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A stalk of grass could become a Connate providence bearer


Han Jue immediately chose to check its background.

[Heaven and Earth Grass: Ten thousand years ago, it was originally an ordinary grass.

Then, an Immortal descended to the mortal world and meditated around it.

After a hundred years of bathing in Immortal Qi, it gradually shed its mortal form.

During the ten thousand years, it often encountered the calamity of destruction.

Every time before it perished, it would instinctively turn into dust and scatter into the world, before growing again.

This grass has the potential to become a divine grass, or even an Immortal God.]

Immortal God cultivation potential

It was a little scary!

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

This life force was really strong.

It had held on for ten thousand years.

Han Jue took the Heaven and Earth Grass and smiled at Xing Hongxuan.

I\'ll take this grass.

How have you been all these years

Xing Hongxuan was even more delighted.

She began to describe her experiences over the years.

Over the past few years, Xing Hongxuan had become the protagonist of fantasy novels.

She traveled the world with her sword and helped others when she saw injustice.

She fought against fiendish cultivators, barged into ancient tombs, hunted down enemies, and slaughtered her way into the demon realm.

After hearing her, Han Jue had the urge to go out and take a look.


Han Jue was alerted.

This woman was definitely arranged by the Heavenly Dao to entice him to leave.

The first 400 years had been a success.

Looking back, how many powerful enemies had been reduced to bones because they didn\'t know his strength Speaking of which, he had few enemies.

Look at Zhou Fan, Yang Tiandong, Chaotic Heavenly Dog, Su Qi…

Every time he checked his emails, he saw them getting beaten up.

It was the same for Li Qingzi previously.

As long as he went out, he would definitely suffer.

Now, he stayed in the Jade Pure Sect every day and no longer got injured.

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Only after leaving the Great Yan will we know how small it is.

Take the West Abyss State, for example.

The Jade Pure Sect is not even considered a second-rate sect there.

We\'re only able to have our current reputation because of you, my husband.

I think that you should be at the top of the list of the top hundred cultivators in the world, which has recently caused chaos in the cultivation world!

The more Xing Hongxuan spoke, the more excited she became.

Han Jue inexplicably thought of those people who went back to their hometown after adventuring in the major city in his previous life.

And what was this list of the top hundred cultivators

Too shallow!

Han Jue didn\'t care about fame, only profit.

After Xing Hongxuan finished speaking, he took out some longevity-enhancing pills from his storage ring and said, These are for you.

Your potential is mediocre.

I\'m afraid that you\'ll die too early.

Xing Hongxuan rolled her eyes.

You only know how to tease me.

I\'m serious.

Don\'t worry, I\'ve already taken such pills, and also natural treasures.

I have a long lifespan.

That\'s good!

Speaking of lifespan, the eldest disciple of Jade Serene Peak, Liu Sanxin, died decades ago.

The sect has too few lifespan-enhancing methods.

If he had left the Great Yan as soon as possible, there might still be a chance.

Xing Hongxuan sighed, while Han Jue was stunned.

He felt that some people were missing from his friend list, but he couldn\'t recall them.

Speaking of Liu Sanxin, Han Jue still remembered that this senior brother wanted to take care of him.

Before I could trouble him, he was already gone.

Han Jue said seriously, Cultivate well.

Don\'t become the next Senior Liu.

I can\'t bear to leave this world.

I still want to accompany you, my husband.

Then, Han Jue asked her to take out the Heavenly Puppet.

He wanted to upgrade its spirit energy.

After a few days, he filled Xing Hongxuan\'s Heavenly Puppet with Six Paths spirit energy and she put it away in her storage ring.

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With the Heavenly Puppet around, Han Jue could also rest assured that she could go out and explore.

Han Jue thought that it would end like this, but Xing Hongxuan pestered him for another month.


After she left, Han Jue took out the Heaven and Earth Grass and planted it in the cave abode.

This grass was too small.

If it was planted under the Fusang Tree, it might be trampled to death one day.

