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Looking at Shangguan Qiujian kneeling in front of him, Han Jue suddenly felt some pity.

Perhaps the other party really only wanted to spar

Did I crush his Dao heart by unleashing a devastating blow just now

Han Jue said, Go back.

Don\'t mention this to anyone.

I won\'t tell anyone, either.

With that, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Shangguan Qiujian hurriedly stood up and gritted his teeth.

Fellow… Senior, who are you May I ask for your real name

Reincarnation. With that said, Han Jue left.

Stunned, Shangguan Qiujian repeated the word \'reincarnation\'.

Huang Jihao consoled him, Back then, I was in a worse state than you.

You should be fine.

You\'re not injured.

Shangguan Qiujian smiled bitterly.

I didn\'t expect the Great Yan to have such a powerful being.

No wonder the weakest Great Yan has always been calm and no one dares to invade.

He finally believed Huang Jihao.

The mighty figure who had comprehended the Eternal Sword Dao had come from the Great Yan!

Han Jue\'s sword was extremely terrifying.

He couldn\'t help but break out in cold sweat when he recalled it.

Daoist… Reincarnation… The mighty figures of the world live in seclusion.

So, I\'m the frog in the well.

Shangguan Qiujian sighed.

They sensed Li Qingzi and the others flying over and immediately left.

On the other side, after returning to the Connate Cave Abode, a line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Shangguan Qiujian has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

Han Jue shook his head.

These geniuses were all of the same nature.

They would develop a favorable impression of him just by getting beaten up.

Han Jue caught the aura of Li Qingzi and the others patrolling around.

He suddenly felt that he was lacking something.

Every time he wanted to intimidate the enemy, he had to do it with such fanfare.

It was truly not low profile.


I have to figure out a way to deal with the enemy without causing a stir.

Han Jue frowned and started thinking hard.

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Demon King Dian Su was going mad!

Ever since that strange injury, he would experience that nightmare again every three years.

He had no idea what the problem was.

If it was really an immortal, why didn\'t he just kill him

The Demon King no longer had any ambitions.

All he could think about was how to escape this nightmare.

On this day, his adopted son Yang Tiandong came to visit.

Yang Tiandong was here to find out when Demon King Dian Su would attack the humans.

Before he could ask, the Demon King began to pour out his grievances.

Demon King Dian Su really couldn\'t stand it.

Yang Tiandong was his adopted son, and he felt that he could be trusted.

After hearing about Dian Su\'s recent situation, Yang Tiandong fell silent with a gloomy expression.

He was overjoyed!

My chance to rise is coming soon

Father, could it be related to your plan against the humans Yang Tiandong asked carefully.

Demon King Dian Su sat on the ice bed and said, I\'ve long forgotten about this plan.

Do you want me to swear to the heavens

The moment he said this, the Demon King suddenly perked up.


If he swore to the heavens, the immortal would see it!

Demon King Dian Su immediately stood up and raised his right palm.

I, Dian Su, swear to the heavens that I will never target the Great Yan humans again.

I hope that the Immortal Deity will forgive me for my ignorance!

With that said, Demon King Dian Su heaved a sigh of relief.

Perhaps it was a form of consolation, but Demon King Dian Su felt that everything would be better now.

Yang Tiandong congratulated him on the surface but secretly felt disdain.

You want to be the king of the Great Yan

Are you worthy

Half a year later.

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Shangguan Qiujian and Huang Jihao returned to the True Martial Sect.

After being defeated by Han Jue\'s sword, Shangguan Qiujian\'s Dao heart was almost broken.

In order to consolidate it, he continuously challenged the cultivation sects on the way back and restored his confidence.

After bidding farewell to Huang Jihao, Shangguan Qiujian returned to his pavilion.

He was just about to open the door and enter.

Right at this time, the sky changed.

A purple multicolored light appeared.

The sword at Shangguan Qiujian\'s waist began to vibrate again, but this time, it did not automatically unsheathe.

He was not the only one.

All the sword cultivators in the True Martial Sect looked at their swords in shock.


The last time, someone had comprehended the Eternal Sword Dao.

What about this time

Shangguan Qiujian immediately thought of Han Jue.

Could it be that Senior has gained some insights into the Sword Dao Shangguan Qiujian smiled bitterly.

Compared to Senior Reincarnation, he was truly a mortal.

It wasn\'t only the True Martial Sect.

The swords of all the sects in the world were trembling.

On the other side, at the top of a mountain peak that reached into the clouds, a black-robed man was meditating towards the east.

A vast sea of clouds was surrounding him.

He suddenly opened his eyes and saw that the four swords floating to his left and right were all vibrating.

The black-robed man frowned and muttered, Someone comprehended Sword Intent… at least the Eternal-level Sword Intent…

He took out a talisman, placed it on the ground in front of him, and began to cast a spell with both hands.

The four swords landed on the talisman one by one.

Ten breaths later.

Brush lines gradually appeared on the talisman, finally forming a huge word.


The black-robed man\'s expression was grave as he muttered, What does this mean Reincarnation referring to the rules of the world… or a particular cultivator

Jade Pure Sect.

From the elders to the outer sect disciples, their swords were all trembling.

This caused everyone to be nervous and gather to discuss.

What\'s going on

I\'m not sure.

The sky is changing color.

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Could it be that a powerful being has appeared

I think an immortal has descended!

It is said that such a phenomenon occurred decades ago.

The Jade Pure Sect is about to face a calamity

While the disciples were worried, the elders received news that the entire sky of the Great Yan was the same.

They heaved a sigh of relief.

It was fine as long as it was not against the sect.

Li Qingzi\'s first reaction was to look for Han Jue, but on second thought, things were still unclear.

It wasn\'t good to disturb him like this.

Li Qingzi looked up at the purple sky and muttered, Bad luck! Why are there so many disasters in my generation

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became.

He could only pray that it was not a catastrophe.

At the same time, inside the Connate Cave Abode.

Sitting on the bed, Han Jue was surrounded by a strong wind.

It was the wind formed by the sword aura.

The pattern of a small sword appeared between his eyebrows.

Han Jue was comprehending sword intent, one that belonged to him.

Unconsciously, he realized that he had arrived in a flowing river of Sword Dao.

There were sword shadows all around him.

They shot in the same direction at an extremely fast speed.

Seven-colored lights flowed, forming a strange space like a space-time tunnel.

Han Jue\'s body moved forward uncontrollably.

He was neither fast nor slow as he walked among the sword shadows.

Figures appeared in front of him.

They were formed by sword light and were blurry.

These people walked very slowly and were surpassed by him.

Han Jue entered a mysterious state.

He was consolidating his sword intent.

His sword intent pressed forward with indomitable might.

It was overbearing and stretched out, and it intended to draw all living beings into it.

It was impossible to escape, and it was like the six paths of reincarnation!

He wanted to create such a sword intent!

Why did he cultivate in seclusion all this time

For immortality!

For the sake of being invincible!

For the sake of annihilating all living beings in the world with a single sword strike!

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What he wanted was not destruction, but the ability to do so.

Only absolute invincibility could truly allow one to live forever!


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