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I want to continue like this.

Although it\'s difficult, I believe that with my will, I can succeed.

I\'m willing to spend all my time on cultivation, Han Jue replied.

Fairy Xi Xuan didn\'t reject him directly, which meant there was still a chance.

Fairy Xi Xuan stared at him and said, The inner sect has a teleportation formation that leads to the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

However, one needs ten mid-grade spirit stones to stay in the Thunder Spiritual Pool for a day.

At first glance, it looked cheap, but for cultivators, how could a day be enough

Han Jue said in surprise, Thank you for your guidance, Master.

I\'m going there immediately!

With that, he stood up and left in a hurry.

Fairy Xi Xuan smiled before closing her eyes and continuing to cultivate.

When Han Jue arrived at the inner sect city, he stopped a female disciple and asked, Senior, sorry for disturbing you.

Where\'s the Thunder Spiritual Pool Can you tell me

That way, at the end of the road.

The place that has lanterns with \'Thunder\' written on them is the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

Thank you!


Han Jue left quickly, not giving her any chance to strike up a conversation.

Wherever there were people, there would be trouble.

The fewer friends he made, the less trouble would find him.

What are friends

We help each other, and we\'re friends.

If you want my help, that\'s trouble!

Ten minutes later, Han Jue found the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

Entering the pavilion, he saw a teleportation formation in the inner courtyard.

He took out a hundred superior-grade spirit stones.

He was going to stay there for three years!

If he left early, he could ask for a refund for the remaining time.

The Jade Pure Sect would never cheat their own disciples.

The disciples who worked here were here to clear missions.

The owner of the Thunder Spiritual Pool was an elder, so no one dared to cause trouble here.

The disciples working here were slightly surprised by Han Jue\'s generosity, but they didn\'t say anything.

Although the thunder cultivation potential was rare, the Jade Pure Sect had more than a few disciples with it.

When he opened his eyes again, Han Jue appeared at a pool filled with hot air.

Visibility was poor.

The thunderclouds were very low, and he felt that he could reach out and touch them.

Apart from him, another cultivator was already meditating nearby.

Don\'t wander around in the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

You can only cultivate by the pool.

If you don\'t obey the rules and get killed by lightning, you deserve it!

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A cold snort came from behind.

Han Jue turned his head and saw that it was a huge tree.

Its main trunk had a human face filled with sarcasm.

A tree spirit!

Han Jue nodded at it and then walked to the side to meditate.

The Thunder Spiritual Pool quickly fell into silence, and only the sound of thunder could be heard.

Han Jue was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of thunder spiritual Qi here, which made his progress cultivating his thunder spirit energy much faster than when he had cultivated the other spirit energies.


Han Jue was extremely excited.

In just a short year!

Han Jue had successfully cultivated his thunder cultivation potential to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm!

He didn\'t leave but prepared to enter Foundation Establishment.

Previously, he had already cultivated all the different types of spiritual energy to the max and had also reached the max for the thunder spirit energy now.

He had maxed out all six spiritual energies.

He could go for Foundation Establishment immediately!

Foundation Establishment required Foundation Establishment Pills, but that was only for mortals.

Han Jue had top-tier cultivation potential.

The first level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique taught him a method to avoid heavenly tribulation.

It was a very hard-line approach: he would absorb the heavenly tribulation!

The Six Paths of Reincarnation would absorb the lightning from the heavenly tribulation and convert it into thunder spirit energy, helping him further his cultivation!

A month later.

Han Jue started to break through to Foundation Establishment.

It just so happened there were few people in the Thunder Spiritual Pool.

Even if he succeeded in reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, it wouldn\'t attract too much attention.

Meditating, Han Jue kept changing his moves and practiced the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

Six types of spiritual energy revolved in his body forming six colored whirlpools in his dantian.

The tree spirit suddenly opened its eyes and looked at him in surprise.

The cultivator nearby also opened his eyes.

The lightning in the Thunder Spiritual Pool began to gather towards Han Jue.

Is he trying to enter Foundation Establishment

The cultivator\'s face twitched.

He silently distanced himself from Han Jue, afraid that he would be struck by the heavenly tribulation.

An hour later.

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Streaks of lightning interweaved above Han Jue\'s head like dragons and snakes.

