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Chapter 919 Meeting of Brothers, Shock of the Sages

The battle between Ancestor Tian Xu and Laozi did not cause a stir.

After all, most Great Dao Sages couldnt spy on this battle.

How could this battle spread among all living beings

Han Jue continued to cultivate.

The years passed.

A hundred and twenty thousand years later.

That day, Han Jue was cultivating.

In the Daoist temple beside him, Han Huang, who was cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

He raised his eyebrows and muttered, “This feeling… bloodline resonance.

A relative wants to attain the Great Dao”

He hesitated for a moment and closed his eyes.

His will arrived at the door of the Great Dao.

The door of the Great Dao stood in the darkness, looking majestic.

At this moment, a person was waiting here.

It was the Divine Robe Daoist.

Han Huang greeted him and asked, “Senior, who are you waiting for”

Divine Robe Daoist immediately smiled and said upon seeing him, “Speaking of which, this person is related to you.”

Han Huangs expression changed as he asked, “Could it be my elder brother”

The Divine Robe Daoist smiled and nodded.

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He sighed.

Masters two sons are both impressive.

Han Tuo was a Chaotic Fiendcelestial and a Great Dao Divine Spirit.

His talent and power surpassed all living beings.

Han Huang was even more ridiculous.

He had attained the Great Dao in less than five hundred thousand years.

It could be said to be unprecedented.

“You know my brother Tell me quickly!” Han Huang asked excitedly.

The elder brother was his closest family.

He was naturally curious about this elder brother he had never met.

The Divine Robe Daoist smiled and nodded.

Then, he talked about Han Tuo.

Chaotic Fiendcelestial!

Five Great Divine Punishers!

Supervise the Chaos!

Han Huangs blood boiled when he heard that.

He thought to himself that they were indeed brothers.

Han Tuos deeds were what he wanted to do, but his father did not let him out.

At this moment, the door of the Great Dao trembled violently.

Han Tuo was about to break through!

Han Huang frowned and said in a low voice, “More than one person is breaking through”

“Hahaha! Brother, were about to succeed!”

A loud laugh sounded.

It was Yi Tian.

Han Tuos voice sounded, “How can we not succeed if the two of us join forces Actually, I dont need your help.”

“Ive heard that many mighty figures will stop their juniors from breaking through.

Arent I worried about you”

“Hehe, I dont know you Are you worried about yourself Actually, you dont have to worry at all.

We are the Divine Punishers.

Who dares to stop us”.



“What if”

The door to the Great Dao opened, and Han Tuo and Yi Tian slowly walked in.

Just as Han Huang was about to step forward, figures appeared nearby.

More and more appeared.

“Congratulations on attaining the Great Dao!”

“Youre truly geniuses.

You attained the Great Dao in seven million years.”

“Of course.

Otherwise, why would the leader of the Divine Spirits choose them”


“The two of you will definitely obtain the title of the Chaotic Ten Absolutes in the Chaotic Assembly.”

Dozens of Great Dao Sages praised Han Tuo and Yi Tian.

The Five Great Divine Punishers had traveled the Chaos previously.

The Great Dao Sages on the surface had seen them.

Now that the Chaos was peaceful, with the Ultimate God of Punishment suppressing them, they naturally had to give him face.

Han Tuo had no choice but to start exchanging pleasantries.

Yi Tian curled his lips and did not speak.

Han Huang looked at his brother who was surrounded by stars.

He smiled and his eyes revealed a hint of envy.

He also wanted such glory!

He was born as Freedom and had unparalleled talent.

How could no one know

The Divine Robe Daoist noticed his expression and smiled.

“Cultivate well.

It wont be difficult for you to become a Great Dao Divine Spirit when you participate in the Chaotic Assembly.”

Han Huang nodded excitedly and clenched his fists.

Although the Divine Robe Daoists words were soft, everyone present was a Great Dao Sage and could hear him clearly.

