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Han Jue\'s divine sense entered the palace where Mo Zhu was.

He didn\'t see her.

Instead, he saw a huge black egg formed by demonic Qi floating in the air.

It was horrifying.

Terrifying killing intent filled the hall, causing the temperature to drop to the freezing point.

Han Jue directly moved into the hall.

He walked in front of the black egg and probed it with his divine sense.

He could sense Mo Zhu\'s aura.

This demonic Qi had a very strong resistance.

Even a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator might not be able to penetrate it.

Han Jue exerted some force, and his divine sense broke through the demonic aura and entered the black egg.

He immediately felt awkward.

Mo Zhu was naked in the egg.

Her snow-white skin was too eye-catching.

Han Jue waved his right hand.

Six Paths spirit energy radiated out and sealed the palace.

He rubbed his chin and thought, What happened

He could sense no other soul in Mo Zhu\'s body.

In other words, she wasn\'t possessed.

However, her soul was transforming, becoming inhuman.

What\'s the background of the Mo Family Mo Fuchou also fell into the demonic path… Han Jue continued touching his chin in thought.

Mo Fuchou was not simple.

His cultivation was not too far behind Zhou Fan\'s.

Not long after Zhou Fan broke through to the Nascent Soul realm, this fellow also reached it.

Han Jue didn\'t dare to interrupt Mo Zhu, afraid that she would suffer a backlash.

The commotion in the palace caused Daoist Jingxu to come over.

She wanted to enter but was blocked by Han Jue\'s Six Paths spirit energy.

It\'s fine.

I\'m here. Han Jue\'s voice was heard.

Daoist Jingxu felt relieved.

Because he had given instructions, Li Qingzi was also very careful with Mo Zhu.

Usually, no one was allowed to approach the palace, and Daoist Jingxu was in charge of it.

After Daoist Jingxu left, Han Jue continued to wait.

Several days later, the demonic Qi black egg finally began to dissipate.

When Mo Zhu\'s body landed on the ground, Han Jue immediately took out a robe and put it on her.

Han Jue\'s expression turned strange.

Mo Zhu\'s cultivation had actually reached the Nascent Soul Realm.

Most importantly, she did not transcend the tribulation!

This was ridiculous!

Mo Zhu slowly opened her eyes.

Han Jue\'s face squeezed into her vision.

She wasn\'t frightened.

Instead, she looked at Han Jue blurrily.

She gently raised her right hand and touched his face.

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Compared to the past, the current Mo Zhu was much more beautiful.

Her charming face was even more enchanting, enough to move most men.

Han Jue frowned and said, Miss Mo, wake up!

Mo Zhu didn\'t seem to hear him and continued to touch him.


Han Jue slapped her, and she immediately sobered up.

Mo Zhu covered her face and said aggrievedly, Why did you hit me again!


When did I hit you before

Han Jue didn\'t think too much about it and asked, What happened to your Mo Family Why did you become a devil

Mo Zhu came back to her senses and subconsciously looked at her body.

When she saw that her clothes had been changed into Han Jue\'s white robe, she was not afraid but pleasantly surprised.

You changed my clothes

Of course.

You saw my body

I didn\'t.

I put on your clothes with my eyes closed.

Why did you close your eyes Isn\'t it because you saw it

Then I apologize.

I don\'t want it.

Anyway, you have to be responsible for me.

From now on, I\'ll rely on you.

Is this an elaborate scam


Han Jue had a headache.

It was a sin to be too good-looking.

He believed that other than being handsome and saving Mo Zhu\'s life, he had never cared about her.

If it was Zhou Fan, Mo Zhu would have changed her mind already.

Mo Zhu was pleased.

Then, she began to answer the question, I\'m not sure, either.

Ever since I stepped into the Golden Core Realm, I often heard a voice when in cultivation.

At first, I thought it was a mental demon.

Not long ago, I discovered that it was not a mental demon but the will passed down by the ancestors of my family.

The Mo Family is not a fiendish cultivator clan in the cultivation world, but the descendants of true devils.

The devils were once a race.

After they perished, their cultivation techniques were passed down to the human race and thus came the birth of fiendish cultivators.

The Mo Family can be considered a descendant of the devil and human races.

