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Fairy Xi Xuan shook her head and laughed, not knowing what to say about Han Jue.

This kid…

He really knew how to keep people in suspense.

Hmph, you want to see me make a fool of myself Looks like you no longer treat me as your master.

After all, as your master, I\'ve never taught you anything. Fairy Xi Xuan snorted.

Han Jue shrugged and said, You asked too suddenly.

I didn\'t take a detour.

Besides, I asked you before for a suitable location to undergo tribulation.

Fairy Xi Xuan shook her head and laughed.

How could she have thought that Han Jue would break through to the Soul Formation realm so quickly How many years had it been since he entered the Nascent Soul realm

Then, she continued to ask, If you have any needs, feel free to ask.

You have done more for the sect than the sect has done for you.

There\'s no need to be polite.


Han Jue thought for a moment.

Is there a cultivation pill for the Soul Formation realm


Then try your best to help me strengthen the Spirit Qi in the cave abode.

Yes, I\'ll think of something.

Han Jue had his own cultivation technique and spell inheritance, so he didn\'t need the teachings of the Jade Pure Sect.

The reason why he had stayed in the sect was that he had no other good place to go.

Instead of wandering around, it was better to cultivate here in peace.

After a short conversation, Han Jue got up and left.

Fairy Xi Xuan looked at his back and asked, How long can you stay in the Jade Pure Sect

Han Jue stopped and turned to look at her.

Why do you ask If I wanted to run, I would have run away long ago.

Fairy Xi Xuan shook her head and said, I\'m not afraid that you\'ll run away.

It\'s just that you\'ve grown too quickly.

When the time comes, this small temple won\'t be able to hold a giant Buddha like you.

There are many sects more powerful than the Jade Pure Sect in the cultivation world.

It is in man\'s nature to strive for better, especially for ascetics like you.

Back then, the founding ancestor left the Great Yan to pursue a higher realm.

She sighed as she thought of that.

Han Jue smiled and said, Perhaps.

If I really want to leave one day, I will tell you in advance.

With that, he turned around and left.

To seek the Great Dao in a wider world


He\'d rather be the peak of this world than the bottom-feeder of a higher realm!

In any case, his potential was top-notch.

If he cultivated in peace, he could constantly become stronger.

Why would he need to go out and adventure

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue began to meditate.

The Black Hell Chicken suddenly said, Master, I heard the cries of the chickens from the foot of the mountain.

When I heard their voices, my heart inexplicably throbbed.

I wanted to rush out.

Why Could it be the demonic technique you spoke of

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Han Jue raised his eyebrows and said, Yes, you must restrain this urge.

If you follow it, you will fall into eternal damnation and never become a phoenix.

This is a test of the Heavenly Dao.

Could it be that sexual urge had arrived

It couldn\'t resist the sound of a hen

The moment the Black Hell Chicken heard that it tensed up.

Its feathers stood up as though it was a rooster about to fight.

Thank you for your reminder, Master.

I almost fell for it.

The path of cultivation is truly fraught with danger! The Black Hell Chicken lamented.

Han Jue secretly laughed.

Even I\'m still a virgin, you can forget about having fun!

Just be a child… forever!

Immediately, Han Jue and the Black Hell Chicken entered cultivation.

When he was free, Han Jue would instill his ideas into the Black Hell Chicken.

Everything was inferior, only cultivation was superior.

Cultivators were all superior!

A cultivating chicken was a superior chicken among chickens!

In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

Han Jue had yet to break through to the second level of the Soul Formation Realm, but by relying on the pills, he was already approaching it.

He did not stop.

Instead, he continued to cultivate and strive to break through as soon as possible.

One fine day, the Raincoat Sect was finally here!

It was Sect Master Huang Zuntian and an accompanying elder.

This elder was known as Spiritual Master Shan Kui, and he was also in the Soul Formation realm.

Huang Zuntian landed on the top of the mountain and looked warily at the eighteen peaks of the Jade Pure Sect.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui wore a raincoat.

Under the brim of his hat, his eyes were extremely cold and contained killing intent.

