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After Spiritual Master Shan Kui\'s corporeal body was destroyed, his essence soul had just emerged when Han Jue appeared out of thin air in front of him.

He raised his hand and used the Six Path Soul Absorption to suck his essence soul into his hand.

Han Jue then squeezed hard and directly crushed it.

It was a complete slaughter!

Huang Zuntian\'s eyes widened.

He didn\'t even have time to help.

Too fast!

Han Jue killed Spiritual Master Shan Kui as easily as stepping on an ant.

There really was a trap!

Huang Zuntian immediately turned around and chose to escape.

Han Jue jumped and moved in front of Huang Zuntian, stopping him.

Somersault Cloud!

His movement distance was related to the amount of Six Paths spirit energy he used.

It might be difficult to move 108,000 miles, but moving for a short distance was nothing to Han Jue.

Huang Zuntian was stunned.

He looked at him in shock.

Han Jue took out the Qilin Sword and pointed it at him.

Wait! Don\'t make a move, I can make the Raincoat Sect cease fire! Huang Zuntian said in a low voice as a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

I need to cut the weeds by the roots, understand

Huang Zuntian actually admitted defeat!

Han Jue thought of his introduction—Huang Zuntian did not like killing…

Could it be that he didn\'t want to attack the Jade Pure Sect

Because of that, the actions of the Raincoat Sect were delayed like this

Huang Zuntian said helplessly, Actually, I don\'t want to create so many conflicts, but I\'m the leader.

I bear the responsibility of the entire sect.

If I didn\'t take the initiative, countless disciples of the Jade Pure Sect would have died.

Right now, all of them are still alive and well.

That was the truth.

Zhou Fan and Yang Tiandong were still alive.

Han Jue hesitated.

If it was really as Huang Zuntian said, then he could still control the Raincoat Sect.

If he killed him, the entire Raincoat Sect would go crazy.

At that time, they would take revenge crazily, and Han Jue wouldn\'t be able to hunt them down all over the world.

As long as you let me go, I\'ll definitely order the Raincoat Sect to stop attacking the Jade Pure Sect! Huang Zuntian said solemnly.

Hearing this, Han Jue\'s eyes flickered.

Huang Zuntian heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that they could negotiate!

At this moment!

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Han Jue suddenly attacked, slashing with his sword!

Heavenly Punishment Ghost Deity Sword!

Huang Zuntian was shocked.

He hurriedly raised his hand to block, and his surging spiritual qi forcefully blocked the terrifying sword qi.

However, he was still forced back, blood spilling from his mouth.

Fellow Daoist! You…

Huang Zuntian was furious.

[Huang Zuntian developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred Points: 2 stars]

Han Jue sneered.

Perhaps Huang Zuntian had no choice in this matter, but how could Han Jue let him go so that he could attempt to change the situation

He could make the Raincoat Sect stop attacking

If he couldn\'t do it before, why could he do it now

It was better to just kill him and intimidate the Raincoat Sect!

Preventing the holy ghost from creating more trouble!

Han Jue raised the Qilin Sword and pointed it at the sky.

The Six Paths spirit energy in his body erupted and soared into the sky.

In an instant, a blue light appeared in the sky like an ocean.

It was dazzling.

Sword shadows appeared from it and quickly solidified.

Huang Zuntian formed hand seals with both hands.

Four scepters appeared and revolved around him.

He looked at the sword shadows in the sky and panicked.

What kind of spell is this


It\'s a Mystical Power!

Han Jue was using the Ten Thousand Sword Sect!

Ten thousand sword shadows hung high in the sky.

How spectacular was that All of them pointed at Huang Zuntian, causing his limbs to turn cold.

He quickly activated the formation, and the four scepters immediately pulled away.

Spiritual energy burst out from the four corners and formed a rectangular formation.

Han Jue brandished his sword.

Ten thousand sword shadows attacked Huang Zuntian.

Like a school of carps crossing the river, divine weapons descended from the sky!


The Ten Thousand Sword Sect collided with Huang Zuntian\'s formation, scattering the surrounding clouds.

Huang Zuntian\'s robe fluttered wildly.

