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One fine day, when Yang Tiandong returned from his mission, he was very excited.

Ancestor, the ancestor is back, Yang Tiandong said.

Han Jue did not open his eyes.

He immediately checked the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sect.

[Daoist Nine Cauldrons: Eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm, founding ancestor of the Jade Pure Sect.]

Eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm!


Han Jue immediately felt a sense of security.

With such a powerful figure guarding the sect, it shouldn\'t encounter any more tribulations, right

Han Jue said softly, Cultivate well.

With that, he started the simulation trial and fought Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

Yang Tiandong rubbed his nose awkwardly.

He originally had a lot to say, but seeing that his master did not want to listen, he could only obediently walk to the side and start cultivating.

The Chaotic Heavenly Dog stared at him and whispered, Brother Chicken, his aura is so irritating.

The Black Hell Chicken narrowed its eyes.

Yes, I feel the same.

Although their voices were low, Yang Tiandong could hear them clearly.

He was speechless.

Was his half-demon bloodline so irritating to demons

Yang Tiandong felt wronged, but he didn\'t dare to say anything.

After a while, Han Jue opened his eyes and thought, Is this the Void Amalgamation Realm Not bad!

He had lost!

With the Wind God Technique and the Somersault Cloud, he barely lasted for a few minutes.

It was still very difficult for a cultivator at the third level of the Soul Formation Realm to fight a cultivator at the eighth level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Han Jue took a deep breath.

He had a goal.

He wanted to defeat Daoist Nine Cauldrons as soon as possible!

For the next period of time, the entire Jade Pure Sect was very lively.

Firstly, the Millennium Ceremony was coming.

Secondly, the founder had returned!

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Under the publicity of the elders of the 18 peaks, all sorts of legends about Daoist Nine Cauldrons spread.

A cultivator who had lived for more than a thousand years was extremely rare in the entire cultivation world of the Great Yan.

Han Jue was still in seclusion and did not go out.

Several days later, Li Qingzi came to visit.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons followed.

He was tall and had a head full of white hair.

He had the bearing of an immortal.

Han Jue stood up and bowed.

Yang Tiandong followed suit.

The Black Hell Chicken and Chaotic Heavenly Dog sprawled on the ground as they quietly looked at Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

After Daoist Nine Cauldrons entered the cave abode, he first looked at the Black Hell Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog and then said in surprise, These two beasts are not simple.

Young friend, where did you get them

The others of the Jade Pure Sect could not see the origins of the two beasts, but Daoist Nine Cauldrons could sense that they were extraordinary.

After all, he had traveled the world and was very knowledgeable.

Li Qingzi couldn\'t help but turn around.

Since when was there a dog

Han Jue smiled and said, I got them by chance.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons smiled and didn\'t ask further.

He walked to a chair and sat down.

He looked at Han Jue and said, Young friend, it\'s all thanks to you that the Jade Pure Sect was able to survive.

Otherwise, the sect would have been destroyed.

I came especially to thank you and also brought an opportunity.


Han Jue frowned.

In his understanding, as long as it was not something directly given to him, it was a risk.


It was easy to get into trouble!

I left the Great Yan Cultivation World a thousand years ago to seek the land of immortals.

After that, I went overseas and lived in the mortal world.

Now, I\'m already the vice sect master of a sect.

This time, I\'ll bring some geniuses to cultivate there.

When their cultivation reaches a phenomenal stage, they can return to the Jade Pure Sect.

Are you willing to go Daoist Nine Cauldrons stroked his beard and smiled.

Overseas vice sect master

Han Jue was speechless.

Your hometown was almost gone, but you went to join someone else\'s sect and made a name for yourself.

Han Jue asked cautiously, Is your sect invincible overseas

It\'s difficult to be invincible, but it\'s still one of the overlords.

Overlord Are there enemies

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Of course, but there\'s nothing to be afraid of.

It\'s very difficult to overturn our sect.

There are many Void Amalgamation Realm experts in our sect.

Oh, thank you for your kind intentions, ancestor.

I won\'t be going.

Han Jue shook his head and rejected.

The outside was so dangerous.

If they weren\'t an invincible sect, they would definitely face danger.

In the Great Yan, the Jade Pure Sect no longer had any enemies.

The strongest Raincoat Sect was about to fall!

Daoist Nine Cauldrons smiled.

They said that you are very cautious.

It seems that you are afraid that it will be dangerous to go overseas That\'s true.

