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Han Jue paused after hearing Xiao Yao\'s words.

This was usually said by him.

Now that he heard it from the other party, he felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

Not afraid of fighting, he sent a voice transmission, The two of us will go up to the sky and give it a go.

With that said, he flew out of the Connate Cave Abode and arrived above the sea of clouds.

Xiao Yao appeared in front of Han Jue.

Without another word, Han Jue poured the Six Paths spirit energy into all the Numinous Treasures on his body.

In an instant, a strong light burst out from his body, making him look like an immortal descending to the mortal world.

It was dazzling.

Xiao Yao was blind, but his divine sense was still there.

It didn\'t matter if he had eyes or not.

So many Numinous Treasures…

Xiao Yao frowned.

He suddenly developed an interest in the Jade Pure Sect.

This person definitely had a method to hide his cultivation level.

He couldn\'t be only at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Xiao Yao raised his palm and said, Since you\'re wearing so many Numinous Treasures, I won\'t hold back.

I\'ll use my full strength.

How cautious!

He was at the ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm but still wanted to use his full strength.

Was he sparring or killing

Han Jue ridiculed him in his heart but appeared calm on the surface.

He said, If I receive it, are you really willing to join the Jade Pure Sect and listen to the Sect Master Don\'t play word games.

Xiao Yao said, I never go back on my word.

I do need a place to stay.

The Jade Pure Sect has given me a good impression.

Han Jue nodded and waited for him to strike.

Xiao Yao raised his right hand, and the wind above the sea of clouds stopped.

A murderous aura filled the air.

Although Xiao Yao was blind, he clearly felt that Han Jue was fearless.

Xiao Yao really intended to hit with all his might.

He suddenly waved his palm and hit Han Jue\'s chest.


The sea of clouds beneath their feet scattered.

Xiao Yao was startled.

He felt a strong rebound of spirit energy.

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Caught off guard, he was forced back.

At the second level of the Body Integration Realm, Han Jue couldn\'t possibly lose to Xiao Yao, who was at the ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm!

In order to give him an opening gambit, Han Jue deliberately used all his strength.

As Xiao Yao retreated, his blood surged and he couldn\'t help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Shocked, Xiao Yao gritted his teeth.

Body Integration Realm!

Unexpectedly, there was actually a Body Integration Realm cultivator hidden in the sect which had a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator as its sect master!

He had thought that the strongest cultivator in the Jade Pure Sect was only at the Soul Formation Realm.

And a weak one at that.

A sect that did not even have a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator actually had a Body Integration Realm cultivator hiding within it!

Xiao Yao steadied himself and took a deep breath.

From now on, I\'m a member of the Jade Pure Sect!

[Xiao Yao has a good impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

He has a good impression of me already

It seemed that this person was quite tactful.

Satisfied, Han Jue said, Don\'t tell anyone about my cultivation.

Xiao Yao was surprised.

The sect doesn\'t know


With my cultivation level, it would be too weird for me to stay in the sect.

I\'m also worried that the sect will cause trouble.

Other than longevity, I have no desires, so I\'ve been cultivating diligently, Han Jue explained.

Xiao Yao couldn\'t help but think highly of him.

That\'s all.

Go find the Sect Master.

He will arrange a position for you. Han Jue smiled.

With that, he vanished.

Xiao Yao remained in the air and thought for a long time.

He then sighed and flew towards the sect\'s main peak.

When he returned to the entrance of the cave abode, the Fusang Tree\'s Black Hell Chicken called out, Master, why didn\'t you teach him a lesson He\'s too arrogant! Shouldn\'t you strike back with your sword

Xun Chang\'an\'s cultivation was inferior to the chicken, so he didn\'t know what had just happened.

Han Jue glanced at the Black Hell Chicken and said, I\'ll give you a strike.

Do you dare to take it

This chicken is a little too arrogant now.

No, I have to suppress it.

I have to maintain its image.

