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The Black Hell Chicken left the Connate Cave Abode and told Li Qingzi Han Jue\'s words.

Although Li Qingzi was confused and worried, since Han Jue said so, he could only suppress his emotions and leave.

The Black Hell Chicken returned to the Fusang Tree.

Murong Qi asked curiously, Master Chicken, what\'s the situation inside

More than three hundred years had passed.

The restrictions in the Connate Cave Abode had long been elevated by Han Jue.

His divine sense could not enter.

The Black Hell Chicken harrumphed.

Didn\'t Master Chicken already say Cultivate well.

If you encounter a powerful enemy you can\'t defeat in the future, with your cultivation level, Master and I won\'t even bring you along!

Murong Qi was stunned.

Xun Chang\'an shook his head.

He had long been used to the fact that the Black Hell Chicken often talked about running away.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

Han Jue was checking Enlightened Old Monster\'s storage rings.

This guy had four rings.

As the sect master, he was naturally rich.

When Han Jue counted, he almost drooled.

With so many treasures and resources, it was enough to establish a sect.

If he handed it over to the Jade Pure Sect, they would definitely be able to soar even faster.

However, Han Jue was not so selfless.

These are all mine!

After searching for a while, Han Jue suddenly found a token.

The words Heavenly Immortal were carved on it.

Beside the Heavenly Immortal Token was a letter from the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

The content was roughly such that by using this Heavenly Immortal Token, he could register to join the Heavenly Immortal Manor, but whether he could pass depended on his aptitude.

The Heavenly Immortal Manor never looked at the cultivation level.

They only looked at the potential.

After injecting spirit energy into the token, it would lead the applicants to search for the location of the Heavenly Immortal Manor.

Once the applicants found it, the token would disappear.

In other words, this Heavenly Immortal Token had yet to be used.

Other than the Heavenly Immortal Token, Enlightened Old Monster actually had Body Integration Realm cultivation pills.

This made Han Jue somewhat surprised.

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This guy is not bad!

After counting, Han Jue began to split his soul.

He used the method of creating the Heavenly Puppet.

He only needed to split a portion of his soul to control Enlightened Old Monster\'s body.

Being cautious, Han Jue still decided to divert the trouble.

What if the Formless Sect had a backer

Seven days later.

Enlightened Old Monster left the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Sect Master Li Qingzi led dozens of elders and deacons to send him off.

This matter caused a huge discussion in the sect.

In the cultivation world they were in, the Formless Sect was definitely the most dazzling existence.

Previously, they had crushed the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect with absolute dominance, causing their name to shake the world.

In their eyes, there was still a considerable gap between them and the Formless Sect.

Li Qingzi publicly announced that the Formless Sect would befriend the Jade Pure Sect and build a good relationship.

This news quickly spread to the Great Yan and caused many sects to discuss it.

After leaving the Jade Pure Sect, Han Jue controlled Enlightened Old Monster to fly in a random direction.

He moved forward very quickly.

The soul fragment that Han Jue left in Enlightened Old Monster could only last for a month before disappearing.

He had to shift Enlightened Old Monster\'s death away before that happened.

Thinking about it, Han Jue didn\'t have any enemies now.

The Vermilion Bird was in the Upper Realm, and the Demon Taming Sect was in the distant North State.

He didn\'t know who to frame for Enlightened Old Monster\'s death.

If there was no other way, he would push it onto the demons!

In less than two days, Enlightened Old Monster left the Great Yan region.

Han Jue continued forward aimlessly.

Along the way, he encountered many sects, but they were all too weak.

They couldn\'t withstand the Formless Sect\'s revenge at all.

He had to go to a powerful sect!

There might not be one in the Great Yan, but there should be one in other cultivation worlds.

Han Jue had never left the Jade Pure Sect in his life, so he didn\'t know much about the other cultivation worlds.

He could only stay as far away from the Great Yan as possible.

Dong Wangxian was troubled.

Before entering the Jade Pure Sect, Enlightened Old Monster was afraid that Dong Wangxian would cause trouble, so he was made to stay outside the sect.

Dong Wangxian followed after Enlightened Old Monster.

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Enlightened Old Monster had died too quickly.

Before he died, he had yet to use his Body Integration Realm spirit energy.

Han Jue controlled him to fly at full speed, so how could Dong Wangxian catch up

Master went mad Dong Wangxian frowned as flew on his sword.

As the distance between the master and disciple increased, not only did he have to chase, he also had to determine his direction.

Two figures appeared ahead.

It was Zhou Fan and Mo Fuchou.

The three of them brushed past each other.

For some reason, Zhou Fan and Dong Wangxian turned their heads.

Their eyes met.

When the two of them saw each other, their hearts inexplicably palpitated as if they had encountered their natural enemy.

Who is this person Zhou Fan frowned.

Dong Wangxian muttered to himself, Who is this kid I hate him for some reason.

The two of them didn\'t stay any longer and vanished into different directions.

Zhou Fan looked at Mo Fuchou and said, That person just now made me feel uncomfortable.

If he wasn\'t very strong, I would have dealt with him.

Mo Fuchou was speechless.

He said unhappily, Can you stop How much have I suffered after following you We\'re returning to the Jade Pure Sect this time.

Don\'t cause trouble anymore.

Zhou Fan chuckled.

I know.

I really want to see their expressions when they see us, especially Han Jue.

Mo Fuchou shook his head.

Somehow, he had a hunch.

It was not Han Jue who would be shocked, but them.

However, the current Zhou Fan was very arrogant.

Not long ago, he had severely injured a Soul Formation cultivator, so his ego inflated.

Zhou Fan believed that even if Han Jue was the Deity Slaying Elder, his cultivation level shouldn\'t have increased much over the years.

The Spirit Qi of the Great Yan was too weak.

It was completely incomparable to the other cultivation worlds.

The Soul Formation Stage mighty figures of the other cultivation worlds might not even be able to break through a minor realm in a hundred years, let alone Han Jue of the Great Yan.

Half a month later.

Han Jue controlled Enlightened Old Monster to a deep mountain.

There were no traces of humans within a thousand miles.

Enlightened Old Monster continued forward.

He didn\'t hold back his aura of the Body Integration Realm at all, scaring all the beasts away.

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Han Jue felt that it was about time.

He found a random place and left Enlightened Old Monster behind.

A great cultivator from the Formless Sect would definitely be able to track him here.

Han Jue made him land under a tree and carve a word on the tree trunk.


If someone from the Formless Sect saw it, their imagination would definitely run wild.

After doing all of this, Han Jue directly severed his soul fragment, which quickly dissipated.

Enlightened Old Monster sat under the tree.

His head suddenly hung down and his hands landed on the ground without any life.

When his consciousness returned to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

That should be fine!

He then took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed the Vermilion Bird first.

Seven days later.

Bored, Han Jue opened his interpersonal relationships to check his emails.

[Your disciple Su Qi spread bad luck.

Everything within a thousand miles has turned barren.]

[Your divine pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, has become a Demon King.]

[Your good friend Chang Yue\'er chanced upon an opportunity and obtained an ancient cultivation technique.]

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons was attacked by a fellow sect member and was severely injured.]

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a Demon King] x3

[Your good friend Mo Zhu has awakened her demonic soul and fallen into the demonic path.

Her killing intent has increased greatly.]

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong devoured the Demon King and his cultivation increased greatly.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a cultivator of the righteous path and was severely injured.

Fortunately, a mighty figure saved him.]

Han Jue\'s gaze landed on Mo Zhu\'s information.

Awakened her demonic soul

What happened to her

Han Jue immediately probed the palace where Mo Zhu was imprisoned, and his expression changed.

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