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News of the attack by the 19 sects quickly spread throughout the Jade Pure Sect.

However, Li Qingzi did not panic.

He asked the elders of the eighteen peaks and the outer sect elders to stabilize their morale.

He activated the sect protection formation first and all disciples were not allowed to go out to fight.

The disciples did not panic, either.

They were all waiting for someone.

Deity Slaying Elder!

The elders had already revealed that Deity Slaying Elder wanted to face the 19 sects alone to reduce casualties.

Li Qingzi did not plan to do so initially, but to their surprise, the 19 sects did not split up!

This was the perfect opportunity for Deity Slaying Elder to capture them all!

Han Jue had already moved.

The moment he walked out of the Connate Cave Abode, the Black Hell Chicken appeared.

Master, there are many auras in the distance.

Are there enemies invading Are we going to escape the Black Hell Chicken asked anxiously.

Han Jue walked around it and said, They\'re just a bunch of chickens and dogs.

Why do we need to run

With that, he turned into a gust of wind and left the Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

The Black Hell Chicken looked in the direction he had left in worship.


What did he mean by chickens and dogs

The Black Hell Chicken felt offended.

But on second thought, it was a phoenix, not a chicken!

The one who was offended was that fat dog!

The Black Hell Chicken was amused instead.

The cultivators of the 19 sects were nervous and excited at the same time.

The Jade Pure Sect is up ahead!

Is that Senior Wei Yuan really a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator

Of course.

The Jade Pure Sect\'s Deity Slaying Elder is the number one cultivator in the Great Yan.

Without Void Amalgamation Realm cultivation, who would dare to come

This battle will definitely go down in history!

The Jade Pure Sect is doomed.

Zhou Fan and Mo Fuchou are so arrogant, but the Jade Pure Sect still doesn\'t kick them out.

They\'re the scum of the righteous path!

The cultivators discussed and encouraged each other.

Li Qianlong and Wei Yuan walked at the front.

They did not move quickly.

Wei Yuan was full of confidence and did not care about the Jade Pure Sect at all.

He thought: If I end the battle too quickly, how can I display the strength of a Void Amalgamation Realm cultivator

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At this moment…

Han Jue appeared.

He flew over on top of the Qilin Sword.

He could fly directly, but he felt that flying on a sword was cooler.

With the help of the Six Paths spirit energy, his face was covered by mist, making it impossible to see his true appearance.

Wei Yuan\'s gaze landed on Han Jue.

Ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm

What the heck!


His body…

Wei Yuan widened his eyes.

He had lived for more than a thousand years and was very knowledgeable.

He could see through Han Jue\'s Numinous Treasures at a glance.

He was covered in Numinous Treasures!

Wei Yuan wasn\'t so rich.

He only had one Numinous Treasure on him, and it was not a defensive one, but a piece of offensive equipment!

Li Qianlong didn\'t have Wei Yuan\'s vision, but he instantly guessed that this person was the Deity Slaying Elder.

He immediately raised his hand, gesturing for the 19 sects to stop.

All the cultivators looked at Han Jue.

The Jade Pure Sect sent only one person to face them

Such arrogance…

Could he be the legendary…

Instantly, all the cultivators of the 19 sects shut up and did not dare to let their guard down.

Han Jue\'s gaze locked onto Wei Yuan.

How could he have a hard time fighting someone at the first level of the Void Amalgamation Realm when he was at the second level

Should he put up a performance

Would it be a problem if he showed too much strength

Forget it!

Too troublesome!

He should just kill the person directly!

Han Jue got an idea as he was getting closer and closer to Wei Yuan.

Wei Yuan took out a wooden staff embedded with various crystals and prepared to fight.

He sent a voice transmission to Li Qianlong and asked, Is this person really not Daoist Nine Cauldrons

This number of Numinous Treasures was too terrifying!

For a moment, Wei Yuan wanted to admit defeat.

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Li Qianlong replied with a voice transmission, No, it should be Deity Slaying Elder.

I\'ve heard that he only has outstanding talent.

It\'s said that he was born in the outer sect of the Jade Pure Sect and is less than 300 years old.

Less than 300 years old


Where did the Great Yan Cultivation World get so many treasures

This person was definitely not from the Jade Pure Sect!

