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Chapter 912 Breakthrough, Storm Rises

“I was just lucky.

I attacked before the twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals made their move, so I killed them in one go,” Han Jue muttered.

Han Huang was enlightened.

Just one Divine Authority General was enough to make him feel unshakable.

How terrifying was the scene of twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals combined

Han Huang asked, “Then, are you going to save your disciples They are all my senior brothers.

Bring me along!”

Han Jue glared at him.

“The other party can kill 200,000 Divine Authority Generals.

How can I deal with them You cant be rash about this.

Dont go and die.”

Go and die

Han Huang was stunned but soon understood what he meant.

Han Jue was mocking him for overestimating himself.

“Father, I also want to help you.

Im a Great Dao Sage now.

Although I cant defeat the enemy, I wont be a burden!” Han Huang said angrily.

How powerful was the Great Dao Sage He could observe the entire Chaos and know the past and present.

He was not restricted by the three thousand Great Dao.

Even if he was inferior to that enemy, he was still a threat.

Han Jue said helplessly, “I have a junior who has unparalleled talent in the Chaos.

After attaining the Great Dao, he was suppressed by a mighty figure for hundreds of thousands of years.

If not for me, he would probably have died.

His potential is not worth mentioning in the Chaos.

His current cultivation and strength are what he relies on.”

Han Huang frowned.

Han Jue stared at him and asked, “Do you really want to go out If you do, I can let you out to train.

However, your identity is special and you will definitely encounter an endless stream of powerful enemies.

Sigh, who asked me to be your father When the time comes, I will definitely be busy saving you.”

Han Huang was agitated and snorted.

“I didnt say that I wanted to go out.

I still have to cultivate and come out when Im invincible.”

With that, he turned around and left.

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Xing Hongxuan covered her mouth and chuckled as she watched the father and son fight.

The father and son were completely different.

One was extremely timid, while the other was extremely arrogant.

However, they did not like to fail!

Han Jue was afraid of failure, so he fled the battle.

Han Huang was afraid of failure, so he did not act on impulse.

Xing Hongxuan spoke to Han Jue for a while before quickly leaving.

She knew that he needed to think alone.

Xing Hongxuan didnt dare to raise any objections.

She couldnt help, either.

The only thing she could do was not to cause trouble for him.

Han Jue was the only one left in the temple.

Not worried, he started to check the emails.

With his experience, as long as the three of them were not dead, they would not die in half a day.

The enemy had already suppressed them.

They would have killed them long ago if that was their intention.

Han Jue was already used to his disciples being caught.

If they really couldnt take it, they would use the Invocation Technique on him.

[Your disciple Dao Sovereign was possessed by a mysterious mighty figure.]

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor has spied on the True Meaning of Chaos.

His cultivation has increased greatly.)

[Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked) x90

[Your good friend, the Ultimate God of Punishment, was cursed by a mysterious curse.)

[Your grand-disciple Chu Shiren cut away the three corpses and created the Evil Buddha.]

(Your son Han Tuo was attacked by a mysterious Dao Devil) x109783222

[Your good friend Yi Tian was attacked by a mysterious Dao Devil] x108782221

(Your disciple Jiang Jueshi has comprehended the Great Dao and wants to cross the door of the Great Dao.

He was stopped by a mysterious mighty figure and failed to attain the Dao.]

Han Jue showed a frown.

Jiang Jueshi had even begun to break through to the Great Dao

He failed

He pinched his fingers to deduce.

So it was a Great Dao Divine Spirit who stopped Jiang Jueshi from attaining the Dao.

Jiang Jueshi did not have a powerful background, at least on the surface, so it was very easy for him to be suppressed by a mighty figure.

The more Great Dao Sages there were, the worse it was for them.

Previously, Han Huang had successfully broken through because the Divine Robe Daoist had personally protected him.

Even the Great Dao Sages had to give him face.

Han Jue looked at Jiang Jueshi.

At this moment, his disciple was meditating and cultivating.

He did not seem affected.

Han Jue didnt find trouble with that Great Dao Divine Spirit.

Instead, he sent a dream to the Divine Robe Daoist and told him about Jiang Jueshis relationship with him, asking him to take care of him in the future.

Although the universe of stars was not under the Divine Robe Daoists jurisdiction, he could protect Jiang Jueshi at the door of the Great Dao.

After that, Han Jue sent a dream to Jiang Jueshi.

Jiang Jueshi opened his eyes and hurriedly bowed when he saw Han Jue, who was covered in divine light.

Han Jue said, “Why didnt you tell me that you failed”

Jiang Jueshi said in shame, “Im ashamed.

How can I ask you for help I tried my best but couldnt open that door.

I even suffered a backlash.


Han Jue said, “Someone is blocking the door.

Ive already instructed a mighty figure to protect you next time.

Its not difficult for you to attain the Great Dao with your potential.

Dont be discouraged.”

Hearing this, Jiang Jueshi was stunned for a moment before he was overjoyed and hurriedly knelt to thank him.

Han Jue waved his sleeve and said, “You still need to work hard after attaining the Great Dao.

Your goal is to participate in the Chaotic Assembly.

Not only you, but my other disciples will also participate.

Dont be careless.

Your potential is impressive, but you might not be the best in the entire sect.”

Jiang Jueshi nodded.

He had long recognized this.

Not to mention the others, he only knew two people.

Not to mention Liu Bei, just Han Huang made him feel ordinary.

“Master, whats Little Juniors cultivation level” Jiang Jueshi couldnt help but ask.

Han Jue didnt hide anything.

“Hes already attained the Great Dao.”

Jiang Jueshi was moved.

He felt a sense of urgency that he had not felt for a long time.

This was the sense of urgency he had before he comprehended the Great Reincarnation Technique.

His Dao heart was still stable.

He was not a prodigy, to begin with.

He only had great opportunities and talent.

Moreover, Han Huangs potential was top-notch in the Chaos.

He couldnt compare to natural existences.

“Will Little Junior Brother participate in the Chaotic Assembly”

Han Jue smiled.

“Of course.”

Jiang Jueshis eyes lit up.

He could suppress Han Huang previously, but he would do the same to him in the future!

Han Jue didnt say anything else and removed the dream.

He began to cultivate.

He had to break through first.

It might not be safe to deal with the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit now, but his strength would definitely increase when he broke through.

He was not far from breaking through.

He could do it in at most a hundred thousand years.

The cultivation speed of the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial was very fast.

In the Ancient Desolate, dense mist filled the air, and mountains rose and fell.

There were countless rivers and lakes.

It was like a desolate ancient world.

At this moment, in the sky of the Ancient Desolate, the Ultimate God of Punishment stepped on the clouds.

The Ultimate God of Punishment was still wearing blood-stained divine armor.

His aura was oppressive and the airwaves around him were like long dragons.

Soon, he arrived in front of an endless lake.

It was like an ocean.

The surface of the lake was filled with mist, as if there was a terrifying beast hidden inside.

The Ultimate God of Punishment said, “Fellow Daoist, we meet an old friend.

Arent you going to show yourself”.


A cold voice sounded, “Since youre here, you should indeed appear.

However, youre the leader of the Divine Spirits now.

I wonder if you still remember our past relationship.”

The Ultimate God of Punishment said, “You want to take revenge on the Dao Ancestor.

I only want to protect the Chaos.

Theres no conflict, right”

The world fell silent.

The Ultimate God of Punishment said, “Could it be that you also want to touch the Chaos”

“Of course not, but I want to ask you, Ultimate God, can you control the power of a Supreme Divine Authority like the Divine Authority General” the other party asked coldly.


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