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How many years had it been!

He finally encountered another bearer of Connate providence!

Interested, Han Jue checked his background.

[Xun Chang\'an: Seventh level of Foundation Establishment realm, reincarnation of the Ancient Spiritual Ginseng.

In his previous life, he was raised by the Buddhists.

Due to his fate with a demoness, he fell into a love trap.

The Gods and Buddhas were furious and sent him into the mortal world to experience the tribulation of emotions for tens of thousands of years.

Only by completely forgetting himself and severing his emotions can he escape the pain of reincarnation.

This is his thirty-ninth life.

Xun Chang\'an was born into a cultivation family.

Even though he was talented and had an ugly appearance, he was not liked by his loved ones.

After being mocked by his loved ones, he was heartbroken and shaved his head to become a monk.

When he heard that the Jade Pure Sect\'s Deity Slaying Elder was the number one cultivator in the world, he specially came to acknowledge him as his master.

He wanted to cultivate with the Deity Slaying Elder and forget the mortal world.

Special reminder: Xun Chang\'an is the Ancient Spiritual Ginseng that can increase the Spirit Qi within a certain range.

This is also the reason why Xun Chang\'an has an outstanding aptitude.]

Han Jue was stunned.

Reincarnation of the Ancient Spiritual Ginseng

And he came especially to find him

Han Jue had a strange expression.

He noticed the last sentence.

The Ancient Spiritual Ginseng could increase the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth!


A human-shaped Spirit Qi producing machine

Han Jue swept his divine sense over.

Xun Chang\'an had already arrived at the foot of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

This fellow was really ugly.

His facial features were strange.

He had a unibrow and several long, black moles on his face.

His figure could only be said to be ordinary.

He wore a kasaya and had a shiny bald head.

Xun Chang\'an walked to a stone tablet and said, Cultivate diligently, become immortal… This must be the cave abode of the Deity Slaying Elder.

Xun Chang\'an\'s eyes burned as he knelt in front of the stone tablet.

He put his palms together and shouted, I\'m Xun Chang\'an.

I wish to become the disciple of the Deity Slaying Elder!

With that, he began to kowtow.

Ever since the 19 sects had returned in failure, Deity Slaying Elder had been turned into a god in the world of the Great Yan Cultivators.

His legends began to spread.

Apart from being powerful, what was most famous was his Heart of Cultivation.

Xun Chang\'an had met Jade Pure Sect disciples before.

He had heard that the Deity Slaying Elder was indeed an ascetic.

Apart from breaking through and stopping intruders, he had never left his cave abode.

Xun Chang\'an felt that this person would be able to help him out of his misery.

He did not want to love again.

He did not want to think about her anymore.

Han Jue heard but ignored him.

Although Xun Chang\'an could help increase the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth, it could also attract trouble.

Han Jue did not want to accept a disciple so easily.

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Xun Chang\'an did not receive a reply and continued to kneel.

Spring passed and autumn came.

Xun Chang\'an had become famous in the Jade Pure Sect.

He was an independent cultivator who had been kneeling in front of the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain day and night, wanting to become a disciple of the Deity Slaying Elder.

This willpower was something that people loved talking about.

From time to time, disciples would pass by here just to see him.

Under the warning of the Jade Pure Sect elders, the disciples did not dare to stay in the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Something worthy of mentioning was that no one actually came to expel Xun Chang\'an.

Han Jue guessed that the cultivation family Xun Chang\'an came from was not simple.

Li Qingzi might have also tacitly allowed him to come and acknowledge him as his master.

Xun Chang\'an did not shout again since the first time.

He knelt in front of the stone tablet and occasionally kowtowed.

He knelt for five years.

A total of five years.

Xun Chang\'an did not even stand up.

Han Jue was moved by his will.

This person\'s cultivation heart is not bad.

He shouldn\'t cause trouble after coming, right

On this day, Mo Zhu came to visit.

It had been decades since Han Jue last saw her.

She had been cultivating in the Jade Pure Sect\'s secret hall.

Han Jue waved his hand and moved her into the cave abode.

After not seeing her for decades, Mo Zhu was no longer as inexperienced as before.

She was more like a fairy.

She wore a black robe and looked at Han Jue with a complicated gaze.

Han Jue looked at her makeup and asked with a smile, Miss Mo, are you going to follow your brother and become a demon

Mo Zhu sighed and said, That\'s right.

I plan to leave the Jade Pure Sect and follow my brother to seek revenge.


