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Elder Hall.

Han Jue met the First Elder.

The First Elder was plump and resembled Maitreya Buddha.

He had a smile on his face and his eyes curved into two lines.

He sized up Han Jue and said with satisfaction, His temperament is comparable to inner sect disciples and almost equivalent to an elite disciple.

The Jade Pure Sect robe was white with blue stripes.

After Han Jue wore it, his charm was completely unleashed.

He didn\'t look like a servant at all.

Many female cultivators peeped at him on the way here.

I cannot be compared to the elite disciples, Han Jue said humbly.

The Grand Elder smiled and said, Let\'s go.

Follow me to the inner sect.

If you want to join the inner sect, you have to find a master.

There are eighteen peaks and eighteen missionary elders in the inner sect.

If anyone is fond of you, you can directly become an inner sect disciple.

If not, you can only participate in the outer sect competition and strive to reach Foundation Establishment as soon as possible.

I understand.

The two of them then left the Elder Hall.

The old man at the counter clicked his tongue in wonder.

This child\'s fire-attribute Spiritual Energy has increased by quite a bit.

It seems that he has been diligently cultivating for half a year.

Yang Luo laughed.

That\'s right, he didn\'t leave his room even once.

He has good talent and is willing to cultivate diligently.

Who knows, he might even become an elite disciple in the future.

The old man shook his head and laughed.

He didn\'t say anything else.

He had been here for more than a hundred years and had seen geniuses more talented than Han Jue.

He only felt a little emotional but didn\'t think too much about it.

They didn\'t speak on the way.

Following the First Elder, Han Jue arrived at a teleportation formation in the corner of the valley.

Several disciples were guarding this place.

The teleportation formation was very much like an altar.

It was a circular stone platform with strange patterns engraved on it.

Stone pillars were erected in all directions, and there were many irregular dents on them, which were especially used to insert spirit stones.

This was Han Jue\'s first time using a teleportation formation.

He was very nervous, but he didn\'t dare to show it, afraid of embarrassing himself.

The outer sect disciples began placing spirit stones.

What kind of training style do you prefer the First Elder suddenly asked.

The various peaks have different cultures because of the different personalities of the coaching elders.

Some are competitive, some are low-key, and some are out on missions all year round.

Han Jue replied, I\'m a low-profile cultivator.

I don\'t like crowds and I don\'t like being high-profile.

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The First Elder revealed a strange smile and said, Then, I\'ll bring you to the Jade Serene Peak first.

At this moment, the teleportation formation was activated and a strong light burst out, causing Han Jue to close his eyes.

Han Jue felt a strong sense of weightlessness.

Any other mortal would have vomited.

About three seconds passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes, and what he saw was a mountain peak that reached into the clouds.

The sea of clouds filled his vision, and he felt as if he were standing on a cloud.

Under his feet was the teleportation formation, and in front of him was a stone step that led to the city.

The city was located on a lower peak compared to the surrounding eighteen mountain peaks.

However, when Han Jue looked down from the teleportation formation, it was like a ten thousand-foot-high cliff.

Due to the clouds and mist, he couldn\'t see the ground.

The city on the lower peak was very big.

Many cultivators could be seen flying with their swords in the sky.

There were even various kinds of ferocious birds.

That\'s the inner sect of the Jade Pure Sect.

You can do missions and collect your salary here.

You can also trade inside.

The First Elder introduced the inner sect with a proud tone.

Han Jue was stunned.

He had thought that the Jade Pure Sect was a small sect like in the cultivation dramas.

He didn\'t expect it to be so big.

He thought he had arrived at an Immortal World.

He had truly underestimated the strength of the Jade Pure Sect.

After all, he had been staying in the herb garden for the past twenty years, and his activity was limited to a radius of two kilometers.

It wouldn\'t be an exaggeration to call him a caged bird.

The First Elder waved his hand.

Han Jue felt something lifting him and almost fell.

He looked down and saw a huge gourd under his feet.