After planting it, Han Jue smiled in satisfaction.

He had been in a good mood recently, so he might as well curse the Vermilion Bird and Mo Youling to liven things up.

In one of the catacombs, the spikes hanging from the ceiling were sinister and terrifying, dripping with water.

One of the inverted thorns was tied with a blood tendon.

At the bottom were two people.

They were Zhou Fan and Mo Fuchou.

Both of them had disheveled hair and ragged clothes and they were covered in blood.

Below them was a huge pot boiling with murky oil.

Looking from above, the catacombs were filled with demons.

There were countless of them, and most of them were napping.

Zhou Fan gritted his teeth and looked in one direction.

A giant demon had taken form.

Even sitting, it was 50 feet tall.

It had a strong body and wore heavy armor made of snake scales.

It had an ugly and sinister snake head.

A figure stood beside the snake demon.

It was Han Jue\'s eldest disciple, Yang Tiandong.

Hmph! Demons\' lackey! Zhou Fan cursed.

He was extremely unhappy.

Mo Fuchou sighed.

It\'s not his fault.

If you want to blame something, blame it on our own bad luck.

We accidentally entered Great Sage Green Python\'s territory and you were rash enough to kill the patrolling demons.

Zhou Fan was even angrier when he heard that.

He cursed, That fellow is too arrogant.

He keeps calling us mortals and even wants us to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Can you tolerate that

Mo Fuchou smiled bitterly.

It was too late to say anything now.

On the other side, Great Sage Green Python laughed.

Dong\'er, tell me, how should we deal with these two Should we cook them or refine them into pills

Yang Tiandong frowned and said helplessly, Foster father, do we have to kill them

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They killed my demons, so they must die.

Dong\'er, if you want to inherit my power, you have to sever ties with the human race.

Humans and demons are irreconcilable.

This is the rule of the world.

You cannot waver.

Yang Tiandong cursed silently after hearing that.

Do you think I want to be a demon

When he heard Zhou Fan scold him, his heart ached even more.

Back then, he and Zhou Fan were caught by the Raincoat Sect.

They resisted together and were beaten together.

They were very close.

Now, in order to live, if he watched as Zhou Fan got cooked to death, how could he face the Jade Pure Sect and Han Jue

When I become a Demon Saint, I\'ll definitely kill all of you Demon Kings!

Yang Tiandong was furious.

The reason why he left the Great Yan was that Demon King Dian Su was in charge of the demon race there.

He couldn\'t control them, so he went to other demons.

As he fought, he finally managed to control a demon army.

In the end, he encountered Great Sage Green Python.

Great Sage Green Python wielded a million demon soldiers and had a high reputation among them.

Yang Tiandong couldn\'t even withstand a single blow from him.

Great Sage Green Python felt that his bloodline potential was not bad, so he took him in as his foster son.

In order to survive, he could only live and wait for an opportunity to escape or counterattack.

Then, he saw Zhou Fan and the other person getting caught.

This affinity made Yang Tiandong very uncomfortable.

Should I ask Master for help This thought popped up in Yang Tiandong\'s head, but he quickly rejected it.

I can\'t trouble him!

At this moment…

A hawk demon flew over and shouted, Your Majesty, a cultivator who calls himself Dong Wangxian of the Formless Sect is shouting outside.

He wants to slaughter all of us and avenge his master! He\'s too strong! We can\'t stop him!

When Great Sage Green Python heard this, his expression darkened.

He snorted coldly and said, Formless Sect Just nice, this king has a grudge against Enlightened Old Monster!

He rose to his feet.

Terrifying demonic energy erupted, shaking the entire catacombs.

Dong\'er, stay here and watch over them.

When I return, I hope to see them in the pot!

Great Sage Green Python transformed into a green aura and vanished.

Yang Tiandong looked at Zhou Fan and Mo Fuchou again, feeling extremely conflicted.

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Should he take this opportunity to save them


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