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Five years had passed since Ji Lengchan had come to challenge them.

In the past five years, the Jade Pure Sect had been very smooth-sailing.

They hadn\'t encountered any major tribulations.

The entire sect had been in a state of cultivation.

The cultivation level of the disciples of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect was generally higher than that of the Jade Pure Sect disciples.

If they wanted to truly subdue the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, they had to increase their cultivation level.

In a quiet hall, a black-robed Mo Zhu was meditating.

Ever since she was betrayed by Han Jue, she had been locked up here and couldn\'t leave.

The sect didn\'t mistreat her.

Whatever she wanted, they would satisfy her, including cultivation treasures.

Unable to escape, Mo Zhu focused on cultivation.

After so many years, her cultivation level had already reached the eighth level of the Golden Core Realm.

Her cultivation speed could be considered fast.

The reason why it was so fast was due to Daoist Nine Cauldrons\' transformation of the sect.

Not only her, but the average cultivation speed of the Jade Pure Sect disciples had increased by more than two times.

Mo Zhu frowned.

There was a hint of murderous intent between her eyebrows.

Kill your way out! Leave this place and avenge the Mo Family!

What are you waiting for

Your brother Mo Fuchou is still waiting for your help!

The strange voice kept ringing in her ears.

It was as if a spirit was bewitching her, causing her body to tremble slightly.

After a long while…

Mo Zhu suddenly opened her eyes and spread her arms.

A terrifying demonic aura erupted and shook the Spirit Qi in the hall.

It was invisible and tangible, like a shock wave that shook the palace.

Mo Zhu lowered her head and breathed heavily.

Sweat poured down her face like rain.

Why is this cultivation technique… Could the Mo Family really be fiendish Mo Zhu thought with trepidation.

What she cultivated was not the cultivation technique of the Jade Pure Sect, but the cultivation technique of the Mo Family\'s ancestors.

Ever since she broke through to the Golden Core Realm, her spirit energy had begun to transform.

It was different from the fiendish cultivators she usually saw.

It was vast and sinister, but not cold.

She didn\'t notice that the demonic Qi had condensed into a figure above her head.

It had two pairs of wings and looked terrifying.

Mo Zhu hesitated about continuing to cultivate this technique.

If she re-cultivated, who knew how much time would be wasted.

She couldn\'t help but think of Han Jue.

His cultivation must be ridiculously high.

She finally had hope of catching up to him and didn\'t want to give up.

Mo Zhu gritted her teeth and continued cultivating.

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The same month, the Jade Pure Sect welcomed an esteemed guest, the Formless Sect\'s Sect Master, Enlightened Old Monster.

As the Sect Master, Li Qingzi had no choice but to step forward.

Han Jue caught the aura of Enlightened Old Monster and immediately tested him.

He started the simulation trial.

At the seventh level of the Body Integration Realm, Enlightened Old Monster was naturally not Han Jue\'s match.

In the first battle, Han Jue used more than ten breaths of time.

This fellow\'s Mystical Power was very strange.

His physical body could resurrect after dying, and only when his essence soul was destroyed would his body truly die.

After eight trials, Han Jue finally found a way to instantly kill Enlightened Old Monster.

He was satisfied.

Two hours later.

Li Qingzi brought Enlightened Old Monster to the Connate Cave Abode.

Under the Fusang Tree, Murong Qi and Xun Chang\'an couldn\'t help but look over.

They were puzzled.

This was the first time Li Qingzi had brought someone to look for Han Jue.

Elder Han, the Formless Sect\'s sect master specially came to visit you.

Would you be willing to meet him Li Qingzi asked, feeling nervous.

The Formless Sect was too powerful.

Li Qingzi didn\'t dare to offend them easily and could only bring them to Han Jue.

If Enlightened Old Monster had any ill intentions, he could sneak in.

The entrance of the Connate Cave Abode suddenly opened and Han Jue\'s voice sounded, Come in.

Upon hearing that, Enlightened Old Monster smiled.

He immediately entered the cave abode and closed the entrance.

Li Qingzi did not leave but waited outside the cave abode.

He was a little nervous.

Would Elder Han blame him

However, Enlightened Old Monster had clearly indicated that he wanted to find Han Jue.

