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Chapter 903 Han Huangs Difference, Lonely Fiendcelestial

“I bullied you Youre so powerful.

Who dares to bully you”

Han Qinger snorted.

She really had no choice when it came to this brother of hers.

It was always very infuriating when they interacted.

However, Han Huang would always be the first to look for her after the two of them fell out.

He would stare at her seriously, making her heart soften easily.

They were more like elder sister and younger brother.

Han Jue picked Han Huang up.

“What are you doing! Let go of me!”

Han Huang struggled with all his might.

He waved his hands and wanted to resist, but his arms were too short, and he couldnt touch Han Jue.

He had Freedom Dharmic powers, but he didnt know how to use a Mystical Power.

Han Jue said, “You brat, dont always bully your sister.

You even said that you wanted to protect us.

You dont even dare to admit that you bullied her.”

Han Huang shouted, “Im not bullying her.

Im just chatting with her normally.

Im saying whats on my mind.

Im not scolding her.

How is that bullying Arent we talking about others”

Han Qinger said angrily, “Father, this kid actually wants to slaughter all the living beings in the Chaos.

He thinks that hes born superior to others.

Dont you think its infuriating”

Han Huang said aggrievedly, “Whats wrong with that I think the disciples in the Dao Field are all very weak.

Am I not just a few levels higher than them Its already like this here.

Could it be that the living beings of the Chaos are stronger than me”

Han Qinger choked.

He was born as Freedom.

Who could compare to him

She suddenly realized something.

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She really couldnt think of Han Huang as a mortal or an immortal.

Han Qinger couldnt help but feel tiny as she looked at his expression.

Han Jue carried Han Huang and asked, “Do you want to go to the Immortal World”

Han Huangs eyes lit up.

He hurriedly nodded.

“Yes! Yes! Father! Bring me there!”

Han Qinger was also interested and looked at him expectantly.

Han Jue waved his sleeve and brought the siblings back to the main Dao Field.

He sealed Han Huang and Han Qingers cultivation levels.

A Freedom Sage couldnt enter the Heavenly Dao.

Then, he entered the Immortal World with his soul fragment.

His transformation methods were unfathomable, so Han Qinger and Han Huang didnt sense anything when he switched to his soul fragment.

The family of three traveled the Immortal World and went to places with many people and demons.

Han Qinger was very excited and kept introducing the various things along the way to Han Huang.

At first, Han Huang was also very excited.

But he calmed down not long after.

Several days later.

Han Huang interrupted Han Qinger and said impatiently, “Thats all.

Its not fun at all.

Father, when are we going back”

Han Jue pretended to be surprised and asked, “Why not Dont you find it interesting”

Han Huang shook his head.

Han Qinger also looked at him in confusion.

She had also come to the Immortal World when she was young.

After wandering around for ten years, she was still filled with interest.

Why was this little brother so different

Han Huang curled his lips and said, “Its not new at all.

They only look like us, but theyre actually different.

Theyre no different from the flowers and insects by the roadside.”

Han Jue frowned.

For some reason, he saw a hint of loneliness in his eyes.

This kid is interesting.

Such emotions at such a young age Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

He was the only Primordial Fiendcelestial in the world now.

Han Huang was very excited at first.

He only wanted to find the aura of his own kind.

However, after walking for so long, he did not encounter the aura of the Primordial Fiendcelestial.

He was naturally disappointed.

Han Qinger was not a Primordial Fiendcelestial.

In the end, she was still a human.

Looking up, they were all of the same race, so everything was naturally new.

Han Huang felt especially uncomfortable and even disgusted.

Han Jue smiled and waved his sleeve to bring the siblings back.

Back in the third Dao Field.


Han Qinger left the Daoist temple regretfully, but Han Huang did not.

He stood in front of his father and lowered his head.

Han Jue sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and asked with a smile, “Whats wrong, Huanger”

Han Huang looked up and stared at him.

“Father, why is my aura different from yours Am I really your child”

Han Jue smiled.

“Of course.

Your mother nurtured you for millions of years before giving birth to you.

How can you not be our child”

“Then, my aura and yours…”

“I was like you in the past.

Later, I became stronger,” Han Jue explained simply.

He had to remind Han Huang about the Primordial Fiendcelestial after he grew up.

Anyway, Han Jue wouldnt let him go out alone for now.

The Primordial Fiendcelestials identity was too sensitive.

At the very least, this kid had to have the ability to protect himself.

It was best to cultivate beside him until he achieved the Great Dao Supreme Realm.

Han Huang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.

He even patted his chest, looking very cute.

He didnt have the terrifying appearance of the Primordial Fiendcelestial at


Han Jue raised his hand and pulled him into his arms.

“Huanger, you are indeed extraordinary.

But remember, many people are stronger than you in this world.

When you grow up, you have to cultivate well and not slack off.”

Han Huang looked up and asked curiously, “Father, how strong are you”

Han Jue smiled and said, “Im stronger than



When you hit me, I couldnt even resist.”

“What You still want to resist”


Han Huang scratched his head and smiled foolishly.

Han Jue couldnt help but pinch his face.

It was strange.

Han Huangs personality was stranger than Han Tuos and Han Qingers, but he inexplicably liked him the most.

It was not because of potential, but affinity.

The father and son began to chat.

Such opportunities were rare.

Han Huang felt that his father was even gentler than usual and liked him very much.

After chatting, in his heart, Han Jues status had already surpassed Han Qingers.

As for Xing Hongxuan, she was busy cultivating.

He rarely saw her.

Several years later.

Having just turned ten, Han Huang began to cultivate on his own.

However, it was a little humiliating for the Primordial Fiendcelestials potential without an orthodox cultivation technique.

Han Jue called him over and taught him the Great Dao of Extreme Origin.

Under the old tree.

Qingluaner sat beside Han Qinger and sighed.

“Huanger started cultivating at such a young age.

Men are really different.

Back then, your father had to force you to cultivate.”

Han Qinger curled her lips and said, “Second Brother has good potential and a high sense of achievement from cultivation.

He naturally likes to cultivate.”

Qingluaner rolled her eyes at her, knowing that this girl was teasing her again.

At this moment, Han Huang ran out of the Daoist temple and stopped in front of them.

“Qinger, I just learned a Mystical Power.

Do you want to spar”

The Primordial Fiendcelestials potential was extraordinary.

In less than half a year, he walked the Great Dao of Extreme Origin and even learned a Mystical Power.

The ten-year-old Han Huang was already a handsome youth with an imposing appearance.

Han Qinger asked angrily, “Are you bullying me”

This kid was a Freedom Sage.

How could she defeat him


For some reason, Han Qinger thought of Jiang Jueshi.

He was also a Freedom Sage.

She didnt know if he could deal with Han Huang in this universe.

Han Huang sighed.

“No one can fight me.

I dont even know how strong I am.

The disciples in the Dao Field are too weak.

Im afraid of killing them.”

Han Qinger said, “You want to find an opponent One of Fathers disciples is outside the Dao Field.

His name is Jiang Jueshi.

Hes also at the Freedom Realm.

Go beg my father to let you fight him.”

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