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Chapter 907 150,000 Foolish Sword Sages

“Im indeed not ten thousand years old, but youre not bad either.

At least, youve impressed me.

You seem to contain different powers.

Come, lets spar one by one.”

Han Huang scanned the Fiendcelestials and smiled.

The Fiendcelestials had no objections to this.

In any case, they wouldnt die in the simulation trial.

It just so happened that they wanted to test Han Huangs strength.

Just like that, Han Huang quickly became friends with the Fiendcelestials.

On the other side, Han Jue was preaching to Li Yao and Dao Comprehension Sword in the Daoist temple.

He left with Han Huang ten years later.

The Fiendcelestials were all convinced by Han Huangs talent.

Han Jue estimated that if he abdicated in the future, the position of Sect Master of the Hidden Sect would probably go to Han Huang.

At least, Han Huang had the support of the 51 Chaotic Fiendcelestials.

Back in the third Dao Field.

Han Huang curled his lips and said, “Why must you bring me back I want to stay there.”

Han Jue scolded jokingly.

“Of course, you find it interesting that you bully them every day.

Think about it, would you find it interesting if you were always defeated by Jiang Jueshi”

“Hes definitely not my match now.

Call him over!” Han Huang said angrily.

His pride also had grown as he grew up.

The defeat back then was his only humiliation.

Han Jue said, “What You still hate him Are you so petty”

Han Huang snorted.

“Of course not.

How can I hate him since were fellow disciples I just cant accept that I lost.”

“Go out and find a place to cultivate.

Dont stay beside me in the future.

From today onwards, I will resume my seclusion.

My seclusion lasts for a hundred thousand years every time.”

Han Jue waved his hand.

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A hundred thousand years

Han Huangs eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

He immediately bowed and walked out of the palace.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He could finally cultivate in peace.

Although Han Huang had grown up well, his son was still becoming stronger.

What satisfied him the most was still his own strength.

Han Jue only believed in one principle, which was to rely on himself!

Han Jue still didnt know his limit ever since he had evolved into the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

Previously, insta-killing the 100,000 Foolish Sword Sages was not his limit.

Now was a good time to try.

Han Jue entered the simulation trial.

He directly fought 150,000 Foolish Sword Sages!

How terrifying were 150,000 Great Dao Supreme experts At first, Han Jue was suppressed, but he gained the upper hand not long after.

In the end, he used five minutes to kill all 150,000 Foolish Sword Sages!

Han Jue continued to challenge.

He could kill 150,000 Foolish Sword Sages in three breaths after hundreds of times.

This was already the limit.

After all, a Great Dao Supreme was not a mortal.

It would be even harder to kill all 150,000 Great Dao Supremes if this was reality.

After all, a Great Dao Supreme would escape.

The opponents in the simulation trial would only die in battle.

Han Jue was in high spirits and continued cultivating after confirming his strength.

He could instantly kill 150,000 Foolish Sword Sages if he broke through!

The sea of clouds surrounded the mountains and overlapped like steps that led to the sky.

On a mountainside.

Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, Jiang Yi, Lao Dan, Han Tuo, and Yi Tian were drinking and chatting in the pavilion.

“In that case, that kid called Han Huang will reach the Great Dao Realm soon Tsk tsk, his potential is indeed ridiculous.

Why isnt Han Tuo so powerful” Yi Tian swirled his wine and clicked his tongue in wonder.

Han Tuo smiled helplessly.

“My fathers cultivation level was worlds apart from when he gave birth to me and my younger brother.

Theres naturally a difference in our potential.”

Lao Dan sighed.

“Such potential is no longer ridiculous.

Its truly unprecedented.”

Jiang Yi smiled.

“Little Junior has such a start.

I wonder if he can cultivate patiently.”

The others discussed.

Han Huang became the main topic.

Han Tuo smiled.

Although he had never seen Han Huang, he liked his younger brother very much.

How could he not like the fact that this little brother was a topic to brag about ever since he was born

Not long after, everyone put down the topic of Han Huang and started to talk about serious matters.

“You want to go to the bottom of the Chaos” Han Tuo frowned.

Lao Dan smiled and said, “Dont worry, just let us in.

We wont trouble you later.”

Dao Sovereign nodded.

Zhao Xuanyuan sighed.

“I feel like Im going to be in trouble again.”

Dao Sovereign glared at him, signaling him to shut up.

Yi Tian said, “The bottom of the Chaos is very dangerous.

We almost died there.

Even the leader of the Divine Spirits is afraid of that place.”

Lao Dan smiled leisurely.

“Dont worry.

My main body has been there before, but its been sealed recently.

I cant find the entrance.

I want to seek opportunities for these three brats.

After all, the Chaotic Assembly is getting closer and closer.”

Chaotic Assembly!

Now, this meeting had already attracted the attention of the entire Chaos.

Even the Five Great Divine Punishers had to participate and represent the Ultimate God of Punishment to prove themselves.

Han Tuo glanced at the three of them and hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Seeing this, Dao Sovereign and Jiang Yi smiled.

Zhao Xuanyuan sighed.

Yi Tian suddenly asked, “Will Han Huang participate in the Chaotic Assembly If he obtains the Eternal Peak at a few million years old…”

He was especially interested in Han Huang.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing how to reply.

They wanted to say that it was impossible, but Han Huang was born with unlimited possibilities.

For a time, the pavilion fell silent.

They suddenly realized that Han Huang might be the strongest opponent.

Time passed quickly.

A hundred thousand years passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue opened his eyes.

Surprise flashed across them.

What a domineering Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial.

His cultivation speed far exceeded that of before.

It was at least ten times faster!

At this rate, he would soon break through to the late-stage Great Dao Supreme Realm!

His bloodline was two levels higher than the top geniuses in the Chaos, so his cultivation speed was naturally the fastest.

Han Jue glanced at Han Huang in the Daoist temple next door.

This kid was actually a Great Dao Sage already.

He needed to step into the door of the Great Dao after attaining the Great Dao.

Would this kid cause trouble

Han Jue was busy cultivating, so he ignored the Chaos.

He pinched his fingers to deduce and smiled.

“The Divine Robe Daoist is not bad.”

It turned out that before Han Huang broke through the door of the Great Dao, the Divine Robe Daoists will had arrived behind the door to help him.

With him around, naturally, no Great Dao Sage or Great Dao Divine Spirit stopped Han Huang.

Han Huang broke through very smoothly and even became friends with the Divine Robe Daoist.

The two of them agreed to meet when they had time.

The Divine Robe Daoist was very sensible.

Han Jue suddenly thought of something and asked in his mind, “Other than me, does anyone know that Han Huang is the Primordial Fiendcelestial”

(3 quadrillion years of lifespan will be deducted.

Do you want to continue]




Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

On second thought, it made sense.

With the rampage of the Divine Authority Generals, the legend of the misfortune of the Primordial Fiendcelestial had long collapsed.

All living beings thought that the Primordial Fiendcelestial was fabricated.

As for Han Huangs potential, all living beings could understand it with the Divine Might Heavenly Sages reputation.

Now, it depended on what the Dao Creators thought.

The Dao Creators would not make a move as long as Han Huang could not threaten the entire Chaos.

In the eyes of all living beings, they did not know the existence of the Dao Creator at all.

Not to mention the Great Dao Supreme Realm, they thought that the Great Dao Sage Realm was the apex!


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