone back at all, how dare you talk about me

Yang Tiandong felt awkward.

He was indeed embarrassed to go back and look for Han Jue.

Ever since he had become a Demon King, the seeds of power and ambition had taken root in his heart.

He could no longer cultivate as hard as before.

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We\'re from the same lineage, after all.

We should help each other.

I heard that you\'re often hunted by other Demon Kings, it\'s quite hard to watch.

It\'ll be a win-win situation if we work together! Yang Tiandong said seriously.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog hesitated.

Great Sage Green Python is too powerful.

Few demons in the Ten States and Nine Dynasties can defeat him.

Yang Tiandong said, I can return to the Great Yan to invite Demon King Dian Su.

He\'s a ten-thousand-year-old demon and his strength is also unfathomable.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog fell silent.

Great Sage Green Python is expanding madly.

He will come to you sooner or later.

The Formless Sect knows this, right All these years, the Formless Sect has been frantically trying to encircle him, but all of them have failed.

However, because of this, they have been exhausting Great Sage Green Python.

This is our chance.

If we wait any longer, you and I can only be his dogs!

Eh Looking down on dogs

Ok, fine.

We\'ll end up as his slaves!

No, we alone are not enough.

You have to continue persuading the other Demon Kings.


Han Jue didn\'t know what the Chaotic Heavenly Dog and Yang Tiandong were doing outside.

Ever since Fairy Xi Xuan moved over, his life had become a little more interesting.

Every two years, Han Jue would look for Fairy Xi Xuan to discuss the Dao.

Fairy Xi Xuan also welcomed him.

After all, both parties would benefit.

Han Jue\'s Dao technique was more profound than Fairy Xi Xuan\'s, but he was inferior to her in terms of knowledge.

Just like that, eight years passed.

Murong Qi had already become the Eldest Disciple of the Jade Pure Sect.

With his invincible strength at the Golden Core Realm, no one dared to question him.

On this day, in the mountains outside the Jade Pure Sect, Zhou Fan, Mo Fuchou, and the purple-dressed woman with the surname Xuan slowly walked forward.

I\'m finally back! Zhou Fan shouted in excitement.

Mo Fuchou sighed.

The Jade Pure Sect has changed so much.

The Spirit Qi in the nearby mountains and rivers was denser than before.

Disciples flying in and out of the sky on their swords could also be seen.

It looked like they were much stronger than before.

The purple-dressed woman was very curious about the Jade Pure Sect.

She was most curious about her senior sister\'s Dao Companion.

Go find Junior Mo Zhu.

I\'ll find Han Jue.

I want to see how powerful he is now, Zhou Fan said expectantly.

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