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Han Jue saw the three choices in front of him and didn\'t hesitate.

The third option included the first two, it was clearly stronger.

The third option had more places to go, too.

Not only to the Immortal World or Underworld but anywhere!

So, Han Jue directly chose the third option.

[You chose the path of the Sword Immortal of Reincarnation and obtained a Mystical Power inheritance.

When your Six Paths cultivation potential and Sword Dao are cultivated to the peak, you will enter the next stage.]

[Congratulations on obtaining Mystical Power—Firmament Sword Qi]

[Firmament Sword Qi: Sword Dao Mystique.

Cultivates a Firmament Sword Qi in the Golden Core.

By spitting out Sword Qi, it is extremely lethal.]

Spitting out Sword Qi

Not bad, it was a little showy.

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction.

He looked at Xun Chang\'an again and said, Once you become my disciple, you can\'t leave this mountain unless you become immortal.

Are you willing

Xun Chang\'an was pleasantly surprised.

As expected of the number one cultivator of Great Yan!

[Xun Chang\'an has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

Only three stars

Han Jue was unhappy.

Looks like this fellow doesn\'t like men.

Xun Chang\'an replied, I wanted to cultivate in seclusion and leave the mortal world, so I came to find you.

Han Jue nodded and said, Find a place to cultivate first.

When you break through to the Golden Core Realm, I will teach you a spell.

Xun Chang\'an hurriedly stood up when he heard this.

However, he almost fell down right after.

Han Jue clearly heard the sound of joints cracking.

He shook his head and laughed.

He ignored Xun Chang\'an and started to inherit the Firmament Sword Qi.

Twelve years passed.

Han Jue successfully broke through to the fourth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Ever since Xun Chang\'an joined, the Spirit Qi in the cave abode had indeed increased.

Xun Chang\'an had also broken through to the Golden Core Realm.

Han Jue asked him to go and receive the Jade Pure Technique.

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After Daoist Nine Cauldrons returned, he strengthened the Jade Pure Technique and could now cultivate it to the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Through interpersonal relationships, Han Jue noticed that the cultivation of the elders of the sect finally started to improve.

Apart from cultivation techniques, the Spirit Qi of the sect had greatly improved after decades of refinement by the natural treasures.

The Spirit Qi was like mist and could be seen with the naked eye.

It covered the peaks like the legendary land of immortals, beautiful and mysterious.

Regardless of whether it was the inner or outer sect, the cultivation levels of the disciples had all increased.

It could be said that the entire sect was enjoying the benefits.

The Jade Pure Sect was quickly becoming the number one sect of Great Yan.

Guan Yougang\'s injuries finally healed.

However, he seemed to have become a different person.

He was no longer arrogant and domineering.

He also often cultivated in seclusion.

It was worth mentioning that over the years, Guan Yougang\'s favorability towards Han Jue had increased to 2.5 stars.

Han Jue didn\'t understand what he was thinking, but it was fine as long as Guan Yougang didn\'t provoke him.

On this day, Fairy Xi Xuan came to visit.

Han Jue immediately told Xun Chang\'an to go out and let her in.

Witnessing Fairy Xi Xuan\'s peerless appearance, Xun Chang\'an was momentarily absent-minded.

When he arrived outside the cave, he couldn\'t help but think of his sweetheart.

His heart, which had been still for a long time, began to stir again.

Xun Chang\'an sighed.

He walked under a tree and gazed into the distance.

It had been a long time since he last saw Fairy Xi Xuan.

When Han Jue saw her again, he was still stunned.

Fairy Xi Xuan was definitely the most beautiful woman he knew, especially her temperament.

No wonder Li Qingzi, Li Qianlong, and Guan Yougang fought so hard for her.

Fellow Daoist Han, long time no see. Fairy Xi Xuan smiled.

Han Jue shook his head and said, Master, why are you so distant from me

Fairy Xi Xuan sighed.

You\'re already a great cultivator at the Void Amalgamation Realm.

You\'re two major realms higher than me.

I didn\'t teach you anything and can\'t be considered your master.

We were only related in name previously.

If we continue to maintain this status, I won\'t be able to bear it and will lose my fortune.

Han Jue thought about it and didn\'t refute her anymore.

