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Divine Beast Vermilion Bird

Han Jue came back to his senses.

His first reaction was to think that the Vermilion Bird was crazy.

It couldn\'t control its own child.

Why blame him if it died

The Zhu Dou had caused the deaths of countless lives along the way!

However, the Vermilion Bird was too famous.

Han Jue still cautiously checked his interpersonal relationships.

The image of the Vermilion Bird was that of a bird, a perfect fit for Han Jue\'s imagination.

[Vermilion Bird: Mid-stage Grand Unity Earth Immortal Realm, Connate Divine Beast.

It has a strong providence and is filled with hatred for you for killing its son.

When you ascend, it will definitely seek revenge on you.

Current Hatred Points: 5 stars]

Grand Unity Earth Immortal!


Han Jue was shocked.

It was so strong

He didn\'t know if there was a power difference between the Mahayana Realm and the Grand Unity Earth Immortal Realm.

Regardless, they weren\'t existences Han Jue could fight against.

But why would the Vermilion Bird only seek revenge after he ascended

Could it be that it couldn\'t descend into the mortal world

Very likely!

Perhaps this was an immortal rule.

It seemed that if he wanted to ascend in the future, he had to at least be stronger than the Vermilion Bird.

Otherwise, it would be very dangerous.

Han Jue thought as he silently took out the Book of Misfortune.

He wondered if the book could curse a divine beast.

Han Jue cursed for a while but didn\'t suffer any backlash.

It seemed to work.

He decided that in the future, while cultivating, he would curse Enlightened Old Monster and the Vermilion Bird!

The next morning, Xun Chang\'an returned to the Fusang Tree in a daze.

Last night, he got drunk at the inn.

The wine of the Jade Pure Sect was unordinary.

Cultivators could also get drunk after drinking it.

This drunkenness caused Xun Chang\'an to fall completely into the love tribulation.

Han Jue came out of the cave abode and stopped in front of him.

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Xun Chang\'an was in a trance and didn\'t notice his arrival.

Han Jue frowned and couldn\'t help but recall Xun Chang\'an\'s background.

The Ancient Spiritual Ginseng had reincarnated.

In the previous life, it was nurtured by the Buddhists.

Due to its fate with the demoness, it fell into a trap of love.

The gods and Buddhas were furious and threw it into the mortal world to experience the tribulations of love.

Only by completely forgetting itself and severing emotions would it be able to escape the pain of reincarnation.

This was the thirty-ninth life.

Xun Chang\'an was born into a cultivation family and was extremely talented.

However, he was ugly and was not liked by Qian\'er.

After being rejected by her many times, he was heartbroken and ended up becoming a monk.

Han Jue used his divine sense to capture the scene of Xun Chang\'an and Qian\'er talking.

That scene…

He was basically a simp.


That was a modern term on the Internet.

Here, it was called deep affection.

One-sided deep affection.

Han Jue didn\'t know how to persuade Xun Chang\'an.

This was a love tribulation.

How could he persuade him with words

Han Jue called out, Disciple.

Xun Chang\'an was stunned for a moment.

When he saw him, he slowly got up and knelt in front of Han Jue.

His emotions suddenly erupted and he cried, Master! I feel so bitter…

For some reason, Han Jue thought of Zhu Bajie.

The two had the same trait.

They were both ugly.

Han Jue sighed and said, Disciple, relationships between men and women are bitter.

This is the reason why I have been in seclusion.

But why… why would so many beauties come to you of their own accord I only like one woman, but she…

Xun Chang\'an cried bitterly.

Halfway up the mountain, a sleeping Black Hell Chicken rolled over.

Idiot, can\'t you cultivate properly… It harrumphed.

After eating the Zhu Dou, it could clearly feel its bloodline transforming.

Excited, it felt that it would become very strong.

It even began to look forward to the Chaotic Heavenly Dog\'s return to challenge it.

Oh, doggy!

I\'ll let you know how powerful your father is!

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On the other side, faced with Xun Chang\'an\'s question, Han Jue said calmly, It\'s only because I\'m powerful.

In this world, the strong are respected.

If your cultivation is the best in the world, how can that woman not fall in love with you Your cultivation is average and you don\'t look good.

What does she want from you Your sincerity

Sincerity is the most worthless thing in the world!

Cultivate the Heartless Flying Sword I taught you.

This technique can help you become the number one in the world!

Hearing this, Xun Chang\'an looked up.

