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Chapter 931 Domineering! Invincible!

“So fast”

Han Huang was stunned as he looked ahead.

A circle of light appeared at the end of the Ultimate Origin Passage.

As they approached, the father and son flew out in the red light.

Outside was the Chaotic Void.

The Ancient Desolate was ahead!

The Ancient Desolate that had been slashed into two landed in the vast mist, lonely and desolate.

At this moment, some living beings were lurking and watching in all directions.

There was no lack of Heavenly Dao spies among them.

Pan Xin hid somewhere.

“Is that the Ancient Desolate” Han Huang muttered to himself as his hands in his sleeves clenched into fists.

Han Jue stepped forward into the void.

His body emitted a dazzling divine light that shone in the dark void.

“Today, the Heavenly Dao Divine Might Heavenly Sage specially came to seek battle in the Ancient Desolate.

He wants to resolve the hatred and karma!” Han Jues voice resounded in the void and echoed in the Ancient Desolate.

In an instant, all the living beings lurking near the Ancient Desolate woke up.

Pan Xin flew out of a huge meteor with a Pseudo-Sage of the Pangu Race and looked at him.

“Its really the Heavenly Sage!”

Pan Xin was excited, but he didnt disturb him.

The battle between Han Jue and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was not something he could interfere with.

The other living beings in the distance discussed him.

“Why is it him”

“Hes the Heavenly Dao Divine Might Heavenly Sage What a powerful aura!”

“Who said that the Divine Might Heavenly Sage doesnt dare to come to the Ancient Desolate”

“Is that true”

“A good show is about to begin!”

“Whos that behind the Divine Might Heavenly Sage His aura is at least a Great Dao Sage!”

Han Huangs blood boiled when his father shouted.

This was the way he wanted to declare war!

He immediately caught up and followed his father to the Ancient Desolate.

In a few steps, Han Jue had already arrived in front of the Ancient Desolate.

The boundless mist around the Ancient Desolate instantly dispersed before he even touched it.

The scene was spectacular.

The full appearance of the Ancient Desolate was shown.

Han Jues gaze crossed the vast Ancient Desolate Mountain and saw the lake with a million geniuses floating inside.

He could sense that the lake contained an extremely powerful force that had the profundity of creation.


A cold snort sounded.

A ball of black Qi swept over from the depths of the Ancient Desolate.

Terrifying killing intent froze the Chaotic Void.

The black aura targeted Han Jue, startling Han Huang

Han Jues eyes narrowed.

The black aura exploded and Ancestor Tian Xus figure appeared.

He wore a gray robe and looked like a ghost.

Ancestor Tian Xus expression changed drastically.

In that instant, he felt an unprecedented terror.


A red light condensed behind Han Jue like a seal.

Countless words appeared in it.

They were difficult to understand and mysterious.

He was dazzled wherever his gaze landed.

Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal!

Han Huang looked at the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal in a daze.

This was the first time he felt fear.


Back when he faced Jiang Jueshis Great Reincarnation Creation Technique, he did not feel this way.

This fear was indescribable, as if he was facing his natural enemy.

Ancestor Tian Xu stopped and stared at Han Jue.

He asked angrily, “The Divine Might Heavenly Sage wants to barge into my Ancient Desolate”

Han Jue smiled.

The Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal behind him suddenly changed.

Ancestor Tian Xus expression changed drastically and he suddenly disappeared.

When he appeared again, he had already appeared inside the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal.

His lower body had already entered the strange red word.

His upper body struggled crazily like a ghost in purgatory, wanting to crawl out.

“Divine Might Heavenly Sage! What are you doing” Ancestor Tian Xu asked angrily.

He had never encountered such a Mystical Power.

He was trapped before he could even unleash his strength.

What terrified him the most was that his Dharmic powers were dissipating and his Dao Fruit was melting


Han Jue didnt even look back.

With that said, Ancestor Tian Xus body was directly destroyed, leaving only his remnant soul, struggling at deaths door.



Han Huangs blood boiled.

The cultivators in the distance were also shocked.

The insufferably arrogant Ancestor Tian Xu was actually so weak in front of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage

Pan Xin was so excited that his face turned red.

He had seen how powerful Ancestor Tian Xu was.

All the mighty figures who attacked the Ancient Desolate were severely injured by him!

A crack appeared in the void millions of kilometers away.

A huge palace flew out and figures stood in front of the palace door.

The leader was the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stared at Han Jues back in surprise.

The Heavenly Court didnt leave but hid in deep space.

If not for hearing Han Jues voice, the Evil Heavenly Emperor wouldnt have come out.

The moment he came out, he saw Ancestor Tian Xu being suppressed.

The War Buddha stared at Han Jue.

He was too familiar with the name of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

The name that the Evil Heavenly Emperor had mentioned the most was this one.

Han Jue also noticed the Evil Heavenly Emperor, but he didnt care.

He continued forward and walked into the depths of the Ancient Desolate.

Ancestor Tian Xus remnant soul was still struggling in pain, but he produced no sound no matter how much he roared.

This was the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal!

The seal followed behind Han Jue like a red mountain, as if it represented the supreme divine authority!

“So strong!”

Han Huang followed behind the Ultimate Origin Heaven Seal and looked at it excitedly.

He wanted to learn!

He had to learn this Mystical Power!

Han Jue stepped into the Ancient Desolate, and the mountains and rivers under his feet instantly turned into dust.

With every step he took, the Ancient Desolate collapsed and was destroyed.

This scene fell into the eyes of all the spectators, causing endless shock.

“Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit, arent you coming out” Han Jue asked expressionlessly.

His voice was like a bell, resounding through the ages and eternal.

He did not stop.

The Ancient Desolate continued to collapse with a huge commotion.

An endless lake suddenly exploded in the depths of the Ancient Desolate.

A million geniuses shot into the sky like arrows.

They floated in the sky, and the water trickling down their bodies steamed.

Every prodigy opened their eyes; they were dark and their auras rose.

The weakest of these geniuses was a Pseudo-Sage.

The Freedom Sages accounted for more than ten thousand.

All their auras converged and shook the Chaotic Space.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Explosions sounded everywhere in the two halves of the Ancient Desolate.

Endless dust waves surged into the sky.

A black shadow rushed into the sky.

Looking up, the number far exceeded the number of geniuses.

These black shadows emitted a ghastly and terrifying red light from their eyes.

Dao Devil!

Countless Dao Devils flew out and quickly surrounded Han Jue and his son.

The spectators retreated in fear.

Ten million!

A hundred million!

Ten billion!

A hundred billion!

More and more Dao Devils flew out.

They had all sorts of cultivation levels, including the Great Dao Realm.

The pressure from all directions suffocated Han Huang.

“Why are there so many…” Han Huang muttered to himself as he trembled slightly.

He was not afraid!

Instead, a strong fighting spirit surged in his heart!

Wasnt this the moment he yearned for the most!

At this moment!

A world-shattering aura emerged from the depths of the Ancient Desolate.

This aura far exceeded the Dao Devils and Ancestor Tian Xu.

It was so powerful that Han Huang felt that his soul would collapse at any moment.


This aura was enough to resist his father!

Han Huang suddenly turned around and narrowed his eyes.

He grew a little worried.

Could his father really defeat such an expert

He wasnt the only one.

All the spectators looked in that direction.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was about to attack!


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