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Chapter 910 Chaos Unknown

Sailboats followed the same direction in the vast void.

On the deck of a huge sailboat at the front stood a middle-aged Daoist.

Ten palm-sized stone slabs circled around his body like a puzzle, mysterious and unfathomable.

The middle-aged Daoist stared at the beautiful starry universe ahead and frowned.

A living being with a snake body and human head beside him smiled and said, “I didnt expect such a Heavens Beyond to be hidden in the Chaos.

Its very suitable for us races to survive.”

The middle-aged Daoist said, “Somethings wrong.

There are no powerful restrictions nearby, and theres no aura of living beings inside.

Why arent there any other races here”

The snake-headed man said, “The Chaos is endless.

Its normal that its not discovered by living beings.”

“Thats true, but its better to be careful.”

The middle-aged Daoist hesitated.

The snake-headed man nodded and went down to pass the order.

At the same time.

In the third Dao Field.

Han Huang looked at the races outside the universe with a happy expression.

“Freedom Sage, you can give me a chance to practice and eat,” Han Huang muttered to himself.

He jumped and wanted to rush out.


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The invisible Dao Field array formation in the sky blocked him.

The sky rippled, startling all the disciples in the Dao Field.

Han Qinger was surprised.

What was this kid trying to do

She looked up and quickly saw the mysterious race outside the universe.

“Second Brother, dont worry.

There wont be any danger with Jiang Jieshi around,” Han Qinger shouted.

She had previously witnessed Jiang Jieshi taking action to resist the enemy.

Han Huang frowned when he heard that.

He didnt continue to fight the Dao Field array formation.

He turned around and flew in front of Han Jues Daoist temple.

He wanted to enter and asked him to let him out, but he couldnt open the door.

Han Jue was busy cultivating and couldnt be disturbed.

Han Huang was moved.

He was already a Great Dao Sage, but he couldnt open this door.

He knew that his father was very strong, but he didnt expect him to still be so strong that he couldnt even tell how much.

He was already a Great Dao Sage, but he couldnt even open the door of a Daoist temple

Han Huang didnt believe it.

He gritted his teeth and continued pushing, using all his strength.

However, he couldnt open the door no matter how hard he tried.

Even using the Divine Might Great Heaven Palm was useless.

Han Huang let go and left.

He returned to his Daoist temple to cultivate in seclusion.

At the same time, Jiang Jueshi moved out of the universe.

Han Qinger began to watch the battle.

Jiang Jueshi was already invincible in the Freedom Realm.

The leader of the other partys race was only a Freedom Sage, so he was naturally not his match.

The battle did not last long.

Jiang Jueshi easily won.

Han Qinger sighed.

“No wonder he can suppress Second Brother.

Hes indeed powerful.”

She was very respectful every time she watched Jiang Jueshis battle.

Qingluaner also witnessed the battle and praised him.

“As expected of your fathers disciple.

He should be your fathers most proud disciple, right”

Han Qinger shook her head.

“Not necessarily.

I heard from Second Brother that Jiang Jueshi is at most in the top ten under Father.”

Qingluaner shook her head and laughed.

Han Qinger glanced at her and couldnt help but ask, “Mother, you dont seem to be curious about Father Be careful not to let Father find a few more women!”

Qingluaner smiled.

“So be it.

Your father has been filled with mystery ever since I met him.

I like him to be mysterious.

Reviving is already something I didnt dare to think about in the past.

How can I disturb your fathers cultivation”

Han Qinger curled her lips.

She couldnt understand her mother, but she didnt say anything

Everyone had their own choices.

Besides, her father was indeed perfect.

Be it his looks, cultivation, personality, or bearing, she felt that no one could compare.

Han Qinger wondered how heroic her husband would be.

At least compared to her father!


Her father was the strongest.

It was fine as long as he was 80% as good as him!

Another hundred thousand years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

His cultivation had improved greatly.

He first sent a dream to Divine Lord Peacock and confirmed that he had escaped.

Divine Lord Peacock kept kowtowing to him in the dream.

He was completely convinced by the Dark Forbidden Lord now.

He naturally had to cling to such a backing if he could save him without attacking Han Jue sent a dream to the Ultimate God of Punishment next.

He told him about the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

“I already know about this.

The Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit is very powerful.

Im not his match,” the Ultimate God of Punishment said with a solemn expression.

This was also why he did not dare to personally go to the Ancient Desolate.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

He knew that the Ultimate God of Punishment was not the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirits match.

The difference in value was huge.

He only wanted him to prepare early.

The Ultimate God of Punishment said helplessly, “Fellow Daoist, you should be able to see that there are many areas in the Chaos that cant be spied on.

The mighty figures hidden are immeasurable.

After all, the Chaos has existed for a long time, so long that its impossible to calculate the time.”

Han Jue remained silent.

Why did he feel that the Ultimate God of Punishment was weaker now

Weaker after becoming good

On second thought, it made sense.

In the past, the Ultimate God of Punishment had challenged high-level figures and had far fewer enemies than the Primordial Ancestor God.

Now that he was sitting in the Primordial Ancestor Gods position, countless eyes were staring at him.

The pressure was far greater than before, and he did not dare to act recklessly.

“I will be careful about this matter.

Thank you for your reminder, Fellow Daoist.

You dont have to worry.

I also have a certain understanding of the Ancient Desolate.

It cant harm the Chaos for now,” the Ultimate God of Punishment said seriously.

His tone was sincere, as if he was touched by Han Jues gesture.

Han Jue didnt believe that he would be touched and immediately chatted with him.

He opened his eyes after ending the dream.

From the Ultimate God of Punishments words, could this fellow have a good relationship with the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit

He should be uneasy even if he couldnt win, but he was so calm.

It was very likely that they were on good terms.

Han Jue didnt have the urge to spend his lifespan to derive it.

It was fine even if he didnt guess correctly.

In any case, he was on good terms with the Ultimate God of Punishment, which was equivalent to being on good terms with the Ancient Desolate Divine Spirit.

It had nothing to do with him who was the boss in the Chaos as long as they didnt provoke him.

He could hide in the Dao Field even if they wanted to provoke him.

No one could barge into his Dao Field in the entire Chaos, including the Dao Creators.

Han Jue began to check his emails and paid attention to the recent developments in his circle of friends.

Fog covered the sky in a dark world.

The ground was flat and vast.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and Jiang Yi sat together.

Lao Dan stood not far away and looked around.

“Theres no danger, right I already told you.

Dont worry, my treasure is reliable.

It will definitely inform us if any dangerous aura approaches.” Zhao Xuanyuan smiled.

Lao Dan snorted.

“Your treasure might work elsewhere, but not here.”

Zhao Xuanyuan shook his head and laughed.

Jiang Yi said, “I really feel like something is staring at us.

Could it be the fellow who hunted us earlier”

“No way.

How long has it been Weve been recuperating for a thousand years.”


Zhao Xuanyuan frowned and felt uneasy.

It was difficult for them to predict good things, but one would be more accurate than the other if it was something unlucky.

The more Zhao Xuanyuan thought about it, the more uneasy he became.

He suddenly stood up and looked around, afraid that an enemy would appear.

Jiang Yi sighed.

“Im already prepared to be injured.”


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