If he refused, the other party would be furious and he would still have to seek Han Jue\'s help in a fight.

After entering the Connate Cave Abode, Enlightened Old Monstern saw Han Jue and was instantly stunned.

What a handsome man!

Even Dong Wangxian couldn\'t compare to Han Jue in terms of appearance and temperament.

Sitting on the bed, Han Jue asked, Why are you visiting me

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Perfect timing!

There\'s a path to heaven, but you don\'t want to take it.

There\'s no gate to hell, but you insist on barging in!

Don\'t even think about leaving now!

Enlightened Old Monster walked to the side of the table and sat down.

He smiled and said, I\'ve long heard of the Jade Pure Sect\'s Deity Slaying Elder\'s elegant demeanor.

I\'ve come to pay a visit.

In addition, I want to resolve our grudge.

Previously, I didn\'t know that Miss Xing was your Dao Companion.

It was indeed my fault.

Therefore, I didn\'t continue to target the Jade Pure Sect for subduing the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

Han Jue pretended to be confused.

Is that so Thank you, fellow Daoist.

Nice bull**!

From the initial 4-star level of hatred to the current 5-star level of hatred, you definitely want to tear me into pieces!

Han Jue thought to himself.

Enlightened Old Monster was very friendly, but he could see his hatred for him and naturally didn\'t believe him.

In addition, I\'ve been cursed all these years.

Was it your doing If so, I hope that you won\'t take your anger out on me.

I won\'t disturb Miss Xing anymore.

Our two sects can also build a friendly relationship, Enlightened Old Monster said seriously.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, Curse I\'m not such a person.

Besides, I\'ve never seen you before.

Why would I curse you

This fellow was amazing!

He actually guessed that Han Jue was cursing him.


He had to be eradicated!

Enlightened Old Monster cursed in his mind, Shameless! Who else can it be but you

At the same time, he estimated Han Jue\'s strength.

Although Han Jue was covered in Numinous Treasures, he didn\'t emit an aura that made his heart palpitate.

Should I take this opportunity to kill him

He didn\'t dare to admit it, which meant that he was afraid of him.

Once this person died, Xing Hongxuan would belong to his disciple.

The Jade Pure Sect and the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect would also be annexed by the Formless Sect.

As soon as this thought appeared, it quickly expanded to fill his mind.

Fellow Daoist, let\'s stop pretending.

I\'m not here to blame you.

I just want you to stop, Enlightened Old Monster smiled and said.

[Enlightened Old Monster\'s hatred for you has increased.

Current Hatred Points: 5.5 stars]

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Damn it!

It rose again

Han Jue\'s eyes turned cold.

Outside the cave abode.

Xun Chang\'an frowned and said, Sect Master, my master doesn\'t like to be disturbed.

Aren\'t you breaking his rules by doing this At that time, the Formless Sect will know that the Deity Slaying Elder is my master.

Li Qingzi was a little embarrassed and said helplessly, The Formless Sect\'s Sect Master wanted to come to the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain directly.

He only asked me to lead the way because he was afraid of ruining our harmony.

The Black Hell Chicken on the Fusang Tree was extremely nervous.

Its cultivation level was close to the Void Amalgamation Realm, but it still felt uneasy facing Enlightened Old Monster.

What did this mean

This meant that Enlightened Old Monster was very powerful!

Will Master be alright… Should I rush in and run away with Master


A loud sound suddenly came from the Connate Cave Abode, startling Li Qingzi.

The Black Hell Chicken transformed into a black bolt of lightning and charged into the cave abode.

The moment he did so, he saw Enlightened Old Monster standing in front of Han Jue.

Master! I\'ll…

Shut up!

Han Jue snorted and interrupted the chicken.

The Black Hell Chicken was stunned.

It looked at Enlightened Old Monster with wide eyes.

Enlightened Old Monster no longer made it uneasy.

This fellow…

Was dead

Han Jue said expressionlessly, I\'ve destroyed his essence soul.

Tell the Sect Master that the Formless Sect\'s head is having a good chat with me and intends to stay for a few more days.

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The Black Hell Chicken was stunned.

The cave abode had not even collapsed, yet Master had already obliterated Enlightened Old Monster\'s essence soul.

How great was the difference in cultivation between the two


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