His face that was covered in snot and tears became even uglier.

Han Jue almost turned his head away in disgust.

He suddenly understood Qian\'er.

However, all of this was the fault of the gods and Buddhas.

They deliberately made Xun Chang\'an look so ugly.

Han Jue had tried to change Xun Chang\'an\'s appearance, but he quickly recovered his ugly face.

It was very strange.

Xun Chang\'an\'s eyes widened.


Why would I lie to you

If someone else said this, Xun Chang\'an would definitely not believe them.

But since it was Han Jue, he believed him.

Currently, Han Jue was indeed the strongest existence he knew.

Thinking of Xing Hongxuan\'s attitude towards Han Jue, Xun Chang\'an was immediately ignited.

Heartless Flying Sword! I must cultivate it until the end!

Han Jue didn\'t say much.

Some words were meaningless.

What he said was not entirely true.

Humans were very contradictory existences.

When they were weak, they would look down on sincerity and only want to become stronger.

But when they were strong, they would pursue sincerity.

Han Jue went down the mountain to find the Black Hell Chicken.

After confirming that it was fine, he returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

After being hated by the Vermilion Bird, Han Jue felt a sense of urgency again.

Although the bird couldn\'t come down now, what if it could come down in the future

He had to hurry up and become stronger.

Three years later.

The matter of the Divine Beast Zhu Dou attacking the Jade Pure Sect had been settled.

Very few people in the sect talked about it, but it caused a commotion in the cultivation world.

When the Zhu Dou swept up the Great Yan, the scene was very impactful.

Many people saw it.

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There were also scouts from various sects in the Jade Pure Sect.

When they learned that the Zhu Dou had been insta-killed by the Deity Slaying Elder, they were so frightened that they didn\'t dare to have any ill intentions.

They could only try to befriend the Jade Pure Sect and try not to incur any grudges.

There were no demon spies in the sect.

The intelligence of the scouts from the various sects was not made known to the public.

Therefore, the Zhu Dou\'s death was a secret that the demons couldn\'t find out.

Demon King Dian Su was very curious about where the Zhu Dou had gone.

Could it be related to the Jade Pure Sect

This was the first time Dian Su feared the Jade Pure Sect.

This sect was not simple!

On this day, Li Qingzi came to visit Han Jue.

He came in front of him.

Before he could speak, Han Jue said, Don\'t look for me regarding the fortuitous encounter.

I won\'t go!

Li Qingzi coughed and said, I didn\'t bring good news.

Han Jue frowned and opened his eyes.

Li Qingzi sighed and said, The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect of Great Wei and the Formless Sect of Guyuan State have started a war.

These two sects are huge entities, with Great Yan and the West Abyss State in the middle.

Once the war begins, our two states will very likely be engulfed.

Han Jue was speechless.

They could fight despite being so far apart

Were they so free

Speaking of which, these two sects had a hidden grudge with Han Jue.

It\'s said that the prodigy of the Formless Sect, Dong Wangxian, killed the son of the sect master of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

The Blood Fire Heavenly Sect is in a state of high morale, so how could they tolerate it They immediately started fighting.

That Body Integration Realm guest elder has already taken the lead in attacking the Formless Sect.

Li Qingzi\'s tone was filled with envy.

When would the Jade Pure Sect have a Body Integration Realm mighty figure!


He would be satisfied with more Void Amalgamation and Soul Formation Realm experts.

Han Jue said, It\'s fine.

Let them fight each other.

As long as they don\'t threaten the Jade Pure Sect.

If they want to destroy us along the way, you can rest assured with me around.

Now, Han Jue\'s enemy was already the Vermilion Bird.

What were the Formless Sect and the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect in comparison

In addition, an old blind man appeared in the ruins of the ancient sect we discovered previously.

His abilities are unfathomable.

We wanted to rope him in, but he never agreed.

He\'s currently staying in the inner sect city.

Elder Han, do you think… you can help us convince him Li Qingzi said in embarrassment, feeling a little ashamed.

If he wanted to poach someone, he still needed the Deity Slaying Elder.

He was indeed not capable enough.

Upon hearing this, Han Jue immediately checked the strongest person in the sect other than himself.

[Xiao Yao: Ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

The number one prodigy of the Heavenly Immortal Manor five thousand years ago.

The only survivor of the Ancient Spiritual Firmament Sect.

Both eyes are blinded by heavenly punishment.]

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The pig in Journey to the West.


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