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Han Jue narrowed his eyes and asked, Will you lose control

If Mo Zhu went mad and wanted to slaughter the world, how many slaps would he have to give to save her

Mo Zhu rolled her eyes and said, I\'m not a fiendish cultivator, how can I lose control Fiendish cultivators lose control easily because their bodies can\'t withstand the power of the fiendish technique.

Their inner demons are the backlash of the devil\'s consciousness.

Han Jue said seriously, Then don\'t do evil and harm the innocent.

The Jade Pure Sect is a righteous sect, after all.

That\'s unless someone wants to harm you.

Of course.

The two fell silent and the atmosphere became awkward.

[Mo Youling has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]

Han Jue frowned.

He immediately pulled out his interpersonal relationships and checked this person\'s information.

Mo Youling\'s portrait was very beautiful, somewhat similar to Mo Zhu\'s.

[Mo Youling: Fifth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, the second-generation head of the Mo Family.

Trapped in a mysterious forbidden area and unable to escape the restrictions.

She has chosen Mo Zhu as her successor and hopes to rely on her to save herself.

Because Mo Zhu has feelings for you, she\'s hostile towards you, thinking that you are a hindrance to Mo Zhu\'s growth, and wants to get rid of you.

Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]

A question mark popped up in Han Jue\'s head.

Mo Zhu suddenly took a step forward and mustered her courage.

She stuttered shily, Han Jue, I have inherited the techniques of the Mo Family\'s ancestors.

Among them, there\'s a dual… a two-person cultivation technique.

Are you willing to cultivate with me It\'s good for both of us…

Han Jue frowned.

A month later.

Han Jue was done comforting Mo Zhu and returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

The first thing he did upon returning was to take out the Book of Misfortune and curse Mo Youling.

This woman wants to kill me

Could he ignore that

Han Jue was afraid that she would one day break out of the restriction by herself and come to disturb his cultivation.

At that time, perhaps because of Mo Zhu, he would be in a dilemma.

It would be better for Mo Youling to not come out.

Thus, every few years, he would curse Mo Youling.

After cursing for seven days, Han Jue took out the pills he got from Enlightened Old Monster and started to cultivate.

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Time passed quickly.

Mo Zhu faced Han Jue like a subservient wife.

He told her to cultivate in the palace and not go out, and she happily agreed.

After all, they had been together for a month and their relationship had improved a lot.

Han Jue sent a voice transmission to Li Qingzi asking him to provide some pills to her.

Upon hearing that Mo Zhu was already at the Nascent Soul realm, Li Qingzi was overjoyed.

He immediately arranged for Mo Zhu to be a core disciple and had Daoist Jingxu send her pills and treasures every once in a while.

The Jade Pure Sect was now a quiet tiger in the long river of history.

It was quietly becoming stronger, not flamboyant or arrogant.

Eight years passed quickly.

Relying on pills, Han Jue finally reached the fifth level of the Body Integration Realm.

He had also used up all of Enlightened Old Monster\'s pills.

Cultivation at the Body Integration Realm was very difficult.

Han Jue\'s cultivation speed was already pretty fast.

A 400-year-old expert at the fifth level of the Body Integration Realm.

Who would believe that

On this day, Xing Hongxuan returned.

The first thing this girl did was to find Han Jue.

He let her in, curious about what she was going to give him this time.

Xing Hongxuan sat down next to him and took out a stalk of purple grass from her storage ring.

The leaf flickered with a faint light.

Husband, I found this in the land of the demons.

During this period of time, I left the Great Yan and went to the West Abyss.

This grass is not simple.

When I discovered it, I saw two Demon Kings fighting over it.

I took advantage of the fact that they were both injured to snatch it away, Xing Hongxuan said proudly.

Han Jue asked in surprise, Are you so powerful now

Xing Hongxuan was only at the fourth-stage Golden Core Realm.

How could she snatch such a treasure from the hands of two Demon Kings

Xing Hongxuan covered her mouth and laughed.

Didn\'t I comprehend a Mystical Power in a mystic realm The divine technique recorded a movement method.

I\'ve already mastered it.

If I can\'t defeat them, I can still escape.

No person or demon can catch up to me.

Why did Han Jue feel that this girl\'s luck had also improved

Could it be that she was influenced by his providence as an Immortal Emperor\'s descendant

Han Jue took the purple grass, and a line of words suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Detected that the natural treasure has the potential of becoming a Connate providence bearer.

Check its origin.]


This grass can become a spirit

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