For a time, everyone looked at Han Huang and the Divine Robe Daoist.

Han Tuos gaze landed on Han Huang and he couldnt help but be stunned.

Yi Tian was the same.

His gaze wandered back and forth between them in surprise.

“Oh! Could this be my younger god-brother” Yi Tian instantly arrived in front of Han Huang and asked in surprise.

“God-brother” Han Huang frowned.

Yi Tian grinned.

“Im the Heavenly Daos Divine Might Heavenly Sages godson.

Arent I your god-brother”

Divine Might Heavenly Sages son!

The dozens of Great Dao Sages were moved.

Han Tuo walked over and sized him up.

“Whats your name”

Han Huang looked at him and said, “Han Huang, Xing Hongxuans son.”

Han Tuo smiled and patted his shoulder.

He praised, “As expected of my younger brother.

Your bearing is extraordinary.

Youre even more like a father than me.”

Han Huang couldnt hold it in anymore and said excitedly, “Big Brother, Ive long wanted to see you.

Not only me but also Qinger, your younger sister!”

“Hahaha, I want to show off to her and let her attain the Great Dao as soon as possible.

This way, the two of us can meet here!”

Han Huang had never been so excited.

“Wait! When did you attain the Great Dao” Yi Tian suddenly shouted.

He finally reacted.

Wasnt this kid only born a few hundred thousand years ago

Han Huang said, “Its been a while.”

Han Tuo was moved.

The Divine Robe Daoist smiled and said, “This kid was born as Freedom.

He reached the Great Dao in less than five hundred thousand years.”


The surrounding Great Dao Sages were all in an uproar, not daring to believe their ears.

Achieving the Great Dao in less than five hundred thousand years


Even Pangu and the Dao Ancestor were not so exaggerated!

Many Great Dao Sages immediately had ill intentions, but they gave up when they thought of how this child was the son of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

The Divine Might Heavenly Sage was the strongest in the Chaos.

He was a terrifying mighty figure who had killed twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals with a single strike!

An existence that surpassed Giant God Pangu!

Han Tuo frowned slightly when he saw people around.

Seeing this, the Great Dao Sages bid farewell.

Some passionate people went forward to strike up a conversation with Han Huang and then left.

They were quite tactful.

Soon, only Han Tuo, Yi Tian, Han Huang, and the Divine Robe Daoist were left.

Han Tuo looked at the Divine Robe Daoist and frowned.

The Divine Robe Daoist was a Great Dao Divine Spirit and was equivalent to Han Tuos subordinate.

Han Tuo naturally did not have to give him face.

“Its fine, Big Brother.

This senior was the one who received me when I attained the Dao.

Hes on good terms with our father.

I asked our father and he said that we can trust him,” Han Huang said.

Han Tuos brows relaxed.

The Divine Robe Daoist praised, “With the two of you, the name of the Divine Might Heavenly Sage will only become stronger.” Yi Tian wailed.

“I was actually surpassed by a junior.

Sigh, brother, we might as well cultivate with your father!”

Han Tuo was silent.

He had to admit that following his father might be easier.

However, he did not want to be protected by his father forever.

He looked at Han Huang and said, “In the future, you have to maintain your previous cultivation attitude and not slack off.

Dont let me catch up to you.”

These words were sincere.

Han Huang was touched.

“Of course.

Ill definitely be invincible when Im ready to come out.

At that time, if you dont like anyone, tell me.

Ill kill him!”

Towards the end, his tone was filled with killing intent, causing Han Tuo and the Divine Robe Daoist to be stunned.

This kid had such great killing intent!


Yi Tian was amused.

He hooked his arm around Han Huangs neck and smiled.

“I like your temper.

If I, your god-brother, am unhappy with someone, will you help me kill them”

“No problem, wait for me to be invincible!”

“When will you become invincible”

“I dont know when, but it will definitely happen!”

“Damn it, so youre bragging!”


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