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Han Jue looked at the notification and waited for Fairy Xi Xuan to speak.

Fairy Xi Xuan asked, Is this the only move you know


Han Jue was very honest.

He didn\'t want to pretend to be better.

This sword technique is not bad.

Alright, you may stay at the Jade Serene Peak. Fairy Xi Xuan nodded slightly.

The Grand Elder laughed.

I shouldn\'t disturb you anymore, then.

He nodded at Han Jue and left.

Fairy Xi Xuan stared at Han Jue and said, Aren\'t you going to kneel and acknowledge me as your master

Han Jue came back to his senses and immediately knelt.

Disciple Han Jue greets master.

Long live master.

Fairy Xi Xuan couldn\'t help but laugh.

Do you think I\'m an empress

Han Jue didn\'t look up.

Fairy Xi Xuan thought to herself, This child carries himself well.

His temperament is also not bad.

She took out a token from her sleeve and handed it to Chang Yue\'er.

Bring your junior to the inner sect to register and arrange a cave abode for him.

Yes, Master.

Chang Yue\'er carefully stood up.

Han Jue stood up and bowed, then left with Chang Yue\'er.

Just as they walked out of the palace, the door closed behind them.

Junior Han, my name is Chang Yue\'er.

From now on, you can call me Senior Chang.

You\'re a newcomer, so if there\'s anything you don\'t understand, feel free to ask me.

Chang Yue\'er smiled and met Han Jue\'s gaze.

She didn\'t feel shy and stared straight at him.

Han Jue lowered his head slightly and said, Thank you, Senior Chang.

I wouldn\'t dare to trouble you, but if you need a helping hand, you can tell me at any time.

Hehe, you\'re such a nice person.

He\'s more handsome than the other male seniors and juniors.

This was the first time Chang Yue\'er had met such a handsome man, and his attitude and personality made him very comfortable to interact with.

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She swore to herself that she must protect Junior Han and not let him be bullied.

The two of them went all the way to the edge of the cliff, chattering and laughing all along.

Chang Yue\'er took out her flying sword and let Han Jue stand behind her, hugging her waist.

Han Jue hesitated.

Other than you, the other male juniors don\'t have a chance to hug me by my waist. Chang Yue\'er snorted.

But in fact, Han Jue was the first male junior she had met.

In the entire Jade Serene Peak, only Han Jue was her junior.

It had been years since Jade Serene Peak had a new disciple.

Since she had already said that, Han Jue didn\'t want to be pretentious.

He had to agree that Senior Chang had a slim waist.

Two hours later.

Chang Yue\'er brought Han Jue to a cave entrance and said, Inside is your cave abode.

My cave abode is right beside it.

You can cultivate in peace.

So close

Han Jue looked in the direction she pointed.

The entrance of her cave was 100 meters away.

Han Jue sighed in his head, but he still thanked Chang Yue\'er.

The two bid farewell.

After entering the cave, Han Jue saw a knob on the wall of the cave.

After twisting it, a stone door closed at the entrance of the cave.

Immediately after, the cave lit up.

He walked towards the end of the tunnel.

The cave was about a hundred square meters.

There was a bed, a table, and a wooden cabinet.

He was treated well.

Han Jue sat on the bed and took out the newly obtained inner sect storage bag.

The inner sect\'s storage bag was ten times larger than the outer sect\'s storage bag.

It had a space of 100 cubic meters.

He obtained Jade Serene Peak\'s Daoist robe, a flying sword, a flying sword technique manual, Jade Serene Peak\'s token, a hundred middle-grade spirit stones, and a bottle of Qi Condensation Pills.

Through Chang Yue\'er, Han Jue learned that a high-grade spirit stone was equivalent to a hundred middle-grade spirit stones.

A middle-grade spirit stone was equivalent to a hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Spirit stones could be used for cultivation or currency.

He immediately retrieved the one thousand superior-grade spirit stones from his attribute panel and placed them into his storage bag.

This amount of spirit stones was enough to make Han Jue rich.

The providence of being the descendant of an Immortal Emperor was indeed amazing.

