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Han Jue couldn\'t help but open his eyes when he heard Guan Yougang\'s words.

He saw Guan Yougang looking at him from several kilometers away.

His white clothes fluttered in the wind, and he had a confident expression.

Han Jue had opened a barrier during his tribulation transcendence, so the pressure of the heavenly tribulation was not that terrifying.

This caused Guan Yougang to feel that Han Jue\'s breakthrough was nothing much.

Sigh, you didn\'t come earlier, but now.

Han Jue shook his head and laughed.

He continued to consolidate his cultivation.

Four days later.

Han Jue\'s cultivation had completely stabilized.

The Six Paths spirit energy in his body far exceeded what he had before his breakthrough.

He stood up and stepped into the air, heading towards Guan Yougang.

Guan Yougang couldn\'t wait any longer.

He couldn\'t be bothered to show respect.

He took out a sword and charged at Han Jue.

While flying, he quickly cast a spell with both hands.

He circulated his spirit energy, causing his robes to flutter.

As long as I defeat him, I can become the Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sect! At that time, Junior Sister Xi Xuan will definitely marry me!

Guan Yougang\'s eyes burned.

Thinking of the beautiful future, his entire being was ignited.

He was prepared to use the Unparalleled Mystical Power that he had recently comprehended to instantly defeat the other party!


There was a piercing sound!

Sword Qi!

Guan Yougang\'s pupils widened.

He subconsciously wanted to block.

However, the sword Qi was too fast!

It was so fast that even he, a Soul Formation Cultivator, could not react in time!


The sword Qi of the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword directly penetrated Guan Yougang\'s abdomen, scattering the spirit energy within his body.

Guan Yougang spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew back like a kite with its string cut, landing on the hill.

After landing, he clutched his stomach and spat out another mouthful of blood.

His aura instantly weakened.



Guan Yougang felt as if he was struck by lightning.

He stared at Han Jue, who was walking in the air.

Wearing the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe, Han Jue had a stunning temperament.

He wore a Frost Lord\'s Glazed Crown on his head, a Little Universe Belt around his waist, and a pair of Nine Stars Spirit Trampling Boots on his feet.

When he was meditating, Guan Yougang didn\'t feel much.

But looking at Han Jue now, he felt that this was a true immortal, especially that perfect face.

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If there were immortals in the world, they would look like this.


What am I thinking

Guan Yougang suddenly awoke, followed by a sense of defeat.

He couldn\'t even take a single strike from his opponent…


Previously, he had smiled and wanted to defeat his opponent with one strike, but in the end, he was defeated with one strike…

At that moment, Guan Yougang wished there was a hole in the ground for him to hide in.

Han Jue landed in front of him.

Guan Yougang lowered his head in shame, not daring to look at him.

Han Jue said softly, Don\'t be disheartened.

You\'re strong enough, but you chose the wrong opponent.

In the entire Jade Pure Sect, you\'re the only one worthy of fighting me.

With that, he disappeared.

Guan Yougang was stunned.

He didn\'t feel that the other party was bragging.

Instead, he felt slightly comforted.

Deity Slaying Elder… just how strong are you…

Han Jue quickly left the Ten Thousand Demon Realm and didn\'t stay in the inner sect city.

He returned to the cultivation mountain.

He suddenly had an idea.

With a flash, he arrived at the foot of the mountain.

He cast a spell with his right hand, causing the soil to rise and quickly form a stone tablet.

Han Jue used his finger as a pen and wrote four words on the stone tablet.

Cultivate diligently, become immortal!

This was the name of this mountain from now on.

Cultivate Diligently Become Immortal Mountain.

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction and returned to the mountain.

The Black Hell Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog were still cultivating.

Xing Hongxuan was nowhere to be found.

Han Jue chatted with the Black Hell Chicken and Chaotic Heavenly Dog for an hour before returning to his cave abode.

Sitting on the bed, he took out the Primordial Judgment Sword.

The sword was crimson in color and there were black patterns on it, making it look even more extraordinary.

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Holding this sword, Han Jue felt inexplicably close to it.

He poured his spirit energy into the sword.


