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Chapter 918 Primordial Fiendcelestials Comprehension

“What does he want”

Han Jue frowned and stared at Ancestor Tian Xu.

Ancestor Tian Xu raised his right hand.

His palm was connected to one of the Supreme Rules and kept absorbing its power.

Ancestor Tian Xu had perfected Great Dao Supreme cultivation.

He was the strongest Dao Devil of the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirits.

Very few were his match in the Chaos.

Now, no Great Dao Supreme dared to stop him.

As for the Ultimate God of Punishment, he had clearly tacitly agreed.

Unable to figure it out, Han Jue had to ask in his mind, “Why is Ancestor Tian Xu doing this”

(1 trillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue]


Han Jues will entered the illusion.

He opened his eyes and discovered that he was standing on a desolate land filled with fog.

In front of him was Ancestor Tian Xu.

Ancestor Tian Xu was kneeling, and a shadow floated in front of him.

From the figure, who else could it be but the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit

“Divine Spirit, what can I do for you” Ancestor Tian Xu asked indifferently.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit said coldly, “The Divine Might Heavenly Sage is stronger than I expected.

We need to revise the plans.

I need you to control a Supreme Rule and attract countless geniuses of the Chaos to serve you.

At that time, you will bring the geniuses and I will bring the Dao Devils to flatten the Heavenly Dao and sweep through the Chaos.”

Stunned, Ancestor Tian Xu asked hesitantly, “How can I grasp the Supreme Rules”

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“I have my ways.

In any case, you are a Dao Devil.

You are not afraid of death.”


Although Ancestor Tian Xu was puzzled, he still agreed.

He hesitated for a moment and then said, “The Dark Forbidden Lord has become famous recently.

Ive interacted with him before and cant see through him.

He gives me a very dangerous feeling.

We probably have to pay attention to him.

Its not only him.

The Three Pure Sacred Worlds Laozi, the Life Lord of the Calamity Life Controllers, and the ancient deities at the edge of the Chaos might all stop us.”

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit said calmly, “This Chaos is very big, but also very small.

When you master the Supreme Rules, you will understand that the Chaos is already in our hands.”

Ancestor Tian Xu was silent.

The illusion shattered.

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned.

Control the Supreme Rules and make the Chaotic Prodigies serve him

What did this mean

A variable appeared above the Chaos just as Han Jue was feeling puzzled.

Ancestor Tian Xu also felt it.

He turned around and narrowed his eyes.

Following his gaze, a sword light attacked from the Chaos.

A figure stood on the sword light.

That person wore a green Daoist robe and held a horsetail whisk.

He had an immortal aura and sharp eyebrows.


Ancestor Tian Xu said coldly, “I was wondering who it was.

So its the Dao Ancestors first disciple!”

Laozis expression was indifferent as he said, “Fellow Daoist Tian Xu, this is damaging the Chaotic Order.

I advise you not to insist.”

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist, you are really like your teacher.”

“The Supreme Rules are important.

If you insist, I wont care about our past relationship and will attack you.”

Laozi stared at Ancestor Tian Xu.

His tone was indifferent, but his words were extremely domineering and did not show any mercy.

Ancestor Tian Xu smiled.

“Then attack! Ill kill you first and then give the Dao Ancestor a huge gift before we meet!”


Laozi raised his sleeve and waved it.

The void under the Seven Supreme Rules instantly became as bright as day.

A huge battle erupted!

Han Jue sat in the Daoist temple and watched the battle with relish.

This was a top-notch battle in the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

Space collapsed, but the Seven Supreme Rules remained unmoved and were not destroyed.

Although the battle was terrifying, it did not alarm the Chaos.

Only those at the Great Dao Supreme Realm could sense it.

Ordinary Great Dao Sages could at most sense the pressure and not see the highest plane where the Supreme Rules were located.

At this moment.

Han Huang suddenly visited the Daoist temple.

Han Jue let him in.

Han Huang came in front of him and bowed.

Then, he looked up and asked, “Father, do you feel that someone is fighting up there” “Where”


“In any case, its above.

I dont know how high it is.”

Han Huang scratched his head.

He stared at him and continued, “Im sure my feeling is right!”

Han Jue said, “You have a good instinct.

Ill let you take a look.”

He waved his hand, causing Han Huangs consciousness to arrive above the Chaos and witness the battle between Laozi and Ancestor Tian Xu, as if he was in a dream.

Han Jue also continued to watch the battle.

This battle lasted for half a day.

In the end, Laozi and Ancestor Tian Xu were both injured and retreated.

From a strategic point of view, Laozi had succeeded.

At least, he had stopped Ancestor Tian Xu.

They were on par.

Ancestor Tian Xus Dao Devil Body was extremely strange and undying.

Laozis Sword Dao was extremely sharp and could cut through the Great Dao.

Han Huang opened his eyes and looked excited.

“Father, what realm is that Great Dao Supreme” Han Huang clenched his fists and asked with a burning gaze.

Han Jue nodded.

Han Huang said excitedly, “Their Mystical Powers are so impressive.

I only remember 30%, but its enough for me to cultivate!”

Han Jue was stunned.

“You can learn their Mystical Power just by watching the battle”

“There are some Mystical Powers that I cant see through.

I can teach myself the rest.”

Han Jue was a little stunned upon looking at his high-spirited son.

He suddenly felt that he had underestimated him.

As a Primordial Fiendcelestial, Han Jues comprehension was far inferior to his son.

Could it be because Han Huang was born as a Primordial Fiendcelestial

“Father, are you also a Great Dao Supreme”


“How are you compared to them”

“About the same.”

“Impossible! I challenged you in the simulation trial.

I cant see through your Dharma Idol Mystical Power.”

“Hehe, just because you cant see through it doesnt mean its strong.”

Han Huang curled his lips, knowing that his father was bluffing again.

In his mind, his father had always been the strongest.

Even if the battle between Laozi and Ancestor Tian Xu was extremely shocking, it could not change his thoughts.

“By the way, Father, what are the seven lights above those two The moment I saw them, I inexplicably wanted to take them for myself,” Han Huang asked with glowing eyes.

Han Jue showed a frown.

He wanted to take them for himself

Han Jue suddenly didnt know if he should tell him the truth.

With Han Huangs desire for power, he might really target the Seven Supreme Rules!

Han Huang smiled.

“Its fine if you dont want to say it, Father.

Perhaps my cultivation level is not high enough and I cant be that ambitious.

Then, Ill go back and cultivate.

Watch as I learn the skills of those two brats.

Ill teach them to Qinger and the other disciples.”

With that, Han Huang turned around and left.

He was carefree and had a completely different personality from the young Han Jue.

Han Jue looked at his back, stunned.

Would he have ended up with his sons personality if he kept choosing the first option provided by the system


Han Jue shook his head and laughed, not thinking about it anymore.

Laozis appearance proved that there were still experts in the Chaos.

It was not that they could not leave Han Jue.

He had to continue cultivating and reach the perfected Great Dao Supreme Realm as soon as possible.

At that time, it shouldnt be difficult to insta-kill the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

He could completely flatten the Ancient Desolate if he broke through before the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit attacked!

He wouldnt have to wait for the enemy to come every time!


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