He was given a thousand superior-grade spirit stones from the start.

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Han Jue opened his characteristic panel and checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Chang Yue\'er: Second-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

She treats you as her younger brother.

Current Favorability: 2 stars.]

[Fairy Xi Xuan: Third level of the Nascent Soul realm.

Your master admires your temperament.

Current Favorability: 1 star]

Treats me like a younger brother

Han Jue was speechless.

Favorability didn\'t mean romantic affection.

He was thinking too highly of himself.

However, he was very surprised by Fairy Xi Xuan\'s cultivation.

She was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator!

The outer sect\'s First Elder was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The Qi Refinement, the Foundation Establishment, the Golden Core, and the Nascent Soul Realms were all the realms that he was aware of so far.

In other words, Fairy Xi Xuan was the strongest cultivator he had encountered so far.

Not bad, not bad! Han Jue thought happily.

He packed up his things and started reading the flying sword technique manual.

He had to master the flying sword technique.

Otherwise, he would have to hug onto his senior\'s slim waist whenever he needed to go down the mountain.

His top-notch sword technique talent allowed him to master the flying sword technique in an hour.

He dripped blood on the flying sword to make it recognize him as the owner.

This method was recorded in the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

After everything was done, he walked out of the cave abode and stepped on his flying sword.

He began to circle Jade Serene Peak to familiarize himself with the flying sword technique.

In the Jade Serene Hall.

Fairy Xi Xuan suddenly opened her eyes as a strange look flashed across them.

Is this really the first time this kid has cultivated the flying sword technique

She had eavesdropped on Han Jue and Chang Yue\'er\'s conversation before.

Was he lying

If he was lying, why would he suddenly display his flying sword technique now

Fairy Xi Xuan couldn\'t figure it out and decided to observe for a while longer.

After Han Jue flew dozens of rounds, he quickly returned to his cave abode to cultivate.

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He started to cultivate his fire spiritual power.

[You have successfully become an inner disciple of the Jade Pure Sect and started your first cultivation after entering the sect.

You can choose the following development path.]

Han Jue took a look and face-palmed.

What the hell

Leading Jade Serene Peak to become the strongest peak would instead offend Fairy Xi Xuan

His master was very strange.

Is she a fiendish cultivator spy

Han Jue shook his head and smiled, silently choosing the second option.

He wasn\'t interested in unparalleled equipment.

All he wanted was to cultivate diligently.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue successfully cultivated his fire cultivation potential to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

All that was left was the thunder spirit Qi.

However, he couldn\'t capture any thunder spiritual Qi on the Jade Serene Peak.

Han Jue was distressed and decided to pay a visit to his master.

He immediately got up and walked out of the cave abode.

He executed the flying sword technique and quickly flew to the entrance of Jade Serene Hall.

He knelt in front of the door and said, Master, I have something to ask of you.

He didn\'t raise his voice.

He was sure that Fairy Xi Xuan could hear him.

Before long, the door opened.

Han Jue walked into the hall at a medium pace.

He walked up to Fairy Xi Xuan and knelt, saying, I have cultivated my wind cultivation potential and fire cultivation to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement realm.

I\'m only lacking the thunder spirit Qi before I can proceed to Foundation Establishment.

Master, please tell me where I can find thunder spirit Qi.

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her eyes and frowned.

You want to cultivate all three types of spiritual power

Not three, I\'m cultivating six elements!

Yes, Master, Han Jue replied respectfully.

Fairy Xi Xuan said softly, This isn\'t an easy path.

The heavenly tribulation you encounter will also be stronger than others.

You can cultivate one type of spiritual Qi first.

After you reach the Golden Core Realm, it won\'t be too late to cultivate with the other Spirit Qi.

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Earn Reputation Points and lead the Jade Serene Peak to become the strongest peak.

You can obtain a piece of unparalleled equipment but offend Fairy Xi Xuan.Keep a low profile and cultivate.

If you obtain Fairy Xi Xuan\'s recognition, you can obtain a movement technique manual.


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