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In the river of Sword Dao, Han Jue advanced step by step, surpassing the sword cultivators who were advancing on the path of the sword.

This didn\'t represent strength, but comprehension ability!

As he continued to advance, Han Jue\'s sword intent had a clearer will.

He was suddenly curious.

Who was at the end of the sword river

At this moment!

A red figure suddenly turned around and shouted angrily, Stop! A mortal dares to touch the immortal realm You\'re courting death!


A mysterious and terrifying sword intent erupted and swept towards him.

In an instant, Han Jue felt the fear of death.

The river of Sword Dao shattered as well.

Han Jue jolted awake and his consciousness returned to his body.

He gasped in perspiration.

Who was that person

This was the first time Han Jue encountered such a powerful existence.

Just the sword intent alone was enough to tear him apart.

Fortunately, the other party didn\'t have any killing intent.

Otherwise, Han Jue\'s Essense Soul might have been destroyed.

Looks like I can\'t be too greedy in the future.

He had to know when to stop unless his cultivation was extremely powerful.

[Congratulations on comprehending a Grand Unity Sword Intent.

It\'s called the Reincarnation Sword Intent.]

[As this is the first time you have comprehended a Grand Unity Sword Intent, you have obtained a Numinous Treasure.]

[Congratulations on obtaining a sixth-grade Grand Unity-level Numinous Treasure—Calm Meditation Mat]

[Calm Meditation Mat: Sixth-grade Grand Unity-level Numinous Treasure.

It can increase cultivation speed and suppress mental demons.]

Grand Unity-level

Could this be a level beyond the mortal realm Han Jue thought silently and immediately took out the meditation mat.

The mat looked very simple and was no different from the prayer mats of ordinary Daoist temples.

However, the moment Han Jue sat on it, he relaxed completely.

His nervousness from being scared off by the mysterious sword immortal vanished.

Han Jue raised his right hand and a small sword condensed in his palm.

Reincarnation Sword Intent!

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He finally had his own sword intent!

In the future, if someone came to challenge him, he would directly use the Reincarnation Sword Intent to crush the target.

He would try his best to not destroy the surroundings and not cause too much of a commotion.

Han Jue took a deep breath and started cultivating.

At the same time, the purple light in the sky began to disappear.

The entire world was discussing this matter.

Han Jue didn\'t appear, but many swindlers claimed that they were the destined ones who caused the abnormal phenomenon.

Han Jue didn\'t know all of this.

Even if he knew, he\'d be indifferent.

North Region, Demon Taming Sect.

In an empty valley, hundreds of disciples sat together facing a stone tablet.

On the stone tablet was a line of obscure blood-colored words.

Su Qi was among them.

He looked worried.

He didn\'t want to cultivate the Demon Taming Sect\'s demonic arts.

He didn\'t want to be a fiendish cultivator but a righteous cultivator instead.

But why had his master not made a move yet

Ever since he joined the Demon Taming Sect, he had often been bullied because he did not want to follow the fiendish cultivators to do evil.

Not fitting in, he would naturally be ostracized.

Fortunately, the disciples who had bullied him had died for some strange reason, so no one dared to provoke him now.

Su Qi knew that his master was helping him secretly.

It seemed that the Demon Taming Sect was still very powerful.

Even his master did not dare to attack rashly.

At this moment…

A figure suddenly appeared next to the monolith.

All disciples, hurry to the sect.

Elder Xiao\'e is dead.

All disciples, go and pay respects!

The newcomer shouted.

His words caused an uproar.

An elder had fallen!

In the Demon Taming Sect, one had to be at least at the Void Amalgamation Realm to become an elder.

A Void Amalgamation Realm mighty figure had perished

This was no small matter!

The disciples stood up and flew towards the sect.

Su Qi followed the crowd and was secretly excited.

Could it be Master It should be him.

No sect in the North State would dare to provoke the Demon Taming Sect.

Even a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator wouldn\'t die for no reason.

