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Really Liu Bumie\'s eyes widened in shock.

There was such a person in Great Yan

Daoist Calm Sky gritted his teeth and said, Look at me, isn\'t this enough proof

Liu Bumie was silent.

Before inviting a Body Integration Realm guest, Daoist Calm Sky was the strongest expert of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

Liu Bumie was able to become the sect master thanks to his help.

He had originally thought that the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect\'s golden age was about to arrive.

Unexpectedly, Daoist Calm Sky suffered a setback in the Jade Pure Sect.

Liu Bumie gritted his teeth and asked, Who is that

Daoist Calm Sky sighed and said, The Deity Slaying Elder.

If you send someone to investigate, you might be able to find out about his reputation.

This person is very low-profile, but the Jade Pure Sect was able to become the number one sect in Great Yan.

He\'s the main reason!

Liu Bumie frowned.

He couldn\'t understand how such an expert was willing to stay in the Great Yan.

Forget it.

We won\'t provoke the Great Yan.

Let\'s start from the West Abyss State. Liu Bumie sighed.

Daoist Calm Sky nodded.

Han Jue\'s face appeared in his mind again.

I can\'t provoke him no matter what!

In the fourth year after killing Daoist Calm Sky, Han Jue finally broke through to the seventh level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

After breaking through, he clicked on interpersonal relationships.

Daoist Calm Sky was still alive.

Han Jue was depressed.

This was the first time he felt so depressed.

He had clearly killed him, so why was he still alive

[Daoist Calm Sky: Ninth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

An elder of the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect, he is filled with fear because of you.

He doesn\'t dare to face you alone anymore.

Current favorability: 2 stars]

The only thing that comforted Han Jue was that Daoist Calm Sky was frightened by him.

Favorability did not just mean good feelings!

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Han Jue guessed that this favorability was based on Daoist Calm Sky\'s impression of his looks.

Because he was extremely afraid and didn\'t dare to hate him, he kept this favorability.

Daoist Calm Sky reminded Han Jue of something.

Perhaps he could crush his enemies, but he might not necessarily kill them every time.

In the cultivation world, there were many capable people.

As the enemies got stronger, they would have many ways to protect their lives.

He had to be careful when killing enemies in the future.

It would be best to ambush and catch them off guard.

Han Jue carefully recalled the fight.

He felt that the problem could be caused by him attacking twice.


That was definitely the case!

He had to kill the enemy instantly.

He couldn\'t give the enemy any breathing space.

I was too careless!

He couldn\'t let his guard down in the future.

Being careless was a fatal flaw.

After finding out the problem, Han Jue\'s gaze became firm.

The next time he attacked, he would use his full strength without hesitation!

Then, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating.

The northern part of Great Yan was covered in snow and ice.

In the vast snow stood a terrifying figure a thousand feet tall.

It looked up at the sky and breathed out.

Four huge tails twisted around wantonly, stirring up strong winds.

Yang Tiandong and dozens of Demon Kings gathered together and knelt down to the terrifying figure.

This terrifying figure was the ten-thousand-year-old demon, Demon King Dian Su!

Yang Tiandong looked up at him.

He couldn\'t help but break out in cold sweat even in such a cold place.

Demon King Dian Su\'s terrifying demonic aura wreaked havoc in the world, causing all the Demon Kings present to shiver.

Besides cultivation, there was also bloodline suppression!

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Before the revival of Demon King Dian Su, Yang Tiandong had always doubted him.

He was indignant and felt that he should be the first Demon King of Great Yan.

But when he faced Demon King Dian Su, he realized how ridiculous he was.

Beside his was still Old Tree Demon who had explained the origins of Demon King Dian Su.

The old tree demon asked respectfully, Demon King, why did you call us here

The other Demon Kings were also very nervous.

They were worried that Demon King Dian Su would find trouble with them.

A deep and powerful voice sounded as if panting.

From now on…

In this land, only I can be King.

All the Demon Kings are my demon generals!

With that said, all the Demon Kings were alarmed.

I knew it!

They were indignant but did not dare to say anything, including Yang Tiandong.

Old Tree Demon immediately flattered, Of course! Demon King, when are we going to massacre the Great Yan humans

Yang Tiandong cursed silently.

He was really a good dog!

He even seriously doubted if what the Old Tree Demon King had said about Demon King Dian Su was true.

Perhaps Old Tree Demon had deliberately beautified Demon King Dian Su to worsen the image of the human race.

Kneeling close to Demon King Dian Su, Yang Tiandong felt unprecedented killing intent.

This Demon King had killed countless beings, far beyond Yang Tiandong\'s imagination!

Massacre the human race When did I say that I wanted to massacre the human race Demon King Dian Su retorted.

His tone was cold, causing Old Tree Demon to shiver.

Yang Tiandong clearly felt a terrifying divine sense sweep over them.

Oh Half-human, half-demon… Interesting.

Little demon, come here.

Yang Tiandong tensed up at Demon King Dian Su\'s words.

He carefully raised his head and saw that the terrifying figure of Demon King Dian Su had already vanished, leaving only a faintly discernible figure in the snow.

All the Demon Kings looked at him.

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Yang Tiandong gritted his teeth, suppressed his nervousness, stood up, and walked towards Demon King Dian Su.

The sky was filled with snow, and the road ahead was vast.

Yang Tiandong seemed to be heading towards the abyss, while Demon King Dian Su was the abyss\' lord.

Ever since he knew that Han Jue had killed Daoist Calm Sky, the pressure on Li Qingzi had disappeared.

As he had expected, the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect no longer dared to attack the Great Yan.

There was no movement from the ten-thousand-year-old Demon King Dian Su, and the Great Yan Cultivation World was very calm.

Han Jue was still cultivating in seclusion.

Time passed, and the mortal world surged.

The great figures underwent tribulation, and the mortals underwent reincarnation.

In the long river of history, this period of time was not much different from the past.

Seven years later.

Li Qingzi came to find Han Jue and interrupted his cultivation.

Something big was about to happen.

The ten-thousand-year-old demon was attacking

Or was the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect attacking

Li Qingzi entered the cave abode and said with a worried expression, Elder Han, it\'s not good.

Han Jue\'s heart skipped a beat as he waited for Li Qingzi to continue.

Previously, when the 19 sects attacked the sect, wasn\'t the leader a great cultivator named Wei Yuan He was killed by you, but he didn\'t die.

When he returned to the Nine Dragons Sect in the West Abyss State, guess what This person actually became the new sect master! He previously suffered a setback here and might lead the entire Nine Dragons Sect to attack us!

Li Qingzi said worriedly, while Han Jue had a strange expression.

What the heck

Huang Zuntian became the Sect Master

Han Jue immediately checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Huang Zuntian: First level of the Void Amalgamation Realm (Pseudo), Nine Dragons Sect Master.

He is cautious by nature and will do anything to survive.

Current favorability: 5 stars]

Han Jue didn\'t know what to say.

Before Huang Zuntian left, he asked if Han Jue wanted him to fight for the sect master position.

At that time, Han Jue didn\'t take it to heart and casually replied.

He didn\'t expect Huang Zuntian to really succeed!

This fellow had something up his sleeves when it came to power struggles.

Han Jue asked in surprise, The Nine Dragons Sect is so weak Even Wei Yuan can become the Sect Master

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How weak was the Nine Dragons Sect to have a Sect Master at the first level of the Void Amalgamation Realm

Li Qingzi shook his head.

I\'m not sure about that.

It\'s said that the entire West Abyss State is in chaos because of the Nine Dragons Sect\'s Sect Master.


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