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Hearing Han Jue\'s words, Su Qi was stunned.

Then, fear and despair filled him.

He asked while shivering, Who are you This is the Jade Pure Sect!

From what he knew, the Jade Pure Sect was a righteous sect and would not do such a thing.

[Su Qi has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 2 stars]

Han Jue said calmly, I gave you a chance, but you didn\'t cherish it.

You have no choice now.

Stay here from now on.

Su Qi was terrified.

He thought about it.

Something was wrong!

If Han Jue was a bad person, he should have killed him directly.

He was only an ordinary mortal and not a disciple of the Jade Pure Sect.

What was the point of capturing him


Could it be that the expert of the sect was testing him

When Su Qi thought of this, he immediately calmed down.

He immediately walked to the corner of the cave abode and imitated Han Jue.

He began to meditate.

[Su Qi\'s favorability towards you has increased.

Current favorability: 3 stars]

Han Jue was stunned.

From 2-star Hatred Points to 3-star Favorability…

What\'s happening

Is this kid… mentally ill

Han Jue ignored him and focused on cultivating.

To prevent Su Qi from eating, drinking, and defecating in his cave abode, he taught him the simplest Qi absorption technique he had obtained.

He would only teach him the first level so that he won\'t become too hard to control.

Han Jue only wanted this kid\'s cultivation to not catch up to his.

After being taught, Su Qi\'s favorability towards him reached 5 stars!

The Millennium Ceremony was also in full swing.

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Even in the cave abode, Han Jue and Su Qi could hear Li Qingzi speaking to the entire sect.

He recounted the history of the Jade Pure Sect, causing Su Qi\'s blood to boil.

He was indeed still in the Jade Pure Sect!

Han Jue must be an expert of the sect.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t be so daring!

Su Qi made up his mind to cultivate well with Han Jue.

The Millennium Ceremony passed very quickly.

After the various sects left, the Jade Pure Sect did not calm down.

Instead, it became even more lively.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons and Li Qingzi modified the inner and outer sects and created more and more rules.

In addition, Daoist Nine Cauldrons had also placed many good resources in the sect\'s treasure vault.

There were cultivation techniques, spells, treasures, and so on.

It could be seen that he was truly prepared for this return.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Han Jue successfully broke through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation Realm.

With the help of Daoist Nine Cauldrons and Li Qingzi, the Spirit Qi in his mountain was more than five times stronger than before.

Han Jue was very satisfied now and didn\'t want to run around.

He also didn\'t want to go overseas with Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

During this period of time, the Jade Pure Sect recruited new disciples without restraint.

The number of outer sect disciples increased greatly, but the number of inner sect disciples had yet to increase.

The Jade Pure Sect only took in disciples from the mortals, so as to prevent any spies.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons had not left for decades.

This year, he left the sect with his core disciples.

Chang Yue\'er came to visit Han Jue and told him about this.

The Raincoat Sect is finished.

It\'s like a beaten dog now, hated by everyone! she said excitedly.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog nearly exploded when it heard that.

It couldn\'t help but ask: What did you say about dogs

To prevent Chang Yue\'er from meeting Su Qi and getting unlucky, Han Jue specially came out to see her.

The two of them chatted in the woods.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog and the Black Hell Chicken also liked to stay here.

Chang Yue\'er smiled and said, I\'m talking about a dog raised by mortals.

You\'re different.

Don\'t take it to heart.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog felt that this made sense.

She continued, Under the founder\'s leadership, the Raincoat Sect was utterly defeated.

The founder emptied out all of their resources and let the Jade Pure Sect use them in the future.

Han Jue was very satisfied.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons helped the Jade Pure Sect unify the Great Yan Cultivation World before he left.

This way, the sect wouldn\'t face the threat of annihilation again.

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Han Jue\'s impression of him improved.

How\'s your cultivation recently When are you preparing to break through to the Golden Core Realm Han Jue asked.

Chang Yue\'er blinked and said, I have something to tell you.

Master wants me to follow the ancestor overseas.

Han Jue nodded slightly.

He was not surprised.

That was good.

Under Daoist Nine Cauldrons\' care, she should be able to quickly increase her cultivation.

Junior Brother, are you really not coming with us Chang Yue\'er asked expectantly.

If Han Jue followed them overseas, Xing Hongxuan and Mo Zhu wouldn\'t have a chance anymore.

Han Jue shook his head and said, It\'s too dangerous overseas.

Now that the Jade Pure Sect has become stronger, it\'s safer to stay here.

Of course, for mortal cultivators like you, it\'s also good to go out and take a look.

Chang Yue\'er was stunned and almost died of anger.

Han Jue said seriously, When you\'re overseas, you have to be careful when cultivating.

Don\'t be fooled by other men.

The path of cultivation ultimately depends on yourself.

Emotions like love will delay you.

When we pursue the Great Dao together in the future and travel the mortal world, won\'t it be beautiful

Chang Yue\'er\'s eyes lit up.

Junior Brother\'s words…

I knew it!

I\'m in your heart!

He was right!

Love couldn\'t tie down the path of cultivation!

Chang Yue\'er smiled even wider.

The two of them chatted for two hours before parting.

After she left, the Chaotic Heavenly Dog sprawled beside the Black Hell Chicken and asked, Brother Chicken, that woman seems to like our master very much.

After all, it was a divine beast of providence, unlike the Black Hell Chicken, who was still a mortal for the time being.

The Black Hell Chicken said solemnly, That\'s greed.

She wants to eat master.

Remember, if you encounter other dogs that are interested in you in the future, you have to avoid them.

Otherwise, you\'ll never be able to obtain the Great Dao.

You think too much.

I\'m serious, Master taught me about this.

Brother Chicken, you\'re just a silly chicken! How can a chicken turn into a phoenix


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The Black Hell Chicken began beating the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

In an instant, the forest was in chaos and the leaves fell to the ground.

Ten years passed quickly.

Han Jue broke through to the fifth level of the Soul Formation realm, while Su Qi\'s cultivation level actually reached the Foundation Establishment Realm.

His talent was indeed impressive.

He didn\'t use the Foundation Establishment Pill but still broke through so easily.

Su Qi enjoyed the cultivation process very much.

More than ten years had passed, but he didn\'t have any intention of leaving.

He was very respectful to Han Jue.

One fine day, Daoist Nine Cauldrons brought the core disciples back, causing the Jade Pure Sect to cheer.

Han Jue was also disturbed.

He opened his eyes and prepared to relax.

He clicked on his interpersonal link to check his emails.

[Your disciple Yang Tiandong was attacked by a fiendish cultivator.]

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun was attacked by demons and was severely injured.]

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun was attacked by Buddhists and was severely injured.]

[Your Dao Companion Xuan Qingjun was killed and revived.]

[Your good friend Zhou Fan accidentally entered an Ancient Forbidden Ground and his providence changed.]

Han Jue was stunned.

Xuan Qingjun was killed

It seemed that her mortal body could be revived infinitely.

Han Jue wasn\'t worried.

After all, she was the Demon Lord.

He noticed that Zhou Fan\'s providence had changed.

However, he couldn\'t see what the exact change was.


Young Friend Han, I\'ve come to visit you.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons laughed.

Then, he turned into a gust of wind and rushed into the cave abode.

Su Qi couldn\'t help but open his eyes.

Han Jue knew that this was bad.

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The jinx was right beside him.

Would it bring bad luck to Daoist Nine Cauldrons

Although he was a jinx, he shouldn\'t be able to pass on the bad luck so quickly, right


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