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Chapter 925 Limitless Ultimate Origin Power

Facing Jiang Jueshis Divine Might Great Heaven Palm, five-colored divine light rose from Divine Lord Peacocks back and swept towards him.

The two unparalleled Mystical Powers collided!

The Five-Colored Divine Light was directly destroyed!

Divine Lord Peacocks expression changed drastically.

He immediately dodged.

The Divine Might Great Heaven Palm attacked.

Space collapsed and Chaotic Qi surged wantonly, like a world-destroying wind sweeping through the darkness.

Their Dharmic powers passed through the colorful spatial turbulence and collided, causing space to collapse again and a deeper space to appear.

How world-shattering was their battle Everyone in the third Dao Field was alarmed.

Han Huang came to Han Qingers side and looked up to watch the battle.

“That person is also a Great Dao Sage So strong!” Han Qinger asked nervously.

Previously, she and Han Huang were already familiar with Jiang Jueshi when she had been traveling the universe of stars for a few years.

They both treated him as their senior brother and naturally did not want him to lose, much less see anything happen to him.

Han Huang said with a solemn expression, “Thats right.

The other partys cultivation is stronger than Senior Jiangs.

His Mystical Power is also very impressive.

If not for Senior Jiang having the Divine Might Great Heaven Palm, Im afraid it would be difficult to resist.”

“So powerful Doesnt that mean that Senior Jiang will definitely lose” Han Qinger exclaimed.

This time, Han Huang did not speak but stared at the battlefield.

Five minutes later, Han Huang said, “He wont lose, but he wont win.

I have to say that Senior Brother Jiangs Great Reincarnation Creation Technique is indeed impressive.

It can transform into anything in battle.

However, the other partys comprehension is also very strong.

Until now, the Divine Might Great Heaven Palm hasnt landed on him.

He can even create a new Mystical Power following the changes in the Great Reincarnation Creation Technique.”

Han Qinger found it impressive that he could create a Mystical Power in battle.

How talented was he

Several days later.

Jiang Jueshi and Divine Lord Peacock stopped.


Neither side looked severely injured, but Jiang Jueshis expression was ugly.

“This person is so strong!” Jiang Jueshi thought silently.

Divine Lord Peacock thought the same, and he felt even more pressure.

“If we continue fighting and I lose, wont it cause trouble for the Dark Forbidden Lord”

Thinking of this, Divine Lord Peacock narrowed his eyes and laughed arrogantly.

“Kid, your potential is indeed not bad, but unfortunately, you met me.

Compared to me, youre still far inferior.

You would be dead if not for the mighty figure in this universe!”

With that, Divine Lord Peacock fled and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Jueshi was moved and his expression darkened.

The other party could see through his masters existence.

This alone proved that he was stronger than him!

Little did he know that Divine Lord Peacock was only making excuses.

After confirming that Divine Lord Peacock would not return, Jiang Jueshi turned around and returned to his cultivation place.

Liu Bei saw that his expression was ugly and did not comfort him.

At this moment, any consolation was useless.

He believed that Jiang Jueshi could mediate the Dao heart.

Han Jue, who was in the Daoist temple, didnt take action either.

He had only kept an eye on the battle.

This was the best outcome.

He did not blame Divine Lord Peacock.

Although the Chaos was huge, it was not easy to find a stable place to cultivate.

Especially for the number one prodigy of the Chaos like Divine Lord Peacock, he had too many enemies and his backing was the Dark Forbidden Lord.

He naturally ran into trouble everywhere.

In the Dark Chaos.

The Ancient Desolate that had been slashed into two was like two neighboring continents.

At this moment, countless living beings had already gathered around it.

They raised their flags and represented different factions.

Even Great Dao Divine Spirits were participating.

In terms of factions, there were already more than a thousand, let alone all the cultivators.

That was a terrifying number.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stood at the top of a magnificent silver palace and looked at the Ancient Desolate from afar.

The War Buddha and Black Heaven General suddenly appeared.

“Your Majesty, Ive found traces of Tower Master Zhou.

However, he and hundreds of geniuses are patrolling the Ancient Desolate.

They are all at the Freedom Realm.

I dont dare to approach them,” Black Heaven General said in a low voice.

The War Buddha added, “Ive communicated with the subordinate of that Great Dao Divine Spirit.

He has no intention of attacking for the time being.

He probably wants to reap the benefits.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor did not reply.

Instead, he continued to look at the Ancient Desolate.

The two Divine Generals did not disturb him anymore and waited patiently.

After a long while…

The Evil Heavenly Emperor slowly said, “The Ancient Desolate is difficult to conquer.

I guess there will be a huge change next.”

The War Buddha asked, “Arent you going to save Tower Master Zhou There are also the geniuses who follow the Heavenly Court.”

“Of course I have to save him, but I cant force it.

Im waiting for someone to arrive.”


The War Buddha and Black Heaven General were curious.

The Evil Heavenly Emperors connections were immeasurable.

The mysterious mighty figure who had severed the Ancient Desolate was invited by the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

Unfortunately, the other party had only attacked once.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor narrowed his eyes and said softly, “Laozi.”

The War Buddha and Black Heaven General were moved.

Another hundred thousand years passed.

Han Jues cultivation improved again, but there was no sign of a breakthrough for the time being

Even the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial could not cultivate to perfection in hundreds of thousands of years at the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

After all, a Chaotic Fiendcelestial might not be able to cultivate to the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

After ending his cultivation, he first observed the Life Fiendcelestial.

The Life Fiendcelestial began to explore the Primordial World.

The Primordial World was almost endless to him.

When he could not find other living beings, he would stop and continue cultivating

Han Jue had an idea.

He wanted to nurture the Life Fiendcelestial into a deity of the Primordial World and enchant it in the future.

Therefore, he secretly gave the Life Fiendcelestial some Dao technique insights.

The Life Fiendcelestial could not sense this and thought that it had comprehended it from traveling the Primordial World.

Han Jue wasnt afraid that the Life Fiendcelestial would surpass him.

The Primordial World belonged to him.

The Life Fiendcelestial had already fused with the Primordial World.

It was impossible for it to be stronger than the Primordial World, let alone surpass Han Jue.

He could even use the power of the Primordial World to crush the Life Fiendcelestial.

Han Jue observed for a while before continuing to cultivate.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was still a thorn in his heart.

He had to break through as soon as possible and kill it!

Year after year passed.

Ever since Divine Lord Peacock, no mighty figure had attacked the universe of stars.

Occasionally, cultivators would pass by, but they would hurriedly escape after sensing Jiang Jueshis powerful aura.

In the blink of an eye.

Four hundred thousand years passed.

Han Jues cultivation level increased greatly.

Although he didnt break through, he felt that his strength had doubled.

The accumulation of the Ultimate Origin Power would actually produce a qualitative change.

His Ultimate Origin Power doubled in 400,000 years.

The Ultimate Origin Power seemed to have no limit!

Ordinary Supreme Dharmic powers would directly disperse when they collided with the current Ultimate Origin Power.

In other words, a Great Dao Supreme could barely do anything to him.

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Can I insta-kill the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit now”

(100 trillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue]




Han Jue showed a frown.

“What are my chances of winning against the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit”

[80% chance of winning)

Han Jue frowned even more.


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