Fairy, why are you looking for me this time Han Jue asked with a smile.

Fairy Xi Xuan said, The Jade Pure Sect is preparing to send seven Nascent Soul elders to the Holy Land of the West Abyss State to discuss the Dao.

Are you going

Han Jue immediately shook his head and said, I won\'t go.

I don\'t need it.

It was the truth.

Fairy Xi Xuan smiled.

Then forget it.

The two of them chatted a little more.

Not long after, Fairy Xi Xuan left.

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The conversation between them was very calm.

It was as if they were friends.

Han Jue wasn\'t embarrassed.

Instead, he felt very comfortable.

With Fairy Xi Xuan by his side, even if he didn\'t speak, his mood would still be very calm.

West Abyss I wonder how that guy is doing, Han Jue muttered to himself.

He clicked on his interpersonal link to check his emails.

Too many people liked him.

Most of them were from the Jade Pure Sect.

The emails dazzled him.

Han Jue suddenly noticed a filter for special attention next to the character profiles.

He immediately set the people he wanted to pay special attention into that category.

He clicked open the emails again and saw an option that only focused on these people.

Han Jue chose the option and the number of emails decreased greatly.

[Your good friend Huang Zuntian was attacked by a fellow sect cultivator] x75

[Your disciple Su Qi is being hunted down by seven sects.]

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons comprehended nature and his lifespan increased by 300 years.]

[Your Divine Pet Chaotic Heavenly Dog was attacked by fiendish cultivators] x641

[Your Divine Pet Chaotic Heavenly Dog was attacked by righteous cultivators] x377

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou was attacked by righteous cultivators] x983

[Your good friend Zhou Fan is seriously injured.

His life is hanging by a thread.

Captured by the Snow Trampling Sect.]

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by beasts] x3782

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong has awakened the Demon Saint Bloodline.

His cultivation has increased exponentially.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.


In just over a decade, these people had been attacked more than a thousand times.

Yang Tiandong was the most exaggerated, reaching three thousand.

Could it be that the numbers behind represented the number of people attacking him

Han Jue felt that it should be so.

How could he have been attacked 3,782 times in a little more than a decade!

It was too exaggerated!

Who could stand it

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What was Yang Tiandong doing Why did he go out and not return at all

Did he not want to leave after becoming a Demon King

Or had he completely transformed into a demon and wanted to become the supreme demon

Seeing that Yang Tiandong had awakened his Demon Saint bloodline, Han Jue was relieved.

This kid wouldn\'t die now!

There was no need to worry about him.

As for Zhou Fan…

This protagonist had been captured, what an embarrassment!

What kind of sect was the Snow Trampling Sect

Why haven\'t I heard of it

Perhaps it\'s not from the Great Yan Cultivation World

Han Jue thought as he continued reading the emails.

The more he read, the more determined he became.

It was best to cultivate peacefully in the Jade Pure Sect.

At dusk, the setting sun was like blood and the sky was bleak.

In the mountains, countless cultivators flew on their swords and floated in the air.

It was a spectacular sight.

All the cultivators stared in one direction.

A man stood on the hill.

It was Su Qi.

His face was covered in blood.

His hair was messy and his robes were tattered.

He looked extremely pathetic.

He gritted his teeth and looked at the enemies in the sky.

A middle-aged man standing on the flying sword pointed at Su Qi and shouted angrily, Demon, where are you running! You must die today!

The other cultivators cursed.

Su Qi was being hunted down because he had too many treasures on him.

In the past few decades, he had killed countless cultivators and taken away all their treasures.

Not long ago, he had accidentally displayed his wealth at the auction and was targeted by others.

It wasn\'t easy for him to kill the intruder, but in the end, the other party\'s identity was too great.

The elder of the deceased came to hunt him down.

Just as Su Qi was about to die, the master in Su Qi\'s heart protected him and secretly killed the elder.

Just like that, there was no end to the matter, as it involved more and more people.

Su Qi had more and more storage rings, but more trouble also accompanied.

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This time, seven sects had gathered to kill him.

Su Qi was only at the Golden Core Realm.

How could he kill his way out

Seeing that the cultivators were about to cast spells to kill him, Su Qi couldn\'t help but shout, Master! Save me!


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