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The righteous and demonic factions were ganging up on the Jade Pure Sect

Han Jue had a strange expression.

He couldn\'t help but ask, How do you deal with karma Kill all those who are not convinced

Li Qingzi immediately became angry and scolded, Those dogs.

I personally went to apologize, but they directly attacked me.

Most of the time, I didn\'t even have the chance to speak.

You seem to know the core disciple who fell into the demonic path.

His name is Mo Fuchou.

He didn\'t fall into the demonic path on his own accord.

I suspect that someone is defaming him.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows and said, Tell me more about it.

Li Qingzi started to describe his ordeal.

He first spoke of Mo Fuchou\'s origins.

Mo Fuchou came from a cultivation family.

Due to evidence of collusion with the fiendish cultivators, they were wiped out by the righteous sects.

Only Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu survived.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder had personally accepted Mo Fuchou as his disciple and given him a new name.

Mo Fuchou was a name that Old Immortal Daoist Thunder had personally given him, hoping that he would forget his hatred and turn over a new leaf.

Mo Fuchou had gone out to train and had met his former enemies.

He had slain many of the sect\'s disciples and then attacked the other disciples of the righteous sects who had committed the crime.

Li Qingzi felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

After all, he had seen Mo Fuchou before.

He was humble, and even if he could not hold back from killing the enemy, he should have returned after the first time.

He shouldn\'t have been seeking revenge and gone mad.

Now, more than five sects were chasing after Mo Fuchou.

A few years ago, Mo Fuchou had no choice but to use his family\'s Mystical Power.

In the end, it was a demonic path Mystical Power, causing him to become a demon.

More and more people were killed by this Mystical Power.

Mo Fuchou became a demonic cultivator and could not turn back anymore.

This matter is too fishy.

These sects didn\'t even ask me and directly pursued Mo Fuchou for revenge.

Every injustice has its perpetrator and every debt has its debtor.

I can accept that.

But when I went to apologize, I was beaten up

The matters of the younger generation can involve the Sect Masters It\'s obvious that they\'re using this opportunity to start a war!

The more Li Qingzi spoke, the more agitated he became.

He felt like he was about to cry.

In the end, he still chose to give up.

He sighed.

Now that both the righteous and demonic paths are attacking us, we can\'t stop them.

We should just run as you think.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons left, while Guan Yougang was severely injured.

How could Han Jue alone stop the righteous and demonic paths

Some powerful sects still had Soul Formation realm existences.

For example, the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect had two.

If all the sects joined forces, Han Jue alone would definitely not be able to stop them.

Han Jue asked cautiously, Do they have Void Amalgamation Realm existences Body Integration Realm existences

Li Qingzi said with widened eyes, How is that possible! Previously, Huang Zuntian\'s cultivation level was already at the ninth level of the Soul Formation Realm.

If they had a cultivator at the Void Amalgamation Realm, how could they continue to be bullied

Could they be like our Jade Pure Sect, where our ancestors went out to cultivate and seek fortuitous encounters

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Definitely, but I\'ve never heard of anyone at the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Back then, when the Ancestor went to look for them one by one, they all acted like grandchildren.

Li Qingzi couldn\'t help but sigh.

If only Daoist Nine Cauldrons was still here.

It was a rare opportunity for the Jade Pure Sect to grow.

There was no need to fight.

After a few hundred years, it would become the strongest sect in Great Yan.

However, at this juncture, something happened.

Li Qingzi felt very helpless.

Ever since he became the Sect Master, he had sacrificed so much and suffered so much!

In the end, it was all for nothing!

Han Jue had a strange expression.

Li Qingzi understood his thoughts.

He sighed and slowly stood up.

Prepare yourself well.

In three days at most, the Jade Pure Sect will prepare to flee to the sea and seek refuge with the Ancestor.

Han Jue hurriedly said, What are you saying! If I\'m not running, why are you running

Stunned, Li Qingzi asked carefully, What do you mean

Han Jue said calmly, Let them come.

They will understand one thing.

The most terrifying person in the Jade Pure Sect is not the ancestor.

All along, Han Jue\'s imaginary enemy had always been the Demon Taming Sect!

What did he think of the Great Yan Cultivation World now

Come at me!

How dare you disturb my cultivation I\'ll make sure you never return!

Li Qingzi was overjoyed.

He understood Han Jue\'s character.

Such a cowardly Han Jue dared to say such words.

He was absolutely confident!

What realm are you at now Li Qingzi suppressed his surprise and asked.

Han Jue replied, At least not inferior to the ancestor.


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Not inferior!

It would take him half a minute to kill Daoist Nine Cauldrons!

This old man\'s movement techniques were too absurd!

After a long while…

When Li Qingzi walked out of the Connate Cave Abode, he was still stunned.

He felt as if he was dreaming.

After Li Qingzi left, Han Jue cautiously tested the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sect other than him.

It was still Guan Yougang.

No enemy lurked.

Han Jue felt a little pity.

Where was Li Qianlong

Was he cursed to death

Han Jue was still looking forward to teaching Li Qianlong a lesson.

In the end, he disappeared into thin air.

What a pity.

Han Jue shook his head and took out the Book of Misfortune.

He cursed Xiao\'e for a few days to vent his anger before continuing to cultivate.

A year quickly passed.

The Great Yan Cultivation World was in chaos.

Mo Fuchou had killed his way to fame.

The righteous and demonic sects had formed an alliance and were preparing to attack the Jade Pure Sect.

There were nineteen sects involved.

This matter had already spread to every corner of the cultivation world.

All cultivators discussed this matter.

Nineteen sects were attacking the Jade Pure Sect!

However, the Jade Pure Sect did not panic, which made the 19 sects panic instead.

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The 19 sects did not dare to act rashly, afraid that Daoist Nine Cauldrons would return.

On this day, Han Jue suddenly opened his eyes from cultivation.

Sensing a familiar aura, he immediately sent his divine sense out.

Huang Jihao of the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect!

At this moment, Huang Jihao stood by a small river and gazed at the eighteen peaks of the Jade Pure Sect.

His expression was indifferent.

He looked calm, but he was panicking inside.

Why are you here again

Han Jue\'s voice entered his ears.

Huang Jihao trembled in fear and hurriedly said, Fellow Daoist, don\'t do anything.

I\'m only here to visit you! I have no ill intentions towards the Jade Pure Sect!

Visit me

Han Jue was baffled.

He hesitated.

Should he attack

Without receiving a reply, Huang Jihao grew even more panicked.

He continued, Recently, someone has been leading the righteous-demonic alliance to deal with the Jade Pure Sect.

Our Sect Master sent me to inquire if the Jade Pure Sect needs help

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Is the Vermilion Bird Sword Sect trying to stab the alliance in the back

Han Jue thought of a plan and said with a voice transmission, The Jade Pure Sect doesn\'t need any help.

I will wait for all of you here.

No matter how many of you come, you will all die.

These words caused Huang Jihao\'s heart to beat wildly.

What an arrogant tone!

If it had been anyone else, Huang Jihao would have scoffed.

However, he believed Han Jue!

However… This matter is fishy.

There might be someone behind this.

If your Vermilion Bird Sword Sect can find the mastermind, then I don\'t mind having the Sect Master maintain an alliance with you.

Han Jue\'s words surprised Huang Jihao.

[Huang Jihao has a favorable impression of you.

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Han Jue was speechless when he saw this line.


This fellow…


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