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Chapter 911 Two Hundred Thousand Divine Authority Generals

“Fellow Daoist, why arent you saying anything” Jiang Yi looked at Dao Sovereign and asked.

He couldnt help but be moved.

Dao Sovereign closed his eyes and frowned.

Killing intent flowed between his brows and he was in a strange state.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Lao Dan turned around and also sensed that something was wrong.

Lao Dan flashed in front of Dao Sovereign and tapped him.

However, no matter how he cast his spell, Dao Sovereign could not wake up.

Zhao Xuanyuan asked nervously, “Will something happen to him”

They were all Freedom Sages and had not been affected by such evil for a long time.

Lao Dan said with a solemn expression, “Somethings wrong.

Somethings too wrong.

Hes not injured at all.

There are no abnormal Dharmic powers in his body.

His soul is also here.

How can this be…”

He went behind Dao Sovereign and continued to check his body.

At this moment…

Dao Sovereign opened his eyes and suddenly stood up.

He kicked Lao Dan away and disappeared into the mist.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Jiang Yi were shocked.

They immediately assumed a posture and prepared to fight.

Dao Sovereign turned to look at them.

At this moment, his eyes had changed.

His pupils were like two black snakes connected head to tail.

It was abnormally terrifying.

“Fellow Daoist, whats wrong” Zhao Xuanyuan asked seriously.

He had never encountered such a situation before.

Jiang Yi said, “Is his will occupied by something”

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Dao Sovereign smiled sinisterly.

“Two little children.

Their potential is not bad.

It just so happens that I need Chaotic Lifeform servants.”

At this moment, Lao Dan appeared in front of the two of them.

He stared at Dao Sovereign and asked, “Who are you Why are you occupying my disciple-nephews body”

Dao Sovereign stretched his neck and said, “Dont worry, I wont harm him.

If you obey me, there will be great opportunities in the future.

Have you heard of the legend of the Ancient Desolate”

Legend of the Ancient Desolate

Lao Dan frowned.

Zhao Xuanyuan and Jiang Yi looked at each other.

They were thinking about how to attack.

Dao Sovereign said, “I am the spirit of the Ancient Desolate.

From now on, I will summon endless Dao Devils and the ghosts at the bottom of the Chaos to overturn the Chaos together.

If you assist me in advance, you can avoid death and obtain a transcendent status in the new Chaos.”

Lao Dan smiled faintly.

“You make it sound so tempting, but do you really understand the Chaos Why do you want to destroy the Chaos The previous twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals all fell in front of the Heavenly Dao.

The Divine Authority Generals are equivalent to Great Dao Sages and are first-rate Great Dao Sages!”

Dao Sovereign revealed a strange smile.

“I naturally know about this.

Even so, I have to be completely confident, and the Heavenly Dao is the target I want to trample on.”

With that said, the surrounding mist began to churn like flood dragons.

The scene was spectacular and terrifying.

Lao Dan narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists in his sleeves.

Dao Sovereign slowly rose and spread his hands.

He smiled wildly and said, “Do you know that the Great Dao Sage is at the Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm Above this Great Dao Primordial Chaos Realm is the Great Dao Supreme Realm!”

The three of them were moved.

Jiang Yi asked in a low voice, “Are you a Great Dao Supreme”

Dao Sovereign laughed wantonly, his laughter filled with disdain.

“Ive long surpassed the Great Dao Supreme and reached a higher level! The Great Dao Sages are no different from mortals in front of me.

So what if there are more of them If the Divine Might Heavenly Sage can destroy twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals, I can destroy two hundred thousand!”


Zhao Xuanyuan, Jiang Yi, and Lao Dan were shocked.

Even Lao Dan did not know that there was a realm beyond the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

After all, his main body was only at the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

If what this fellow said was true, it was really possible to change the Chaos!

Jiang Yi asked angrily, “Why are you trampling on the Heavenly Dao Are you Chaotic mighty figures crazy You always find trouble with the Heavenly Dao!”