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On the other side, in a temple.

Xiao\'e\'s corpse lay on the ground.

A huge cauldron was beside it with a candle in it.

Green smoke protected his weak soul.

More than ten high-ranking members of the Demon Taming Sect stood around.

Sect Master Tu Quan\'s expression darkened.

Junior Xiao\'e, do you have any last words

They had already tried their best, but there was nothing they could do.

Xiao\'e\'s soul would only last a little longer before dissipating and entering the cycle of reincarnation.

From then on, they would be separated by life and death.

Even if he was reincarnated, they wouldn\'t be able to recognize him in his next life.

Xiao\'e was in a state of confusion, having already experienced despair.

Before his death, he recalled and realized that all of this had happened after he had left the Great Yan.

He thought of Han Jue\'s beautiful face.

For some reason, he had a strong feeling.

Ever since his plan was broken by Han Jue, he had never been happy.

All kinds of unlucky things kept happening.

After cultivating for a period of time, it was always easy to encounter inner demons.

Excluding all possibilities, the last seemingly impossible one was definitely the truth!

Xiao\'e\'s eyes gradually regained their glow.

He looked at his fellow disciples and gritted his teeth.

Don\'t go to the Great Yan! Don\'t go to the Great Yan! Don\'t provoke the Jade Pure Sect of the Great Yan…

These were Xiao\'e\'s last words.

He couldn\'t understand how Han Jue harmed him, but his intuition told him that it was definitely related to him.

Mysterious and bizarre enemies were the most terrifying!

Xiao\'e did not want the Demon Taming Sect to follow in his footsteps.

As for revenge…

Xiao\'e had been through so much bad luck that he no longer wanted revenge.

All he wanted now was for the future of the Demon Taming Sect to be safe.

And for himself…

He just wanted to reincarnate in a nice place.

Tu Quan frowned and asked, Is it because of the Jade Pure Sect that you have been so miserable

He turned to the others.

What is the Great Yan

Everyone shook their heads.

They had never heard of the Great Yan.

Xiao\'e\'s soul body started to dissipate.

He weakly said, Senior, don\'t help me take revenge… never provoke the Great Yan\'s Jade Pure Sect…

Before he could finish, his soul completely vanished.

Everyone from the Demon Taming Sect fell silent.

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There was only one question in their minds.

Where was the Great Yan\'s Jade Pure Sect

After comprehending the Reincarnation Sword Intent, Han Jue went into seclusion for another eight years.

Eight years was nothing to him and the Jade Pure Sect, but to the disciples of the sect, it was a very long time.

Sitting on the Calm Meditation Mat, Han Jue was already close to the ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

It had to be said that a Grand Unity Numinous Treasure was indeed impressive!

On this day, Han Jue left the cave abode to check on the Fusang Tree, while stretching his body as well.

Xun Chang\'an saw an opportunity and hurriedly stood up, imitating his actions.

Han Jue looked at him and started checking his emails.

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a Demon King.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan is being hunted by ten sects.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan was attacked by a righteous cultivator] x483

[Your good friend Zhou Fan is seriously injured.

He met a powerful being and escaped from danger.]

[Your enemy Xiao\'e has perished.

His soul has entered the cycle of reincarnation.]

[Your good friend Fairy Xi Xuan accidentally entered the ruins of the Ancient Holy Land.]

[Your pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, was attacked by beasts] x6942

[Your pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, incites the anger of the humans and demons.]

Han Jue noticed that Xiao\'e had actually died!

He was pleasantly surprised.

Apart from increasing his cultivation level, cursing him was the only thing that made him happy during his boring years.

It seemed that the Book of Misfortune was still effective.

Han Jue had always been worried that the Demon Taming Sect would attack.

Now that Xiao\'e was dead, he probably wouldn\'t come again.

After all, Xiao\'e didn\'t know that he was the one cursing him.

Xiao\'e was gone.

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He could only curse Demon King Dian Su in the future.

It was unknown how long Dian Su could last.


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