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Master, save me!

Hearing this, all the cultivators stopped and looked around nervously.

Su Qi had always been able to turn the situation around.

The cultivators chasing him had all died, so they had always suspected that there was someone behind him.

So it was his master!

The middle-aged cultivator who had cursed Su Qi earlier shouted, Fellow Daoist! Why are you hiding in the dark Are you feeling guilty

However, no one answered him.

The middle-aged cultivator looked at Su Qi again.

He discovered that Su Qi had a mocking, smug look on his face as if they were the ones who would die instead of him.

Su Qi\'s confidence made the middle-aged cultivator panic even more.


Thunder clouds gathered and the sky quickly darkened.

Everyone looked around nervously.


A gust of wind blew, growing stronger and stronger.

The cultivators were horrified to find that the wind was very strange.

There were wind blades that couldn\'t be seen with the naked eye.

They were extremely sharp and tore their clothes apart.

They were so shocked that they hurriedly used their spirit energy to defend themselves.

Apart from Su Qi, everyone else suffered.

Su Qi had a look of admiration.

As expected of Senior…

Wait, no!


Master was so powerful!

Thunder rumbled and wind raged.

It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

Only when the first bolt struck did the seven sects realize that a nightmare had come.

It was no ordinary thunder.

It was heavenly thunder!

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A year was a long time for mortals.

Eighteen years was enough for a person to grow up.

To Han Jue, it passed very quickly, like a dream.

His cultivation level had broken through to the fifth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm!

The speed of his breakthrough was already very fast.

One had to know that Daoist Nine Cauldrons was still stuck at the eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm and Xiao\'e was still at the second level.

While cultivating, Han Jue imparted the Heartless Flying Sword to Xun Chang\'an.

After cultivating the Heartless Flying Sword for ten years, Xun Chang\'an was pleasantly surprised to find that he did not seem to be thinking about the past.

Little did he know that his sexual desire was decreasing.

After breaking through, Han Jue habitually took out the Book of Misfortune and cursed Xiao\'e.

The emails could only focus on the situation of people he had a good relationship with.

Han Jue couldn\'t see the situation of the enemy, but Xiao\'e\'s image was still there, which meant that he was still alive.

Before Xiao\'e died, Han Jue wouldn\'t give up on cursing him.

Who asked this fellow to have such a high level of hatred for him After so many years, it did not decrease at all.

Han Jue cursed him as he checked the emails in his interpersonal relationships.

Most people were attacked in the last eighteen years.

Rather than attacking, it was more like fighting.

It was impossible for everyone to be attacked.

Most of the time, they would be the first to attack.

The world was dangerous.

He had to stay away.

Perhaps with Han Jue\'s current cultivation, he was not afraid of being attacked.

However, if this happened too many times, it would affect his cultivation.

Just like Yang Tiandong and Zhou Fan, they were always in the top three.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog was catching up to them as well.

Every time he saw the Chaotic Heavenly Dog being beaten, Han Jue found it funny.

Serves you right for not listening to me!

Although the Chaotic Heavenly Dog was constantly being beaten, its cultivation level kept increasing.

It was the same for the others.

It looked like they were all fighting for fortuitous encounters.

Several days later, Xing Hongxuan came to visit.

Han Jue chased Xun Chang\'an out and let her in.

Husband, I\'ve obtained a great fortuitous encounter in the past few decades and gained enlightenment of a divine technique.

Do you want to learn it I can teach it to you!

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Xing Hongxuan ran to him excitedly and said as if she was presenting a treasure.

Han Jue shook his head and said, I have my own divine technique.

I don\'t need it.

Xing Hongxuan had indeed obtained a huge opportunity.

Her cultivation level had soared to the eighth level of the Golden Core Realm.

She was almost catching up to Zhou Fan, a bearer of Connate providence.

Xing Hongxuan flipped her right hand, and two green fruits the size of a fist appeared in her hand.

She smiled and said, These are strange fruits that I found in the Ancient Mystic Realm.