Back then, I…

He began to brag about his adventures.

Indeed, no matter what world it was, old men were always talkative and loved to brag.

Han Jue listened quietly.

After Daoist Nine Cauldrons spoke for a long time, Li Qingzi finally had a chance to speak.

Elder Han, it\'s fine if you don\'t want to go.

It\'s also good to stay in the Jade Pure Sect.

Next, the ancestor will help our sect develop.

At that time, the Jade Pure Sect will definitely become the overlord of the Great Yan Cultivation World.

You want to cultivate diligently, right No problem.

I\'ll try my best to help you search for natural treasures.

From now on, the entire mountain will be yours.

I can expel the disciples from the other Cave Abodes and leave them for you and your disciples in the future. Li Qingzi smiled.

He was the Sect Master and naturally didn\'t want Han Jue to leave.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons had put it nicely.

How could the geniuses be willing to return from a better sect

Of course, this was unless they were not doing well and were often oppressed.

If Han Jue left with him, what would happen if the Jade Pure Sect encountered danger again

Daoist Nine Cauldrons smiled and said, That\'s right.

I\'ll stay for at least fifty years before leaving.

I\'ll first reform the Jade Pure Sect and turn it into the Holy Land of the Great Yan Cultivation World.

During this time, you can consider it.

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[You are invited by Daoist Nine Cauldrons and Li Qingzi.

You have the following choices:]

[1: Follow Daoist Nine Cauldrons and go overseas.

You can obtain a bottle of cultivation pills, equipment, and a Numinous Treasure.]

[2: Continue to stay in the Jade Pure Sect.

Cultivate while keeping a low profile and strive for stability.

You can obtain a Mystical Power inheritance.]

Han Jue smiled and said, Thank you, Ancestor and Sect Master.

I\'ll stay in the Jade Pure Sect first.

He silently chose the second option.

In terms of choices, the first option may be better, unlike in the past.

But he thought about it.

There was no need for him to go overseas.

Perhaps the Spirit Qi here was far inferior, but he had no enemies and could cultivate peacefully.

If he went overseas, he might encounter many troubles.

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Han Jue didn\'t have any blood feuds or terrifying enemies.

Why would he want to go out

In addition, Li Qingzi\'s suggestion was also good.

This Cave Abode was indeed small and the entire mountain was just right for him.

As for the other disciples on the mountain, Han Jue could only apologize.

He believed that Li Qingzi could weigh the pros and cons.

[You choose to stay in the Jade Pure Sect.

Obtained a Mystical Power inheritance.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Mystical Power—Tathagata Incantation]

[Tathagata Incantation: Buddhist Mystical Power.

It can vanquish ghosts and suppress evil spirits.]

Buddhist Mystical Power


Han Jue thought silently.

The three of them continued to chat.

Less than three days after Li Qingzi and Daoist Nine Cauldrons left, all the other cultivators on the mountain moved out.

Under Li Qingzi\'s arrangements, a group of mortal servants came to plant the treasures.

This batch of treasures was likely brought back by Daoist Nine Cauldrons.

Their quality clearly exceeded the previous ones.

Not only that, Li Qingzi even personally came to the foot of the mountain to set up a formation for Han Jue.

The treatment was as good as it got!

When this matter reached the inner sect, the disciples thought that the Sect Master wanted to nurture a cultivation holy mountain.

All of them began to look forward to it.

Little did they know that this mountain only belonged to one person.

Han Jue didn\'t interfere with the matters outside the Cave Abode and cultivated in peace.

The Black Hell Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog were also cultivating diligently.

Soon, Yang Tiandong left the Cave Abode.

Li Qingzi intended to nurture him and let him take over the Jade Pure Sect.

Firstly, it was because of his potential, and secondly, it was to rope Han Jue in.

Half a year passed quickly.

On this day, Xing Hongxuan came to find Han Jue.

The disciples of the various peaks had been ordered not to come to this mountain.

However, Xing Hongxuan had Daoist Jingxu\'s support, so she dared to come.

Han Jue let her in.

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Husband, I picked up a treasure recently and specially came to give it to you. Xing Hongxuan happily sat down next to Han Jue and took out a jade pearl the size of a baby\'s fist.

After Han Jue took the bead and scanned it with his divine sense, his expression immediately turned strange.

Xing Hongxuan said excitedly, This pearl can automatically gather the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth and create Qi Gathering Pills automatically.

This is a good treasure!


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