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Chapter 922 Battle of the Ancient Desolate

“I didnt say that I wanted to fight.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is indeed powerful.

I still have to cultivate for a while before I can fight it.”

Han Jue shook his head.

He thought for a moment and instructed, “You cant reveal this matter.

The enemy has already threatened me.

Let me consider it.

Im stalling for time.

If you reveal my intentions, no one can stop them when the enemy comes.

Do you understand”

Han Huang nodded.

“Im not a fool.

I know what to say and what not to say.”

Han Jue was relieved.

Han Huang asked, “Father, this time, do you have to wait until the enemy reaches the Heavenly Dao before you make a move if the Chaotic mighty figures cant stop it”

Han Jue frowned.

“Why do you say that”

“Those Great Dao Sages said that you wont leave the Heavenly Dao.

You have to wait until you have no choice before attacking.”

Han Jue frowned even harder when he heard this.

Why did he smell a trap

He pinched his fingers to deduce.


A group of living beings was stirring up trouble.

They said that the Divine Might Heavenly Sage would only attack when he was attacked.

These living beings had all been to the Ancient Desolate and were most likely being controlled by the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

Could it be that the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit wanted to provoke him to attack early

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It was very likely!

It seemed that this Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit was not stupid.

After all, Han Jues Dao Field could not be spied on.

There was clearly something fishy.

“Dont care about what others say.

Ill teach you something today.

If what you heard was deliberately spread by the enemy, what do you think will happen” Han Jue asked meaningfully.

Han Huang immediately frowned.

He tried to think.

If it were him, he would definitely not be able to take it and would directly seek revenge from the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

It was an eye-opener for him to scheme against the enemy like this.

How could he expect to scheme against the enemy through others

He was still not strong enough.

What were these schemes as long as he was powerful enough

Han Huangs eyes became firm.

He looked at Han Jue and said, “Father, I will definitely sweep away all the powerful enemies for you when I reach the Supreme Realm.

Whoever dares to say that theyre not convinced will die!”

Han Jue smiled, “I believe in your filial piety.

I called you here today because youre about to turn a million years old.

What wish do you have Ive never satisfied you since you were young.” Han Huangs eyes lit up.

“What about Qinger”

Han Jue shook his head.

“Then if you satisfy me, wont Qinger be even more unhappy I can feel that my potential gives her a lot of pressure.

If you favor me, she will be even more unhappy.

Why dont you satisfy her wish Dont mention the million-year birthday and directly reward us.

Then, pretend that you suddenly remembered Im already a million years old,” Han Huang said seriously, making Han Jue very glad.

No matter how strong Han Huang was, he would always care about Han Qinger.

Han Jue was naturally glad that the siblings were so close.

Han Jue smiled.

“Call Qinger in.”


Han Huang immediately turned around.

Han Jue suddenly realized that he had indeed neglected his daughter.

Back then, when his daughter was born, she was like a treasure.

But later, after Han Huang was born, his attention was diverted.

He was really not a good father.

No, thats not true!

He had spent twenty years watching his daughter grow up.

How could parents still pay attention to their daughter after she grew up

Han Jue consoled himself.

Even if he was not the best father, he was definitely not a bad father.

He had given Han Qinger care that surpassed all living beings!

Han Jue began to check his emails and waited for his children to arrive.

Not long after, Han Qinger and Han Huang arrived.


The two of them bowed together.

Han Qinger looked excited and expectant.

Her father rarely called her.

Could there really be something good

Han Jue smiled.

“My cultivation has improved greatly.

Im in a good mood and have decided to satisfy each of your wishes.

What do you want”

Han Qinger was pleasantly surprised and couldnt help but look at her brother.

Han Huang smiled and said, “Qinger, tell me.

Ill give you my wish.”

“Then dont regret it!”

Han Qinger chuckled and did not stand on ceremony.

Han Huang smiled and nodded.

Han Qinger turned to look at Han Jue and said, “Father, I want to go out and travel the Chaos.

Are you coming with me” Han Huang said, “Ill go with her!”

Han Jue showed a frown.

He asked in his mind, “If I let Han Qinger and Han Huang out, will they be captured by a Dao Creator”

(1 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue]



Han Jue secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It was fine as long as he was not targeted by a Dao Creator.

Tsk tsk, even Han Huangs potential could not attract a Dao Creator

What kind of existence was a Dao Creator What kind of vision did he have

Han Jue said in a low voice, “Recently, the Ancient Desolate and the Heavenly Dao have been in trouble.

Even if you go out, you cant go to the Ancient Desolate.

Dont cause trouble for me.

If you are captured by the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit and used to threaten me, I wont save you.

At most, Ill make another son and daughter.”

Han Qinger had heard about the Ancient Desolate from Han Huang.

She hurriedly promised, “We definitely wont go there.

I just want to see the Chaos.

If theres really no way, let us out of the Dao Field.

Well stay in the universe of stars, alright”

Han Jue said in a low voice, “Thats feasible.”

He looked at Han Huang.

“You cant pester Jiang Jueshi endlessly.

Dont bully him now that your cultivation level has already surpassed his.”

“I understand.

Who do you think I am” Han Huang retorted angrily.

His father always thought that he was reckless and unreasonable.

Han Jue smiled.

The siblings were about to go out today, so he waved his hand to send them out.

After his children left, Han Jue left a wisp of his will to keep an eye on them.

Then, he closed his eyes and started cultivating.

Cultivation was the most important!

In a dark cave.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was circulating his energy to heal his injuries.

The War Buddha was in front of him, waiting.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor did not even open his eyes as he said, “Lets rest first.

Ancestor Tian Xu was severely injured.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is also restrained by my help.

Now, we have to hurry up and recover our Dharmic powers.”

The War Buddha sat down and circulated his energy to heal his injuries.

He asked, “Your Majesty, who attacked earlier A Great Dao Sage There seems to be more than one.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled.

“A Great Dao Sage and an existence that surpasses the Great Dao Sage Realm.

Otherwise, why would I dare to lead so many geniuses to the Ancient Desolate The geniuses are only bait.

Destroying Ancestor Tian Xu and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is the goal.

Kill them and those trapped geniuses will naturally be fine.”

The War Buddha was enlightened.


The Evil Heavenly Emperor opened his eyes and said, “There must be a huge opportunity in this Ancient Desolate.

Otherwise, its impossible for the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit to create endless Dao Devils.

The Heavenly Court will definitely rise if we obtain this opportunity and create endless Dao Devils as Heavenly Soldiers,” he said excitedly.

The War Buddhas eyes lit up.

So His Majesty was targeting the Dao Devils!

“Those Dao Devils are indeed impressive.” The War Buddha sighed.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor closed his eyes and said faintly, “Prepare well.

Soon, the Ancient Desolate will shatter.

The unknown existence will attack.

It depends on whether the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit can withstand it!”


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