The strange thing was that these lightning bolts disappeared the moment they touched him.

They didn\'t cause him any harm.

The tree spirit and the cultivator frowned.

What kind of cultivation technique is he using

It can counter the tribulation like this!

Although they were surprised, they didn\'t disturb him.

Disrupting others during their tribulation transcendence was a big taboo in the cultivation world.

It was immoral!

Relying on his exceptional cultivation potential and an unparalleled cultivation technique, Han Jue\'s breakthrough to Foundation Establishment was extremely smooth.

There were no surprises or danger.

Three days later, he successfully established his foundation and reached the first level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

[Congratulations on reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm.

You have the following choices:]

Han Jue chose the second option without hesitation.

After his breakthrough, he didn\'t leave immediately.

Instead, he planned to continue cultivating his thunder spirit energy until the time was up.

He first inherited the second level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

The next morning, he continued to cultivate.

This person has a good temperament.

He didn\'t even go out to celebrate his successful breakthrough.

Instead, he continued to cultivate, the cultivator thought silently.

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Mo Fuchou has a good impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

Han Jue opened his eyes and noticed that the cultivator was staring at him.

Han Jue nodded at him politely.

Mo Fuchou nodded back.

Then, the two of them continued cultivating without further communication.

Han Jue walked out of the Thunder Spiritual Pool and opened his attributes panel:

[Name: Han Jue]

[Lifespan: 27 / 187]

[Race: Mortal]

[Cultivation: Level Three of the Foundation Establishment Realm]

[Technique: Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique (Can be inherited)]

[Magic: Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword]

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[Mystical Power: None]

[Equipment: None]

[Cultivation Potential: Spiritual Physique of the Six Paths.

It contains top-notch wind, fire, water, earth, wood, and thunder cultivation potentials.

Increases providence to a certain extent.]

[Connate providence is as follows]

[Unparalleled: Immortal beauty, top-notch charm]

[Destined Sword Fanatic: Top-notch Sword Dao aptitude, top-notch Sword Dao learning ability]

[Unparalleled Movement Technique: Top-notch movement technique aptitude]

[Descendant of the Immortal Emperor: After the game begins, you will receive an unparalleled cultivation technique and 1,000 superior-grade spirit stones.]

[Check interpersonal relationships]

Level three of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

This was the cultivation level of his Thunder Cultivation Potential.

The Foundation Establishment Realm was also divided into nine levels.

He was really fast.

Two years for reaching level three!

Most importantly, his lifespan had increased to 187 years!

Han Jue was very satisfied.

Brother, may I know your name I\'m Mo Fuchou from the Heavenly Thunder Peak!

A voice sounded from behind Han Jue.

He stopped and turned around.

Han Jue cupped his fists and said with a smile, I\'m Han Jue from Jade Serene Peak.

Jade Serene Peak No wonder I find you unfamiliar.

It\'s a pity for someone with your talent to join the Jade Serene Peak.

Do you want to come to Heavenly Thunder Peak My master is a thunder cultivator. Mo Fuchou shook his head.

Han Jue smiled and said, I have already acknowledged Fairy Xi Xuan as my master.

She will be my master for life.

I can\'t betray her like that.

But thank you for your kind intentions, Brother Mo.

Mo Fuchou smiled and said, Your technique is very impressive.

You reached the third level of the Foundation Establishment Realm in just two years.

You\'re considered one of the best in the entire inner sect.

Brother Mo, you flatter me.

I have no intention of comparing myself with the other inner sect disciples.


The two of them chatted for a while before leaving.

After returning to Jade Serene Peak, Han Jue didn\'t know whether he should go greet Fairy Xi Xuan or not.

Forget it.

Master\'s also an ascetic.

I shouldn\'t disturb her.

Han Jue silently returned to his cave abode.

After returning to his bed, Han Jue rested for a while before checking his interpersonal relationships.

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He found an email mark on the top right corner, still glowing red.

Curious, he clicked on it.

Become famous in the Jade Pure Sect and obtain the Nine Nether Thunder Art, but in turn, offend Fairy Xi Xuan.Cultivate while keeping a low profile and reach the Golden Core Realm as soon as possible.

You can obtain an unparalleled magical sword.


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