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Li Qianlong

Poison King\'s successor

Han Jue had a strange expression.

Li Qianlong\'s name was very familiar.

He seemed to have heard it somewhere before!


More than a hundred years ago, Mo Zhu had asked him to look for opportunities together.

It seemed like she was looking for Li Qianlong\'s cave abode.

He didn\'t expect that after so long, Daoist Li Qianlong would actually come here!

The fifth level of the Soul Formation Realm was extremely high in the cultivation world of the Great Yan.

If he returned openly, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

Han Jue had never heard of such a thing.

Yang Tiandong, Chang Yue\'er, and Xing Hongxuan often came to look for him, but none of them mentioned it.

What did this mean

It meant that Li Qianlong had infiltrated them!

Han Jue immediately searched for him.

Li Qianlong was actually at the main peak.

At that moment, Daoist Jingxu summoned all the disciples of the main peak.

Xing Hongxuan was also present.

Li Qianlong had an ordinary appearance and his aura was suppressed at the first level of the Golden Core Realm.

He had an honest appearance, yet who would have imagined that he was the successor of the Poison King

Han Jue didn\'t send his divine sense into the main peak to avoid alerting the enemy.

The reason why Daoist Jingxu had summoned all the disciples was to inform them of Daoist Nine Cauldrons\' departure.

When Li Qianlong found out, he was overjoyed, but he hid it well.

He had finally found an opportunity!

Previously, with Daoist Nine Cauldrons around, he didn\'t dare to act recklessly.

Now that Daoist Nine Cauldrons had left, he finally felt as if the clouds had parted and he could finally see the sun.

Calm down! There\'s one more standing in my way! Li Qianlong thought silently.

The most mysterious person in the Jade Pure Sect!

Deity Slaying Elder!

He had heard that the reason why the Raincoat Sect was defeated was that the sect master slaughtered his way to the Jade Pure Sect and never returned.

At that time, Daoist Nine Cauldrons had yet to return.

In other words, Deity Slaying Elder had the terrifying ability to kill the sect master of the Raincoat Sect!

Before Li Qianlong carried out his plan, he had to think of a way to deal with the Deity Slaying Elder.

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However, he had yet to find out who the Deity Slaying Elder was.

It was said that he came from Jade Serene Peak.

Jade Serene Peak…

When he thought of that person on Jade Serene Peak, Li Qianlong\'s gaze became bitter.

Ever since he discovered Li Qianlong, Han Jue would often pay attention to him while cultivating.

If Li Qianlong didn\'t want to harm the Jade Pure Sect, he naturally couldn\'t kill him directly.

He had sent a voice transmission to Xing Hongxuan.

The inner sect of the Jade Pure Sect was very peaceful, and there had been no incidents.

Just like that, five years passed.

Han Jue broke through to the seventh level of the Soul Formation Realm!

He was getting closer and closer to the Void Amalgamation Realm!

Han Jue was very happy.

He checked Li Qianlong\'s location again and discovered that he had already left the Jade Pure Sect.

Han Jue didn\'t mind.

It was fine as long as Li Qianlong didn\'t cause trouble.

Han Jue checked the emails.

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun experienced the aspects of life and comprehended a Mystical Power.]

[Your good friend Mo Fuchou has fallen to the demonic path.]

[Your Divine Pet, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, has comprehended its Innate Mystical Power.]

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons was attacked by a Demon King and was severely injured.]

[Your good friend Daoist Nine Cauldrons is furious and his Dao heart is damaged.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan obtained the Domination Physique, shaking heaven and earth.]

Han Jue was stunned.


So much had happened in the past five years.

Mo Fuchou had fallen to the demonic path.

What had happened to him

That dog actually didn\'t tell him that it had comprehended its Innate Mystical Power!

Daoist Nine Cauldrons was truly pitiful.

Served him right for attempting to recruit the jinx!

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As for Zhou Fan…


He really lived up to his protagonist-like name.

Han Jue took a deep breath and felt that he couldn\'t relax.

His cultivation might be the apex in the cultivation world of the Great Yan, but that did not mean that it would be the same in the future.