Stand firm.

If you fall, you\'ll die even if you\'re at the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

The First Elder laughed heartily.

Han Jue quickly covered the bottom of his feet with spiritual force to stick himself to the gourd\'s surface.

The huge gourd carried them towards one of the taller peaks.

The other huge peaks had disciples traveling in and out, and only this one seemed inactive.

The coaching elder of Jade Serene Peak is Fairy Xi Xuan.

Her cultivation level is unfathomable.

She likes to cultivate in seclusion, with peace and silence.

Therefore, Jade Serene Peak is not lively.

In addition, she doesn\'t allow her disciples to develop feelings for each other and become companions.

Therefore, there are very few disciples.

The disciples who stay on Jade Serene Peak are basically all ascetics, the Great Elder said with a smile.

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Han Jue raised his eyebrows and said, Really That\'s great!

He was afraid of female cultivators pestering him!

After all, his charm was unparalleled.

The First Elder shook his head and laughed.

[The First Elder of the outer sect of the Jade Pure Sect has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He was baffled.

Soon, they arrived at the palace complex of the Jade Serene Peak and flew straight to the main hall.

His mouth moved slightly as the First Elder stood in front of the door.

He was probably using a voice transmission technique.


The front door opened.

The First Elder led Han Jue in.

The hall was dark.

As they walked in, the oil lamps on both sides lit up.

Han Jue\'s gaze landed on the two figures meditating in front.

Two female cultivators.

One of the female cultivators wore a blue robe and had a graceful bearing.

Her appearance could be described as devastatingly beautiful.

She was probably Fairy Xi Xuan.

The female cultivator behind her should be a disciple.

Her temperament and appearance were quite different, but she was still a beauty.

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her eyes and looked at Han Jue.

As the First Elder approached, he smiled and said, This child\'s name is Han Jue.

He\'s an itinerant cultivator with a triple cultivation potential and also possesses a rare thunder cultivation potential.

On the way here, I asked and found out that he also likes quiet and peaceful training grounds.

He doesn\'t want to be too high-profile.

Han Jue bowed.

[Chang Yue\'er has developed a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 2 stars]

Two stars just like that

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How shallow.

Han Jue complained in his head and became nervous.

Jade Serene Peak is not living up to its name! Are the female disciples all so desperate

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her mouth and warned, If you join my peak, I will not treat you any better than others.

Everything will depend on you.

In terms of cultivation, I won\'t neglect to teach you.

But if you slack off, I will chase you out of the peak.

Han Jue immediately promised, As long as there are no instructions, I can enter seclusion for a hundred years and never leave my house!


Absolutely true!

[Fairy Xi Xuan has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

[Chang Yue\'er\'s favorability towards you has decreased.

Current favorability: 1 star.]

Lines of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He couldn\'t help but look down on Chang Yue\'er.

Are you so desperate for love

This is a land of cultivation!

Do you know any spells Attack me.

Let me see your ability, Fairy Xi Xuan asked.

Han Jue nodded and decided to go all out.

This Jade Serene Peak suited him too well!

If it were any other peak, he would be annoyed to death by female cultivators like Chang Yue\'er!

Han Jue was definitely not heartless.

He also liked women, but women were definitely not as important as lifespan.

Right now, he only wanted to cultivate.

Lust is a knife in disguise!

Once his cultivation had reached a phenomenal stage, he would be able to nurture a few companions to play with.

However, he wouldn\'t use his true feelings.

He would only cultivate together with them.

Han Jue channeled the spiritual power in his body and pointed his right hand at Fairy Xi Xuan.

Sword Qi burst forth from his five fingers, condensing into a palm-sized sword Qi that shot towards Fairy Xi Xuan like lightning.

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Just as it was about to touch Fairy Xi Xuan, the sword Qi dissipated into thin air.

Fairy Xi Xuan\'s beautiful hair began to flutter.

[Chang Yue\'er\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 2 stars]


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