After consuming them, they can increase one\'s blood vitality and strengthen one\'s physique.

They\'re very magical.

I only ate one of them, and I can crush a small mountain with one palm.

Han Jue took a look and realized that this green fruit was extraordinary.

He took one and started eating.

The fruit entered his throat and instantly melted, turning into a hot stream that flowed into Han Jue\'s body.

Then, Han Jue felt warm all over.

The effect was obvious!

Han Jue immediately ate the entire fruit.

Xing Hongxuan handed the remaining one to him.

How can I accept this Han Jue said helplessly but still obediently ate the green fruit.

Xing Hongxuan smiled, It\'s fine.

As long as I can help you, I\'ll be happy.

After eating the two green fruits, Han Jue took out some equipment and gave them to her.

They were all loot seized from enemies.

Xing Hongxuan wanted to reject him, but Han Jue insisted, so she could only accept it.

Xing Hongxuan felt extremely happy.

Take out your Heavenly Puppet.

I\'ll improve it, Han Jue said.

Xing Hongxuan\'s face reddened slightly upon hearing this.

She reluctantly took out the Heavenly Puppet.

Han Jue\'s expression turned strange.

The Heavenly Puppet\'s face was actually carved out.

It was Han Jue\'s face.

Although there was a difference in their looks, their facial features were similar.

The strange thing was that the mouth of the Heavenly Puppet was a little red as if it had been rouged.

Could it be… Han Jue didn\'t dare to think about it.

Pretending not to notice, he took the puppet and poured his Six Paths spirit energy into it.

The Heavenly Puppet did not have a cultivation realm.

He only needed to replace the Six Paths spirit energy inside to increase its battle prowess to the Void Amalgamation Realm.

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Of course, the Heavenly Puppet could only be raised by Han Jue.

The spirit energy of others had no effect on it.

The Heavenly Puppet was equivalent to Han Jue\'s spiritual incarnation.

Replenishing the Heavenly Puppet with spirit energy was not troublesome and it wouldn\'t take long.

Xing Hongxuan sat at the side and asked softly, Has Mo Zhu looked for you recently

Chang Yue\'er had left, but she had another love rival.

After not being here for so many years, she didn\'t know if Mo Zhu had made a move on Han Jue.

Yes, Han Jue replied and recounted what happened.

Xing Hongxuan sighed.

What a pity.

What\'s a pity

Nothing, Xing Hongxuan replied as she waved her hand.

The two of them started to chat.

Xing Hongxuan talked about her experiences over the years.

Han Jue learned about the cultivation world through her.

Ten days later.

Xing Hongxuan walked to the entrance.

After confirming that her clothes were clean, she left with a flushed face.

Han Jue sat on the bed and pulled at his wrinkled clothes.

He sighed.

However, he still smiled.

Five years later, Li Qingzi came to visit.

Han Jue threw Xun Chang\'an out again and let him in.

Seeing Li Qingzi\'s worried expression, Han Jue\'s heart skipped a beat.

Did something happen again

It had only been a few decades!

Li Qingzi found a chair and sat down.

He then looked at Han Jue and sighed.

Elder Han, something bad has happened.

The cultivation world of Great Wei has been unified.

The leader is the Blood Fire Heavenly Sect.

They\'ve found a powerful guest elder from somewhere and have said that they want to unify the cultivation world around them.

Han Jue was puzzled.

They\'re all cultivators.

Instead of going into seclusion to comprehend the Dao of Heaven and Earth and pursue eternal life, why are they fighting for territory like ordinary people

Li Qingzi shook his head.

The ambitions of fiendish cultivators will only increase as their cultivation level increases.

Furthermore, the more cultivation worlds they occupy, the more cultivation resources they can obtain.

How powerful is that guest elder

I\'m not sure.

At the very least, he\'s at the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have been able to unite the cultivation world of Great Wei so quickly.

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Could he be at the Body Integration Realm

If so, Elder Han, what will you do

We\'ll see when the time comes.

If it\'s tomorrow, I might run.


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