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Chapter 917 Absorbing the Rules

Han Qinger was even more furious when she heard that.

She said angrily, “Second Brother, dont open your mouth if you dont know how to speak!”

Han Huang scratched his head.

He knew that he had said something wrong and hurriedly changed the topic.

“Qinger, do you want me to teach you a Mystical Power Im very knowledgeable about the Divine Might Great Heaven Palm.”

Han Qinger snorted.

“Then I want your insights!”

The siblings returned to the old tree.

Han Huang began to talk about his experience.

Soon, Han Qinger was entranced.

Although she was unhappy with Han Huangs talent, she was also very impressed, so she wanted to hear his understanding.

On the other side.

On a star.

Jiang Jueshi had just attained the Great Dao and was consolidating his cultivation.

Liu Bei stayed beside him.

He held a white disc in his hand.

In the disc, a small figure was practicing his moves.

His movements were sharp and fast.

Jiang Jueshi opened his eyes and said, “Stop looking.

Its meaningless.”

Liu Bei did not even move his eyes and said, “Do you think Im like you A great opportunity My potential is mediocre.

This Mystical Power is a huge opportunity for me.”

This disc was obtained by Jiang Jueshi when he stopped the outsiders from invading the universe of stars.

It recorded the inheritance of the race and contained a Freedom Technique.

Jiang Jueshis expression was solemn as he said, “Recently, Ive been feeling that something big is about to happen.

It makes me very uneasy.”

Liu Bei said, “What are you afraid of Who can hurt you in Masters territory”

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Jiang Jueshi thought of Han Jue and relaxed.

His mysterious master was indeed powerful and should be able to protect him.

However, the uneasiness in his heart did not completely dissipate.

He had never felt this way.


Jiang Jueshi frowned and fell into deep thought.

On the peak of the blue sky.

Han Tuo opened his eyes.

Yi Tian was the same.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the meaning in each others eyes.

Yi Tian cursed.

“Again This uneasy feeling Brother, what do you think Could it be that some force is manipulating us”

Han Tuo frowned.

“Im not sure.

Perhaps we will understand after we attain the Great Dao.”

Yi Tian asked, “Should we tell the Ultimate God about this”

Han Tuo shook his head.

“Forget it, continue cultivating.

Achieve the Great Dao as soon as possible and not for the Great Dao.

Participating in the Chaotic Assembly is just to make the numbers.”

Yi Tian felt that it made sense and nodded in agreement.

The two of them continued cultivating, reaching ever closer to the Great Dao.

The Great Dao Tower floated forward quietly in the Chaotic Void, surrounded by countless cities and islands.

In the Great Dao Tower.

Zhou Fan looked at the Evil Heavenly Emperor walking over and laughed.

“Your Majesty, long time no see.

Why are you so free to visit me Could it be that you have another opportunity”

There was another person behind the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

He was called the War Buddha.

He was Chu Shirens disciple, the Buddha Spirit of the Buddhist World.

He was now the Divine General of the Heavenly Court.

“Thats right, its a huge opportunity!”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor laughed.

His gaze landed on Mo Fuchou beside Zhou Fan and he nodded with a smile.

Zhou Fan warmly pulled the Evil Heavenly Emperor to a seat.

“Tell me, what great opportunity Ive been waiting for a long time.”

Zhou Fan smiled.

The Chaos was vast.

Although the Great Dao Tower had always been sailing, it might encounter very few opportunities.

He often missed working with the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

He was also very curious about why he could always find resources, treasures, worlds with abundant inheritances, and goals while he could not.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled.

“You might step into the Great Dao with this opportunity.”

Zhou Fan became even more excited.

He listened carefully to the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

Mo Fuchou was also listening.

He looked at the Evil Heavenly Emperor and sighed.

He did not expect to encounter an old friend from the Immortal World in the Chaos.

It felt like the world had changed.

As for the War Buddha, he was expressionless, as if he was not interested in this matter.

After a long while…

Zhou Fan frowned and fell into deep thought.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was not in a hurry.

He began to talk to Mo Fuchou about the past of the Immortal World.

“I think its feasible.

The risk is indeed high, but how can there be an opportunity that doesnt bring risks Even with my inheritance, you can at most attain the Great Dao.

Its almost impossible to take another step forward.”

A voice sounded in Zhou Fans mind.

It was Seven Dao Sage.

Zhou Fan asked hesitantly, “How dangerous is that Ancient Desolate Recently, it has been spreading in the Chaos.

Countless Dao Devils have gathered there.

Werent you overturned by the Dao Devils in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End”

“Its indeed because of the Dao Devils, but its different now.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor is clearly fearless.

I suspect hes being backed by an unimaginably mighty figure.”

Zhou Fan couldnt help but look at the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor sensed his gaze and smiled at him.

Zhou Fan still trusted the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

The two of them had risked their lives more than once.

He was worthy of his trust.

“Alright! Ill do it! When are we moving” Zhou Fan gritted his teeth and asked.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled.

“Theres no hurry.

I still have to rope in others.

Theres strength in numbers.

I cant be rash.” Zhou Fan smiled.

“Im not worried about His Majesty.

Ill wait for your orders.”

The two of them smiled at each other.

“By the way, have you seen Han Jues son, Han Huang” the Evil Heavenly Emperor suddenly asked.

Han Jue!

Mo Fuchous expression changed.

Zhou Fan noticed the change in his expression and hurriedly laughed.

“Ive heard of him, but Ive never seen him.”

“I have to say, your master really gave birth to a good son.

Huanger is even more talented than his elder brother.

I heard that he has already attained the Great Dao.” The Evil Heavenly Emperor sighed.



Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan exclaimed at the same time.

Mo Fuchou was surprised that Han Jue had become Zhou Fans master.

Zhou Fan was surprised that his junior had already surpassed him.

The War Buddhas eyes narrowed.

He had heard the Evil Heavenly Emperor flatter Han Huang more than once.

He was a little unconvinced, but he had never revealed it.

Zhou Fan couldnt be bothered with Mo Fuchou.

He stared at the Evil Heavenly Emperor and asked, “When did Little Junior Brother attain the Great Dao”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor shook his head.

“Im not sure.

In any case, no matter how long he took, his potential is terrifying.”

Zhou Fan was silent.

Year after year passed.

The Chaos surged.

The Dark Forbidden Lord created momentum, the Ancient Desolate stirred up a calamity, and so on, causing the Chaos to be uneasy.

A hundred thousand years later, there was still no movement from the Ancient Desolate, and the disciples of the Dark Forbidden Lord were still spreading rumors.

Many evil things in the Chaos were pinned on the Dark Forbidden Lord, as if it was not surprising that these evil things were done by him.

Han Jue opened his eyes and stretched in satisfaction.

His cultivation speed was still very fast even though he had reached the late-stage Great Dao Supreme.

This feeling of constantly becoming stronger was too wonderful.

Should he increase his bloodline again in the next Primordial Chaos Great Creation

Han Jue felt that it was feasible.

He wanted to leave the living beings of the Chaos far behind!

Even if he became the strongest, he had to widen the gap between him and the second strongest in the Chaos.

Han Jue habitually checked the emails.


At this moment…

He suddenly felt something and looked up.

Above the Chaos, a figure under the Seven Supreme Rules.

A voice was absorbing the power of the Seven Supreme Rules.

That was…

It was Ancestor Tian Xu who had suppressed Divine Lord Peacock!


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