Dao Sovereign looked at him coldly.

The terrifying killing intent locked onto him, making him cold and nervous.

Although he was afraid, Jiang Yis arrogance still made him glare at Dao Sovereign.

Jiang Yi was also the number one prodigy who had suppressed the world in the Heavenly Dao!

Dao Sovereign suddenly smiled.

“Hmph, seeing that youre a junior, I wont bicker with you.

Why is the Heavenly Dao suffering so much Thats because the Heavenly Dao has done too many sins! The Dao Ancestor pretended to disappear and really thought that he could let everything go Impossible! Lets see if that Dao Ancestor can still sit still when I flatten the Heavenly Dao!”

Lao Dan asked in confusion, “You told us so much.

Do you really think highly of us”

Dao Sovereign smiled and said, “Think highly of you Im just giving you a chance.

My will is spread billions of times throughout the various worlds.

Talking to you here will not waste my time, understand

“You have nowhere to run.

Either follow me or wait for death!”

He suddenly glanced at Zhao Xuanyuan, his eyes flickering.

At this moment, Zhao Xuanyuans consciousness had already entered the Myriad Worlds Projection.

“Something bad has happened! The Heavenly Dao is threatened again! The three of us have been captured!” Zhao Xuanyuan shouted anxiously.

At this moment, there were only a few people in the Myriad Worlds Projection, including the Black Hell Chicken.

The Black Hell Chicken yawned.

“If you want help, so be it.

Dont brag.

No one can save you.

Either that or ask Master for help.”

Zhao Xuanyuan gritted his teeth.

“The other party is from the Ancient Desolate and claims to be able to kill 200,000 Divine Authority Generals.

I dont dare to rashly summon Master!”

Two hundred thousand Divine Authority Generals!

The Black Hell Chicken trembled in fear.

Before it could speak, Zhao Xuanyuan suddenly disappeared.

The Black Hell Chicken left the Myriad Worlds Projection and gathered all the Chaotic Fiendcelestials to report what Zhao Xuanyuan had just said.

Murong Qi frowned.

“Is there another commotion in the Chaos”

Guan Bubai snorted.

“Thats normal.

The Chaos is endless.

In addition to the long years, there are naturally countless hidden mighty figures.”

The other Fiendcelestials had solemn expressions.

There were already Divine Authority Generals in the simulation trial.

They had all challenged them before and could not even defeat one.

They were all insta-killed.

“Lets wait for Master to come to the Dao Field.

Or let Masters wife tell him.”

Xun Changan pondered.

His words were agreed by the Fiendcelestials.

Currently, they were not strong enough to resist a Great Dao Supreme.

The Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial said unhappily, “Our growth speed is still too slow.

Three Fiendcelestials must attain the Great Dao in a million years, understand”

He scanned the others.

Most of them did not dare to look at him.

The Great Dao was not so easy to attain!

Even a Chaotic Fiendcelestial needed time!

In the blink of an eye, a hundred thousand years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and let Xing Hongxuan and Han Huang in.

“Husband, something bad has happened! The Heavenly Dao is facing another calamity! Your disciple has been captured!” Xing Hongxuan said anxiously.

Han Huangs expression did not change, but he was very curious.

Han Jue said, “Tell me slowly and clearly.”

At the same time, he pinched his fingers to deduce and discovered that the karma of Dao Sovereign and the other two had indeed disappeared.

He checked their interpersonal relationships.

Their portraits were still there.

Xing Hongxuan recounted what she had learned from the Black Hell Chicken.

He could kill 200,000 Divine Authority Generals


From the Ancient Desolate

Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit!

He did not expect them to take action so quickly!

Han Jue said, “I already know about this.

Ill think of a way.”

Han Huang couldnt help but ask, “Father, I just fought a Divine Authority General to a draw not long ago.

Can you really kill twenty thousand Divine Authority Generals with one strike”


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