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Chapter 928 Nine Million Years Old, Divine Spirits Preparation

After observing the Primordial World, Han Jue teleported to the main Dao Field and began to observe the myriad worlds in the Heavenly Dao.

Although he was prepared to create the Primordial Chaos, he had no intention of giving up on the Heavenly Dao.

No matter what, in this life, all his footprints were in the Heavenly Dao.

He was a nostalgic person.

He would protect the Heavenly Dao if he could.

It was not only his footprints.

His old friends were all focused on the Heavenly Dao.

Unknowingly, Han Jue had already taken on the responsibility of protecting the Heavenly Dao.

In the past, he would definitely resist, but now, he enjoyed it.

This was strength!

Han Jue discovered that he looked at all the living beings in the Heavenly Dao as if he was looking at his descendants.

He felt an inexplicable familiarity.

It was not only the humans.

All the Heavenly Dao Race were the same.

The Heavenly Dao had all sorts of forms.

The myriad worlds and mountains had their own styles.

This was a vitality that other worlds in the Chaos did not possess.

The Chaotic World had its own form, but it had no good intentions.

The beauty of the Heavenly Dao Heaven and Earth was in the vitality of all living beings, the unpredictable sun, moon, mountains, and rivers, and the emotions of all living beings.

Han Jue suddenly wanted to travel the Immortal World again.

To be precise, he wanted to travel the mortal world.

He wanted to be a mortal and experience the various forms of life.

However, not for the time being.

He had to kill the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit first.

Several hours later.

He returned to the third Dao Field and continued cultivating.

It had been 1.4 million years since his last breakthrough.

According to his estimation, he would break through to the perfected realm in at most five hundred thousand years.

That would be the time of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirits death!

Han Jue was already looking forward to it.

In the depths of the Ancient Desolate, in a vast lake.

Countless figures floated on the surface of the lake.

They looked like corpses, but their bodies were intact.

There were humans, demons, and devils.

The surface of the lake was covered in fog, like a world of mist.

It was murky in all directions.

At this moment, Ancestor Tian Xu and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit floated above the clouds and looked down at the countless figures on the lake.

“Divine Spirit, there are already a million Ancient Desolate clones and more than a hundred billion Dao Devils.

When are we attacking” Ancestor Tian Xu asked.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit replied, “Its not enough.

We have to be confident.

The reason why the Heavenly Dao can withstand several seemingly impossible calamities is that the enemy is not prepared enough and cant flatten the Heavenly Dao in one go.”

Ancestor Tian Xu became silent.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “The Heavenly Dao is also preparing.

The Divine Might Heavenly Sages potential is unparalleled.

He has been in seclusion recently.

Im afraid…”

The Divine Might Heavenly Sages reputation was too resounding.

Those battle achievements were enough to intimidate all the mighty figures in the Chaos.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit said, “I know how powerful he is, so I want to nurture a Dao Devil.

Cultivation slows down when one reaches the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

No matter how talented he is, its impossible for him to surpass the Great Dao Supreme Realm in millions of years.”

Ancestor Tian Xu thought about it and felt that it made sense.

He turned to look at the million geniuses on the lake, deep in thought.

“The battle of the Heavenly Dao is very important.

Not only are the Great Dao Divine Spirits watching, but there are also those supreme existences.

If they win, they will surpass the Chaos from now on.

If they lose, they will be doomed,” the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit said coldly.

Ancestor Tian Xu recalled the mysterious existence who had severed the Ancient Desolate and shivered.

The Chaos seemed to have entered their eyes, but there were also many unknown places and existences hidden.

The higher ones cultivation level was, the greater their reverence for the Chaos.

Ancestor Tian Xu shook his head and looked in the Heavenly Daos direction.

An old figure appeared in his mind.

“Where are you now”

Time passed quickly.

Han Jue was indifferent in the Daoist temple no matter how the chaos changed, as if time and everything had lost their meaning on him.

He opened his eyes three times, which meant that three hundred thousand years had


This was the third time.

At this moment, three lines of notifications appeared in front of him.

(You are 9 million years old and your life has taken another step forward.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Exit seclusion immediately and open the Primordial Chaos in the Chaos.

You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, and a Primordial Fragment.]

[2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and stay away from trouble.

You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, and a Primordial Fragment.)

Such an option was not surprising.

Only when he was ten million years old would he receive a huge reward.

Han Jue silently chose the second option.

This time, he did not use the Creation Spirit Stone to create a Chaotic Fiendcelestial because the Primordial World could already nurture Chaotic Fiendcelestials itself.

He would save it up and use it in the future.

He continued to cultivate.

He wasnt far from breaking through.

From the late-stage Great Dao Supreme to the perfected Great Dao Supreme, he was completely in seclusion and did not waste a day.

Han Jue only had one goal now.

He had to become stronger and flatten the Ancient Desolate as soon as possible!

He hoped to personally go to the Ancient Desolate before the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit made a move.

On the other side.

In the Great Dao Breakthrough Domain.

Han Huang, the Divine Robe Daoist, and the five Divine Punishers gathered here.

In these hundreds of thousands of years, the remaining three Divine Punishers had also reached the Great Dao Realm.

After hearing everyones words, Han Huang was furious and cursed.

“What leader of the Divine Spirits I think hes just afraid of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit!

“If not for Father not letting me out, I really want to flatten the Ancient Desolate!”

Han Tuo shook his head.

“Although youre a Great Dao Sage, youre still far from defeating the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.”

The Divine Robe Daoist nodded.

“Thats right.

Not to mention that Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit, even that Ancestor Tian Xu is an existence that surpasses the Great Dao Sages.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, he easily suppressed the combined forces of more than ten Great Dao Sages alone.

Many Dao Devils in the Ancient Desolate are also comparable to the Great Dao Sages.”

Han Huang frowned in displeasure.

Yi Tian cursed.

“Its fine.

Theres still time.

Theres been no movement in the Ancient Desolate.

Theyre probably afraid of my godfather.”

After so many years, the Ancient Desolate had never attacked the Heavenly Dao.

Instead, the Chaos calmed down.

The younger generation didnt know about this and the Chaos fell into peace again.

The Five Great Divine Punishers had been staying in the Divine Robe Daoists Dao Field and had not returned to report.

The Ultimate God of Punishment had also not transferred them anymore.

Their relationship had already been severed, but no new Five Great Divine Punishers had appeared.

Divine Punisher Chi Fa said, “Im guessing that the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is still creating Dao Devils.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the number of Dao Devils in the Ancient Desolate had already reached an immeasurable number.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is still at it because hes afraid of repeating the defeat of the ten thousand Divine Authority Generals.”

Han Huang frowned.

“So why are you looking for me I said that I wanted to flatten the Ancient Desolate, but you look down on me.

Then why are you telling me so much Do you want me to comfort you”

Since they were close, Han Huang would not be polite.

He would say it directly if he was unhappy.

He believed that he was already powerful enough.


He was already two million years old and cultivated diligently every day.

Even if he was inferior to his father, he felt that very few people in the Chaos were his match.

It was just that he had no chance to show off.

Yi Tian scolded jokingly.

“Youre quite rash.

It seems that you want to come out and show


Han Huang snorted.

Han Tuo said, “We came to you because we want you to tell the Hidden Sect disciples and then tell the Heavenly Dao Sages to be wary of the Three Pure Sacred World.

It might become an enemy of the Heavenly Dao.”


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