He gritted his teeth and resisted with all his might.

What a powerful technique!

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Huang Zuntian was extremely nervous and regretful.

If he had known, he would have followed his instinct.

He wouldn\'t have listened to those fools and personally come to the Jade Pure Sect.

I knew it!

The Jade Pure Sect was truly fearless!

As Huang Zuntian cursed in his heart, his spirit formation shattered.

The violent sword shadow collided with his body, causing him to spit out blood and fly backward.

He was not directly killed!

It seemed Huang Zuntian was not so weak.

As he flew back, he quickly turned around and flew into the sky.

He seemed to have used some sort of Mystical Power as well.

His body transformed into a streak of light and disappeared without a trace.

He couldn\'t be allowed to escape!

Han Jue immediately used the Somersault Cloud while tracing his aura.

Since they had already fought, he had to kill the enemy!

Han Jue moved faster.

After a somersault, he stood in front of Huang Zuntian.

Huang Zuntian was almost scared to death and immediately waved his hand.

In a flash, Han Jue took out the Burning Fiend Bell and smashed it at him.

With a boom…

Huang Zuntian\'s right palm struck the Burning Fiend Bell, causing him to feel dizzy.

The Burning Fiend Bell rapidly expanded as Han Jue waved his right hand.

The bell was first raised, then smashed down heavily, directly pressing Huang Zuntian down.

He crashed into the forest.

The Burning Fiend Bell continued to slam repeatedly as the ground shook violently.

The forest within a radius of several hundred meters was flattened.

Huang Zuntian\'s corporeal body was smashed.

He quickly summoned his essence soul and wanted to continue escaping.

But his speed was nothing compared to Han Jue.

Han Jue used the Six Paths Soul Absorption and directly sucked Huang Zuntian\'s essence soul into his palm.

The battle ended!

Huang Zuntian, who was at the ninth level of the Soul Formation Realm, faced Han Jue but was just like Duan Tongtian, unable to fight back.

Another boss was defeated by me!

I\'m really strong!

Han Jue smiled in satisfaction and returned to the Jade Pure Sect.

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The location of the previous battle had already attracted the elders of the sect.

Han Jue used the Wind God Technique and circled around them, quickly returning to the Connate Cave Abode.

The Black Hell Chicken saw him and quickly asked, Master, how is it Should we run I\'m ready!

Han Jue rolled his eyes at it and said, I, your master, don\'t attack without full confidence.

If I do, the enemy will definitely die.

The Black Hell Chicken was stunned for a moment before slowly lying down.

Han Jue sat on the bed.

He raised his right hand and released Huang Zuntian\'s essence soul.

Trapped by the Six Paths spirit energy, his essence soul could not escape.

Upon seeing Han Jue, Huang Zuntian\'s face was filled with fear.

He asked in a trembling voice, Who are you…

He\'s too powerful!

Although Huang Zuntian was cautious, he was still confident.

He had never thought that he would lose so badly.

Han Jue said expressionlessly, Zhao Zilong of Chang Mountain.

The Black Hell Chicken was confused.

Who was Zhao Zilong

Which sect is Chang Mountain Huang Zuntian was also puzzled.

Han Jue asked, There aren\'t any Great Grand Elders in your sect, right

The reason why he did not destroy Huang Zuntian\'s essence soul was to obtain information.

Now, his Six Paths Soul Absorption could seal essence souls or normal souls, making interrogation easier.

Huang Zuntian hesitated and said, Yes, but he\'s already left the Great Yan.

Now, I\'m the strongest in the Raincoat Sect.

Can you let me go If you really can\'t, I\'ll leave the Raincoat Sect and join the Jade Pure Sect!

In order to survive, he could let go of his dignity.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

This fellow\'s personality was very similar to his!

How despicable!

Han Jue snorted.

Let\'s see how you perform.

With that, he closed his right palm and threw Huang Zuntian\'s essence soul into the depths of his soul, imprisoning it.

With Huang Zuntian gone, the Raincoat Sect was nothing to worry about.

He could cultivate in peace!

Han Jue smiled and continued cultivating, charging towards the second level of the Soul Formation Realm.

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