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Chapter 921 Eight Million Years Old

Long Hao and Han Yu waved their Dharmic powers and struck the black mist, wanting to disperse it.

However, their Dharmic powers were neutralized.

They could only watch as Qin Ling was drowned by the black aura.

Then, it instantly disappeared along with Qin Ling.

“Whats happening”

Han Yu frowned and panicked.

Qin Ling was the grand-disciple he had watched grow up, the person he doted on the most!

Long Hao looked at the Ancient Desolate and said, “Qin Ling should have been captured.

We can only barge in and take a look.”

Han Yu immediately rushed into the Ancient Desolate without hesitation.

Long Hao followed closely behind.

The two of them rushed into the Ancient Desolate and disappeared into the boundless mist.

The Great Dao Tower slowly advanced in the endless void.

The cities and islands in all directions seemed to be protecting them with a magnificent aura.

In the tower.

Zhou Fan stood in front of a huge bronze mirror.

Mo Fuchou stood beside him.

The scene in the mirror was the Ancient Desolate.

Mo Fuchou asked, “What have you been looking at in the Ancient Desolate for the past few days”

Zhou Fan came back to his senses and smiled.

“From the outside, there doesnt seem to be anything special about the Ancient Desolate.

However, for tens of thousands of years, geniuses often disappeared near the Ancient Desolate.

With my talent, Im afraid Ill disappear if I go.”

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Mo Fuchou rolled his eyes.

This fellow was so arrogant.

“What kind of prodigy are you compared to your master” Mo Fuchou said angrily.

He deliberately emphasized the word “master”.

Zhou Fan immediately felt awkward.

He had hidden his relationship with Han Jue in the past, making Mo Fuchou very unhappy.

Now, he often used this matter to mock him.

Zhou Fan coughed.

“Im indeed nothing compared to Master, but Im indeed a prodigy compared to the Chaotic lifeforms.

Although Im summoned by the Heavenly Emperor this time, I still have to be careful.

I keep feeling that something big is about to happen.”

Mo Fuchou asked curiously, “Does your master know about this”

Zhou Fan said, “Of course I know, but his target is the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

Right now is the time for us small soldiers to play.

When our battle ends will be the time for peerless mighty figures like them to decide the winner.”

He talked about the past few Heavenly Dao calamities and how Han Jue had turned the tide.

Mo Fuchou sighed.

“Hes still the same person.

Back then, when the Jade Pure Sacred Sect fought with the Cult, he didnt take the initiative to attack.

He only attacked when the enemy reached the mountain gate.”

Zhou Fan nodded.

“Although I disagree with this method, from Masters point of view, he only wants to cultivate in peace.

Its all others who cause trouble for him.

Its already very good that he makes a move.” Zhou Fan shook his head and laughed.

Mo Fuchou asked, “You mean that Han Jue will only attack when the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit reaches the Heavenly Dao”

Zhou Fan nodded.

“Thats right.

So before that, its time for us to show off.

Its not only the Heavenly Dao that wants to deal with the Ancient Desolate.

The mighty figures of the Chaos have such ambitions, even that Dark Forbidden Lord.

In my opinion, the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit might not be able to reach the Heavenly Dao.

Master also predicted this outcome, so he doesnt care.”

Mo Fuchou felt that it made sense.

Time passed quickly.

In the Daoist temple, three lines of words appeared in front of Han Jue, who was meditating.

[Detected that you are eight million years old and your life has taken another step forward.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Exit seclusion immediately and annex the Seven Supreme Rules.

You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, and a Heavenly Dao Spirit Stone.]

[2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and stay away from trouble.

You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, and a Creation Spirit Stone.)

Annex the Seven Supreme Rules

Han Jue shook his head.

Wasnt that courting death Ancestor Tian Xu wanted to do this, but he was stopped by Laozi.

Would a Dao Creator make a move if he tried to do the same

How could the Ninth Chaos sit by and watch others devour its Chaos

Han Jue silently chose the second option.

(You chose to cultivate in a low-profile manner and obtained a Great Dao Fragment, a Primordial Fragment, and a Creation Spirit Stone.]

He began a new round of Primordial Fragment collection!

Han Jue still looked forward to it.

He took out the Creation Spirit Stone and fused it with a ball of Fiendcelestial Qi.

Then, he paid attention to the Primordial World.

The Fiendcelestial Qi could nurture Chaotic Fiendcelestials, to begin with, but the reproduction cycle was long.

However, the nurturing speed of the Fiendcelestial Qi had become faster and faster ever since he became the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

Han Jue could already sense their vitality.

“Perhaps I can save the Creation Spirit Stones in the future,” Han Jue thought silently.

Plans couldnt keep up with changes.

The Fiendcelestial Army was no longer that important, but this was also the best outcome.

If Han Jue needed to rely on the power of the Fiendcelestial Army, it meant that he was already weak or in a desperate situation.

The three thousand Fiendcelestials were still useful.

They would help him control the Primordial Chaos and protect the Heavenly Dao in the future.

The current Primordial World was extremely vast.

It would catch up to the Chaos sooner or later.

However, the Primordial World was independent of his soul and still could not jump out of the Chaos.

If he wanted to surpass the Chaos, the Primordial World and the Chaos would probably face each other sooner or later.

However, that was in the future!

He had to become stronger first!

Han Jue suddenly thought of Huangers million-year birthday and immediately sent a voice transmission to him.

Soon, Han Huang came to his Daoist temple and bowed.

“Father, the commotion in the Chaos is becoming greater and greater.

I heard that the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit wants to flatten the Heavenly Dao.

The Chaos is discussing who is stronger between you and the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

What do you think” Han Huang asked excitedly.

Clearly, he had learned about the Chaos through the Great Dao Door.

The Divine Robe Daoist was really talkative.

This was also good.

It was also a good thing that Han Huang could understand the Chaos in advance.

Han Jue said, “I dont care.

Well see when we fight.”

Han Huang added, “I heard that many geniuses of the Chaos were captured by the Ancient Desolate, including a Heavenly Dao Sage.

By the way, one of your descendants was also captured.

The Divine Robe Daoist told me.

He said that his name is Han Yu Yes, Han Yu!”

Han Jue frowned.

Although he usually ignored Han Yu, this was still his descendant and a Sage he supported.

How could he sit by and watch

He checked his interpersonal relationships and discovered that Han Yus portrait was still there.

He checked his emails again.

Not only Han Yu.

Qin Ling, Long Hao, Zhou Fan, and Mo Fuchou were also captured.

[Your disciple Long Hao was possessed by your enemy, the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

His will has been sealed.]

It was the same email.

Just like Dao Sovereign.

What did the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit want

Did he really want to command the Chaotic Prodigies to fight for him

Han Jue asked in his mind, “Will the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit kill them after possessing the prodigies”

(100 trillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue]





The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit wanted to control and be the Lord of Chaos.

He naturally could not kill all the Chaotic Prodigies.

Han Jue wasnt afraid.

He could use the systems Absolute Purification to release them.

“Father, what are you thinking Are you going to deal with the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit When Where I want to watch the battle!” Han Huang asked excitedly.

How impressive would that be if the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit that terrified the Great Dao Sages died under his fathers hands!


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