He had to cultivate diligently!

A protagonist like Zhou Fan might change an era.

Although he was still a Golden Core cultivator, his recent encounter was very similar to the early stages of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

He was constantly building his foundation.

After so many years, the natural treasures in his mountain also began to mature one after another, and the Spirit Qi entered a period of explosive growth.

Han Jue decided to try his best to reach the Void Amalgamation Realm!

In the blink of an eye!

Another ten years passed.

Han Jue\'s cultivation level had reached the eighth level of the Soul Formation Realm, and he was not far from the ninth level!

Every time he thought of the Void Amalgamation Realm, he would be very excited.

One fine day, Li Qingzi came to visit.

To prevent Su Qi from passing on his bad luck to him, Han Jue walked out of the cave abode.

Elder Han, long time no see.

How\'s your cultivation going Li Qingzi asked warmly.

He was in the limelight now.

With Daoist Nine Cauldrons\' help, his cultivation level had already reached the ninth level of the Nascent Soul realm.

Apart from his cultivation, he was also the leader of the righteous path in the Great Yan Cultivation World.

All these years, Han Jue didn\'t see him being attacked.

Not bad.

May I know why you are looking for me Han Jue asked with a smile.

Li Qingzi smiled and said, The righteous path\'s cultivation conference is about to begin.

Do you want to go This conference is located in the imperial capital of the Great Yan Dynasty.

You can obtain the providence of the human race that can aid in cultivation.

A notification appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Sect Master Li Qingzi invites you to participate in the Cultivation Conference.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Reject.

Continue cultivating.

You can obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

[2: Accept it.

If you leave the sect with the Sect Master, you can obtain a superior-grade spirit stone.]

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The difference in rewards between the two was huge…

However, Han Jue was already used to it.

It was not that the system forced him to make such a choice, but that he had chosen to cultivate in a low profile manner.

This was the path that the system had planned for him forward.

Han Jue silently chose the first option.

It was very easy for something to happen during the Cultivation Conference.

It was a big deal!

Han Jue shook his head and said, Forget it, I won\'t go.

Sect Master, be careful.

Although things have been going smoothly for the Jade Pure Sect recently, the matter of the ancestor\'s departure will definitely be known by other forces.

Li Qingzi sighed.

This Elder Han\'s heart of cultivation was ridiculous!

If it was him, with Han Jue\'s ability, he would have long been out enjoying life.

[You rejected the Sect Master\'s invitation and obtained a Numinous Treasure.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the supreme-grade Numinous Treasure—Book of Misfortune]

[Book of Misfortune: Unparalleled Numinous treasure.

It can curse living beings and bring misfortune to them.

At the same time, it will not be detected by them.]


The Book of Misfortune


Han Jue became interested.

However, with Li Qingzi in front of him, he couldn\'t take it out.

Sect Master, what do you think of Li Qianlong Han Jue suddenly asked.

Li Qingzi was about to leave the sect.

If Li Qianlong returned and wanted to cause trouble, Han Jue had to know if he could kill him.

Li Qingzi\'s expression changed when he heard that.

Why do you ask, Elder Han

As soon as he said that, he felt that his attitude was not good.

He hurriedly explained, This person was once my junior.

His talent was unparalleled, but both he and Guan Yougang liked Fairy Xi Xuan.

The two of them had a life-and-death battle and forced my master to make a move.

However, Li Qianlong was not convinced and actually dared to make a move on my master.

While imprisoned, he secretly fled the sect.

Before he left, he left a letter saying that he would definitely overturn the Jade Pure Sect when he returned.

He was very displeased when Li Qianlong was mentioned.

Han Jue blinked.

It was another tragedy caused by jealousy.

No wonder Fairy Xi Xuan did not allow her disciples to talk about love.

Han Jue said softly, Li Qianlong has returned, but he went out recently.

He disguised himself and entered the main peak.

Li Qingzi widened his eyes and trembled in anger.

He grabbed Han Jue and said, If he comes back again, Elder Han, you have to catch him.

That\'s right, don\'t kill him.

Don\'t be too ruthless and kill him accidentally!

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