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Chapter 920 Formation of the Primordial Chaos, Spirit of Creation

In the Daoist temple.

Han Huang opened his eyes and smiled excitedly.

He immediately rushed out of the Daoist temple and appeared in front of Han Qinger.

“Qinger, I saw Big Brother and God-brother!” Han Huang said excitedly.

Thinking back to their previous encounter, he was still very excited.

Stunned, Han Qinger asked, “Where did you see them”

Han Huang did not hide anything and told her everything

Han Qinger felt extremely complicated.

The big brother she had always admired was actually not as fast as her second brother

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Why was their second brother so powerful

Han Huang smiled and asked, “Qinger, why arent you saying anything Dont you want to see Big Brother the most You didnt see how impressive he was.

When he broke through, dozens of Great Dao Sages went to welcome him.

All of them were very respectful towards him.”

Han Qingers curiosity was piqued.


“Brother is now the leader of the Five Great Divine Punishers.

He oversees all the Great Dao Divine Spirits, and they control the Chaotic Domain.

One of my seniors is a Great Dao Divine Spirit.

The Heavenly Dao is under the jurisdiction of the Great Dao Divine Spirit.

It can be imagined how high Brothers status is.

That god-brother is also a Divine Punisher.

Its equivalent to two of the Five Great Divine Punishers being our brothers.”

Han Huang smiled proudly, as if he was a Divine Punisher himself.

Han Qinger became more and more curious and began to ask him about his understanding of the Chaos.

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Han Huang told her everything he knew.

He had never been to the Chaos, but he could spy on much wider areas than Han Qinger.

In addition to the story of the Divine Robe Daoist, Han Tuo, and Yi Tian, his understanding of the Chaos could be said to be very rich, as if he had personally traveled


After a long time.

Han Qinger sighed.

“I really want to go out, but Father is right.

Well easily cause trouble for him if we go out now.”

Han Huang patted her shoulder and smiled.

“Its fine.

When I reach the Great Dao Supreme, Father will have no reason to stop me.

At that time, I will protect you wherever you want to go! I am not afraid that you will cause trouble for me!”

Han Qinger rolled her eyes.

This kid had wanted to be a younger brother since he was young, but now, he was like an elder sibling.

Although she was a little jealous of Han Huang, she also trusted him.

She believed that he would protect her.

Han Huang had never hurt her ever since he was young

The siblings began to fantasize about wandering the Chaos in the future.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

Another hundred thousand years passed in seclusion.

His Ultimate Origin Power kept increasing.

During this period of cultivation, he focused on the power of the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

Apart from being stronger than Supreme Power, the Ultimate Origin Power definitely had its own unique ability.

It was just that he needed to study it.

He was the first Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial in the world.

His bloodline had just been formed and it was impossible for him to completely master its profundities.

The Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial was like a huge treasure trove, waiting for Han Jue to find its mysteries.

He had discovered a characteristic of the Ultimate Origin Power in the past hundred thousand years.

It could negate the power of rules of the three thousand Great Dao!

This trait alone was very domineering!

It was extremely compatible with the Divine Might Great Heaven Palm!

The Divine Might Great Heaven Palm seemed to be made for the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

The Divine Might Great Heaven Palms profundity was to destroy everything.

It could destroy rules!

The Primordial World in the depths of Han Jues soul changed drastically.

Countless stars began to transform into a sea of stars.

One was a sea of stars, causing the Primordial World to become dazzling and magnificent.

More than two thousand balls of Fiendcelestial Qi were scattered in the endless sea of stars.

It was only because they were becoming stronger and stronger that they resisted each other.

Han Jue had a feeling.

When the Primordial World formed rules, the Primordial Chaos would become reality.

The three thousand Fiendcelestials would be the first batch of living beings or even Creation Deities!

At that time, Han Jue would be like the Ninth Chaos that created the Chaos.

He would be supreme and look down on all living beings.

He was quite excited just thinking about it!

Han Jue opened the emails and started to check on his friends.

He noticed that Han Tuo and Yi Tian had attained the Great Dao.

It was not surprising.

After all, the two of them were Chaotic Fiendcelestials and had the providence of the Divine Punishers.

Itd be ridiculous if they couldnt attain the Great Dao.

Recently, Zhou Fan and the Evil Heavenly Emperor had become active again.

Han Jue was actually looking forward to what they would do.

After reading the emails and confirming that no one around him was fine, Han Jue continued cultivating in seclusion.

He only had one goal now, and that was to break through to the perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm!

He had a feeling that after stepping into the perfected realm, his strength would soar again, equivalent to breaking through a major realm!

On the star, Jiang Jueshi suddenly opened his eyes and stood up.

Liu Bei couldnt help but ask, “Whats wrong”

Jiang Jueshi said, “Follow me!”

With that, he vanished.

Liu Bei hurriedly chased after him.

The two of them came to a star in a corner of the universe.

This star was covered in flowers and trees, and there were mountains and lakes.

It was a complete world.

Jiang Jueshi stood beside a lake and looked over.

He saw a lotus flower slowly blooming in the center of the lake.

The lotus was crystalline, with snow within a radius of a hundred feet.

It was like a barrier that was incompatible with the surrounding world.

Liu Bei appeared and frowned when he noticed the lotus.

“Life force! This lotus wants to transform into a spirit” Liu Bei muttered to himself.

Jiang Jueshi smiled.

“Congratulations, Brother Liu.

This world is about to succeed.”

Only when living beings were born would the world be formed.

The spirit of heaven and the spirit of earth gave birth to all things.

Liu Bei smiled.

“This is worth celebrating.

Why dont you take it in as your disciple It can be considered an inheritance.

This is considered my son, too.”

Jiang Jueshi hesitated.

At this moment, a pillar of light descended from the sky and landed on the white lotus.

“This is…”

Jiang Jueshi was moved.

The aura of creation!

He couldnt help but recall the situation when he obtained a great opportunity.

“Alright, Ill take in this disciple!” Jiang Jueshi said with a burning gaze.

Liu Bei cursed silently.

Would you have rejected me if not for this

Chaos, Ancient Desolate.


In the void, the Ancient Desolate was surrounded by Chaotic Qi and was faintly discernible.

Even in the vast and endless Chaos, the Ancient Desolate looked extremely huge, like a Chaotic Beast that had split the world apart.

Han Yu, Qin Ling, and Long Hao stood on a meteor and looked at the Ancient Desolate from afar.

Countless ghosts circled above the Ancient Desolate, roaring silently in the mist.

Their scalps tingled.

“The Ancient Desolate is ahead.

Should we go in” Qin Ling asked as he took out a spear wrapped in a golden dragon.

Long Hao shook his head.

“Dont be anxious.

Look around.

There are other auras nearby.

It seems that the Heavenly Dao is not the only one who is afraid of the Ancient Desolate.”

Han Yu said, “Of course.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirits main goal is to control the Chaos.

Trampling the Heavenly Dao is only revenge.

If the lips die, the teeth will feel cold.

The master of the world should understand this logic.”

Qin Ling frowned.

“Should we join forces with the others”

At this moment!


A black arrow shot over from the depths of the Ancient Desolate at an extremely fast speed.

It traveled for billions of kilometers and targeted Qin Ling.


Qin Ling raised his hand and blocked the black arrow with the tip of the spear.

The black arrow dissipated and transformed into a black mist that tried to surround him.


Qin Lings expression changed drastically.

He discovered that he couldnt move and could only watch as the black mist drowned him.

Han Yu and Long Hao immediately attacked the black mist.


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