Han Jue frowned and said, So many years have passed.

Can\'t you let go of the grudge

He immediately sent out his divine sense.

I thought that I had let it go, but ever since I started cultivating, the hatred in my heart has become my inner demon.

If I can\'t get through it, the inner demon will always hold me back, making me unable to reach the Nascent Soul realm.

I came here to bid you farewell.

Mo Zhu took a deep breath and said, In the entire Jade Pure Sect, other than my family, you are the one I care about the most.

You saved me before, and you are also the only man who has moved my heart.

Han Jue frowned even more.


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Was she going to confess

I\'m telling you this not because I want you to do anything for me.

I know you desire to pursue the Dao.

If I can return in the future, I will cultivate together with you and pursue the Great Dao. Mo Zhu smiled.

I\'m afraid that if I don\'t say it now… I\'ll regret it.

She quickly walked in front of Han Jue and wanted to kiss him.

Han Jue didn\'t dodge.

It was just a kiss on the cheek.

Like a dragonfly touching the water.

Mo Zhu pulled back with a flushed face.

She asked softly, Han Jue, if I can return safely, are you willing to marry me

Han Jue said calmly, Isn\'t it good to cultivate together We can talk about this after we become immortals.

Mo Zhu smiled.

Her smile was breathtakingly beautiful.

He did not refuse.

That was enough.

Han Jue grabbed her hand, stunning Mo Zhu.

She looked at him expectantly.

However, Han Jue quickly let go.

He had only imprinted his Six Paths Insignia on her soul.

The difference in their cultivation levels was too great, so she couldn\'t sense it.

That\'s all, Han Jue said expressionlessly.

Mo Zhu nodded and left.

The moment she turned around, she wanted to cry.

She wondered if they would ever meet again.

Why didn\'t he ask me to stay…

Why didn\'t he follow me…

Mo Zhu couldn\'t help but develop such thoughts.

But she quickly composed herself.

After all, this was the path she had chosen.

After leaving the Connate Cave Abode, Mo Zhu was caught.


She was caught by Daoist Jingxu and Li Qingzi.

You want to betray the sect

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No way!

When she expressed her intention, Han Jue directly used his divine sense to inform Li Qingzi.

How would Li Qingzi dare to let Mo Zhu betray the sect How much trouble had Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan caused the sect already

Han Jue! Mo Zhu\'s voice was filled with bitterness.

Then, she was taken away by Li Qingzi and his companion.

Han Jue especially reminded Li Qingzi not to mistreat her and arranged a place for her to be imprisoned for cultivation.

Li Qingzi nodded understandingly.

In the woods, a fat black chicken lamented, You want to eat my master Dream on, woman!

Han Jue didn\'t think too much and focused on Xun Chang\'an at the foot of the mountain.

This person had knelt for five years.

There was no harm in taking him as a disciple.

He shouldn\'t be running around.

As long as he stayed on the mountain to cultivate with him, there would be no problem.

Han Jue waved his hand and moved Xun Chang\'an into the cave abode.

Xun Chang\'an was slightly dazed, but he remained kneeling on the ground, swaying.

Even though he was a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator, kneeling for five years was still somewhat unbearable.

Why aren\'t you calling me Master Han Jue said coldly.

Xun Chang\'an subconsciously looked up at him.


He was really ugly.

Up close, the visual impact was tremendous.

Xun Chang\'an suddenly jolted awake.

Deity… Slaying Elder

He hurriedly kowtowed to Han Jue.

Disciple Xun Chang\'an greets Master!

Disciple Xun Chang\'an greets Master!

Disciple Xun Chang\'an greets Master!

Xun Chang\'an wept with joy.

Five years! He had knelt for five years!

Four lines of words suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue.

[You have accumulated three Connate providence bearers as disciples.

Your providence has increased.

Your cultivation development has changed.

You have the following choices:]

[1: The path of the Sword Immortal.

Enter the Dao with the sword.

After reaching the Mahayana Realm, one can ascend to the Immortal World and become a Sword Immortal above the Heavens.]

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robes of fully ordained Buddhist monks and nuns, named after a brown or saffron dye.The path of the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

Use spells to break into the Dao.

After reaching the Mahayana realm, one can enter the underworld and become a Ghost Sword Immortal.The path of the Sword Immortal of Reincarnation.

Cultivate both the Sword Dao and the Dao of Reincarnation.

You can leave the Three Realms and travel freely among the five elements.


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