Sect Master, attack! Spiritual Master Shan Kui said with disdain.

This is the Jade Pure Sect

So weak!

Not even a single Soul Formation expert is present!

There were less than ten Nascent Soul experts left.

They were not enough to kill!

Huang Zuntian hesitated.

Too weak.

Could it be a trap If it were me, I wouldn\'t dare to attack the Raincoat Sect like this.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui was speechless.

What\'s there to be afraid of They\'re just going all out.

Otherwise, they\'ll be swallowed up by us sooner or later!

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Huang Zuntian was silent.

Seeing how cowardly he was, Spiritual Master Shan Kui was furious.

If not for the fact that he could not win, he really wanted to snatch the position of Sect Master.

No, I feel uneasy.

There\'s something wrong. Huang Zuntian frowned.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui went mad and said in a low voice, Sect Master! This opportunity will never come again.

If the Raincoat Sect is buried in our hands, how can we face the previous Sect Master

Huang Zuntian frowned.

Inside the Connate Cave Abode.

[Raincoat Cult is about to invade the Jade Pure Sect]

Han Jue opened his eyes and immediately inspected the strongest person present.

[Huang Zuntian: Ninth level of the Soul Formation Realm, Sect Master of the Raincoat Sect.

He\'s extremely cautious and doesn\'t like killing.]

The Sect Master was here

Extremely cautious

Doesn\'t like killing

Han Jue blinked and thought that he had seen wrongly.

Was the Raincoat Sect really not a Fiendish Cult

Han Jue no longer thought about it.

He cautiously activated the simulation trial and first fought with Huang Zuntian.

Three breaths later, he opened his eyes again.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

He slowly stood up and prepared to leave the cave abode.

The Black Hell Chicken was extremely nervous.

Master, are you running away

It quickly stood up and prepared to run.

Han Jue said angrily, We\'ll run away if I can\'t beat him.

Wait here!

With that, he turned into a gust of wind and rushed out of the cave abode.

Soon, he found Huang Zuntian and Spiritual Master Shan Kui.

The two were still arguing.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui tried to persuade him, but Huang Zuntian stopped him from moving abruptly.

Seeing Han Jue flying over, the two of them immediately stopped and looked at him warily.

Han Jue stopped less than a hundred feet away from them.

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He looked around curiously and asked, Just the two of you

Huang Zuntian\'s heart raced.

This tone…

It was indeed a trap!

When Spiritual Master Shan Kui saw that he was only at the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm but dared to rush over and even said such words, he knew that this person definitely had a cultivation concealment technique!

He had naturally heard of the legendary Deity Slaying Elder.

Could this person be the Deity Slaying Elder of the Jade Pure Sect

However, Duan Tongtian had just entered the Soul Formation Realm.

He was completely incomparable to them.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui said in a low voice, Isn\'t the two of us enough Fellow Daoist is really arrogant.

Then, I\'ll properly test your cultivation!

Han Jue ignored him and looked at Huang Zuntian.

This was the sect master of the Raincoat Sect

He was indeed very imposing!


His gaze seemed evasive, almost like he was afraid.

Han Jue said, Sect Master, I heard that you don\'t like killing.

Why are you targeting our Jade Pure Sect

Huang Zuntian hesitated to speak.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui shouted angrily, Cut the crap!

He suddenly attacked, the silver dagger in his hand shooting at Han Jue.

A cold light flashed!

So fast!


The silver-white dagger was repelled just as it was about to touch Han Jue as if it had hit an invisible bell.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui\'s pupils widened.

He was about to cast a spell and prepare for his next move.

Han Jue raised his hand at lightning speed.

The Three Pure Shadow Sword materialized out of thin air and charged towards Spiritual Master Shan Kui.

Spiritual Master Shan Kui instinctively dodged, but the Three Pure Shadow Sword was too fast!

It was so fast that even he, a Soul Formation Cultivator, could not dodge in time!


Spiritual Master Shan Kui was directly killed and his body turned into a bloody mist.

Huang Zuntian\'s eyes widened in shock.

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