Just as Wei Yuan was hesitating, Han Jue suddenly rushed over.

He was extremely fast!

Wind God Technique!

The strong wind blew over, and Wei Yuan subconsciously raised his wooden staff.

This young man!

He doesn\'t have any morals!

Why didn\'t he introduce himself before the battle

Wei Yuan was furious.

He waved his staff and Han Jue waved his palm.

In an instant, six lights burst out from Han Jue\'s palm and spun at high speed, forming a circular seal.

Six Paths Ultimate Seal!


A strong light burst forth, causing the world to lose its color.

All cultivators closed their eyes.

Wei Yuan felt an extremely terrifying force crushing down on him.

His wooden staff couldn\'t block it at all.

The force entered his body and melted his spirit energy.

Oh no!

Wei Yuan was shocked.

Before he could think further, his mind went blank.

The Six Paths Ultimate Seal directly obliterated his Essence Soul!

Instant kill!

There was no doubt about it!

Han Jue could kill Daoist Nine Cauldrons, who was at the eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm when he was at the first level.

It was naturally easy for him to deal with Wei Yuan!

When the strong light dissipated, Li Qianlong opened his eyes and saw that Wei Yuan\'s corpse was being carried by Han Jue.

His limbs hung down naturally.

Wei Yuan\'s eyes were widened; he had obviously died with a grievance.

His pupils had lost their luster.

Li Qianlong was almost frightened to death.

He shouted in horror, Senior Wei Yuan!

Han Jue recognized his aura.

Wasn\'t this Li Qianlong

Perfect timing!

Han Jue raised his right index finger and used the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword, and the sword aura pierced through Li Qianlong\'s chest.

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The overbearing Six Paths spirit energy entered Li Qianlong\'s body and destroyed his Golden Core.

It then tore apart his Nascent Soul and severely injured his Essence Soul.


Li Qianlong spat out blood, and the spirit energy in his body dissipated.

Another instant kill!

Li Qianlong froze in the air as blood flowed from his seven apertures.

He was in an extremely miserable state.

He raised his head with difficulty and asked in disbelief, You… how…

Everything happened too quickly!

The battle had yet to begin, but Wei Yuan died while he got crippled instantly!

The thousands of cultivators from the 19 sects were all stunned.

Han Jue smiled disdainfully.


Because I cultivate an Immortal Emperor cultivation technique!

I have top-notch cultivation potential!

Not to forget, unparalleled providence!

Isn\'t killing you as simple as killing a chicken or a dog

Han Jue raised his hand and pulled Li Qianlong in front of him.

He looked at the 19 sects and left without saying anything.

There were too many cultivators here.

If he killed all of them, the Jade Pure Sect would become the public enemy of the Great Yan Cultivation World.

Not only that, but the entire cultivation world of the Great Yan would be weakened.

At that time, the other states and dynasties might take advantage of the situation.

Wei Yuan\'s death was enough to shock the entire 19 sects!

Sweating profusely, a cultivator looked at his sect master and asked in a trembling voice, Sect Master… are we still attacking

The Sect Master cursed, Attack What attack! Are you a spy We\'re here to reinforce the Jade Pure Sect!

Young people like you lack foresight!

The future of our sect is worrying!

After Han Jue crippled Li Qianlong, he threw him onto the main peak and let Li Qingzi lead the way.

He then returned to the Connate Cave Abode and placed Wei Yuan\'s corpse on the ground.

With a flip of his right hand, a soul appeared in his palm.

It was the sect master of the Raincoat Sect, Huang Zuntian!

Han Jue didn\'t kill him.

Instead, he kept his soul in the depths of his own soul.

Han Jue asked expressionlessly, Do you want to revive

Wei Yuan was the Nine Dragons Sect\'s Vice Sect Master.

Killing him would definitely result in a deep enmity with the Nine Dragons Sect, so Han Jue wanted Huang Zuntian to occupy his body.

To be precise, Wei Yuan wasn\'t completely dead.

His Essence Soul had been destroyed, but his body\'s life force was still there.

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Of course, once his Essence Soul was destroyed, his body wouldn\'t last much longer.


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