The entire mountain began to shake violently, scaring Han Jue so much that he hurriedly cut off the Six Paths spirit energy.

So strong! Han Jue was pleasantly surprised.

As it was a Birth Dharma treasure, he didn\'t need to bind it with blood.

Then, Han Jue entered the simulation trial and fought with Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

Half a minute later.

Han Jue opened his eyes and let out a long breath.

He muttered, I can finally defeat you.

You\'re really shameless.

You actually know so many movement techniques!

In the battle, he had severely injured Daoist Nine Cauldrons with a single strike.

After that, Daoist Nine Cauldrons kept dodging and prolonged the battle.

The eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm was nothing much!

Han Jue\'s confidence increased greatly.

He no longer feared the Demon Taming Sect and Xiao\'e.

From his interpersonal relationships, he could see that Xiao\'e was still at the second level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

How could Xiao\'e kill him


At the thought of him, Han Jue immediately took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing Xiao\'e.

In the future, he would curse this guy whenever he had free time.

Although Han Jue wasn\'t afraid of him, he didn\'t want this troublesome person to delay his cultivation.

Ten days later.

Han Jue put down the Book of Misfortune in satisfaction and began to cultivate the sixth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

A year later.

Han Jue had mastered the sixth level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique and could cultivate in the Void Amalgamation Realm.

At the same time, he comprehended a new Mystical Power.

Six Paths Ultimate Seal!

If this seal landed on the enemy, it could directly kill the enemy\'s essence soul!

Before the body was destroyed, the essence soul would be eliminated.

This was a technique that could be used as a finishing move!

Han Jue stretched and sighed.

I\'ve gotten stronger again.

In no hurry to cultivate, he opened his interpersonal relationships and checked his emails.

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He wondered if anything had happened to his friends recently.

[Your disciple Su Qi was attacked by a ghost cultivator] x12

[Your disciple Su Qi has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of lives.

His negative karma has increased.]

[Your good friend Li Qingzi was attacked by a fiendish cultivator] x58

[Your good friend Li Qingzi was attacked by a righteous cultivator] x44

[Your good friend Li Qingzi is seriously injured.

His life is hanging by a thread.]

[Your beloved Xuan Qingjun has left the world.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou massacred an entire region, his negative karma is overflowing.]

[Your good friend Xing Hongxuan accidentally entered an Ancient Great Cultivator\'s Mystic Realm.

Her fate is unknown.]


So many exciting things in just a short year

Han Jue blinked.

Damn it!

Who attacked my Jade Pure Sect\'s sect master

Are the righteous and demonic factions rebelling

Was Mo Fuchou on a path of no return

And Xing Hongxuan…

She was clearly a mortal.

How could she always obtain treasures and encounter opportunities

Could it be that she was infected by my providence as an Immortal Emperor\'s descendant

Han Jue made up the scenes in his mind.

After a while, he continued to cultivate.

Although the cultivation world was interesting, he did not want to be involved.

The Jade Pure Sect had the backing of Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

Who could guarantee that the other sects did not

The Void Amalgamation Realm alone was not enough.

The reincarnated Mahayana Cultivator, Zhou Fan, was still suffering.

Now, Han Jue would cultivate with all his might and strive to reach the Body Integration Realm within a hundred years!

Two years later, Li Qingzi came to visit.

Han Jue let him enter the cave abode.

This fellow\'s expression returned to the sickly and weak state he had been in for decades.

It seemed that his injuries were not light.

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Han Jue sighed and said, Sect Master, you really can\'t live in peace.

Can\'t you cultivate properly for a few hundred years

Embarrassed, Li Qingzi said helplessly, I\'m the Sect Master.

There are many things I can\'t control.

In the past few years, a core disciple of our Jade Pure Sect fell into the demonic path and caused a lot of hatred.

I had no choice but to deal with this karma.

Who knew that I would fall deeper and deeper.

Now, there\'s trouble.

The righteous and demonic cultivators of the Great Yan Cultivation World are working together to attack my Jade Pure Sect!

There are only two Soul Formation cultivators in the Jade Pure Sect.

For some reason, Elder Guan is severely injured and is still recuperating in seclusion.


Elder Han, we might really have to escape this time!


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