The cautious chicken cannot lose its way!

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The Black Hell Chicken shook its head in fear.

Han Jue turned to look at the chicken and said with a voice transmission, This person is hated by the Immortal Gods.

Do you see his eyes That\'s the outcome of the Immortal God\'s curse.

The Black Hell Chicken\'s eyes widened.

Immortal God\'s curse!

It\'s just so dangerous outside.

Don\'t get too arrogant.

You ate the Zhu Dou.

Do you know where it came from It\'s the son of the divine beast, the Vermilion Bird.

That being from the upper world has already set its eyes on you.

You have to work hard to cultivate and become stronger so as to prevent the Vermilion Bird from taking revenge.

I\'ve deduced that it already hates you and me, so I have to cultivate in seclusion.

Han Jue continued to transmit his voice.

This time, the Black Hell Chicken was completely terrified.

Vermilion Bird!


The Black Hell Chicken suddenly felt nauseous, but even if it wanted to vomit, it could not.

Han Jue was satisfied when he saw its reaction.

He returned to the Connate Cave Abode and began cultivating.

Xun Chang\'an was baffled to see the Black Hell Chicken trembling.

The next day, the Jade Pure Sect announced a new elder, an elder at the Void Amalgamation Realm!

The entire sect was excited.

This was a realm that only the founder had reached!

Xiao Yao\'s name spread throughout the sect.

Apart from being happy, Li Qingzi was even more respectful towards Han Jue.

Xiao Yao was not Han Jue\'s match even though he was so strong.

Most importantly, there was no movement in their fight.

What did that mean

It meant that Han Jue was far stronger than Xiao Yao, so the sparring didn\'t last long.

Elder Han was the true pillar of the sect!

With this in mind, Li Qingzi immediately met with the elders and informed them one by one to not ignore Han Jue because they wanted to curry favor with Xiao Yao.

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Han Jue\'s demand was still the top priority of the Jade Pure Sect!

Nobody could afford to be negligent!

Five years passed very quickly, but the Great Yan was in turmoil.

The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect of Great Wei bypassed the Great Yan and attacked the Formless Sect of Guyuan State.

Both were super sects with deep foundations.

Before the unification of the Great Wei, the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect had been extremely powerful, causing the surrounding cultivation world to tremble in fear.

However, when the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect faced the Formless Sect, the battle situation made everyone\'s jaws drop.

The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect had been completely demolished by the Formless Sect.

Their Body Integration Realm guest was severely injured and was hiding somewhere to recuperate.

Meanwhile, the Formless Sect advanced toward the Great Wei.

They came in menacingly and wanted to destroy the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

All the sects of the cultivation world were trembling.

The battle between the two colossi affected many sects.

Truly, the fight between the big shots implicated the small fishes.

Inside the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, Daoist Calm Sky and Sect Master Liu Bumie were talking in a pavilion.

Liu Bumie\'s face was pale.

Facing the powerful Formless Sect, he, the sect master, could not hold on much longer.

If the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect was destroyed, how would he answer to his ancestors

Daoist Calm Sky sighed and said, Even that guest elder escaped.

We can\'t defeat the Formless Sect.

Liu Bumie gritted his teeth.

Then, what should we do We\'re already mortal enemies.

Surrendering is not an option!

The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect had become a joke in the cultivation world.

After all, they had been so arrogant before.

Daoist Calm Sky\'s eyes flickered.

Actually, we can submit to other sects.

As long as we can guarantee the preservation of our own legacy, it\'s not strange for us to be a subsidiary force in the cultivation world.

I\'ve thought about it, but the sects around the Great Wei are even weaker than our Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

The powerful sects that can contend against the Formless Sect are too far away from us.

The more Liu Bumie spoke, the more miserable his expression became.

Even the heavens wanted the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect to perish!

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We can seek refuge with the Jade Pure Sect. Daoist Calm Sky narrowed his eyes.


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