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A secret deacon of the Raincoat Sect

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

He hid really well!

No wonder after the battle with the Viridescent Nether Cult, many elders had a favorable impression toward Han Jue, but Old Immortal Daoist Thunder did not.

It\'s because he\'s the spy!

The impostor!

What should I do

Should I kill him or should I find evidence

Han Jue scratched his chin and hesitated.

He thought for a moment and went to Jade Serene Peak.

Fairy Xi Xuan was trustworthy.

The interpersonal relationships didn\'t indicate that she was a spy.

Arriving in front of the Jade Serene Hall, the door opened quickly and Han Jue immediately entered.

This time, he didn\'t kowtow.

Instead, he clasped his hands and bowed.

Master, I discovered an elder who works for the Raincoat Sect.

What should I do Kill him or find evidence Han Jue asked.

Fairy Xi Xuan opened her eyes and asked softly, Who

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder from Heavenly Thunder Peak.



Han Jue was stunned.

This was completely different from the conversation he had in mind.

Does Fairy Xi Xuan have a grudge against him

Fairy Xi Xuan snorted.

I have always felt that something was wrong with him.

If you say so, then it\'s probably true.

Han Jue nodded and left.

Fairy Xi Xuan thought about it and stood up.

The two of them left Jade Serene Peak and flew towards Heavenly Thunder Peak.

As one of the most popular peaks, nearly 200 disciples cultivated at all sorts of locations on Heavenly Thunder Peak.

Han Jue and Fairy Xi Xuan quickly arrived at Heavenly Thunder Hall.

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Senior, I\'m here to visit you. Fairy Xi Xuan spoke.

With that, the door opened.

The two of them immediately went in.

The door closed behind them.

Seeing Han Jue\'s arrival, Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was surprised and quickly stood up.

Two elders visiting me… Old Immortal Daoist Thunder said smilingly.

However, before he could finish his sentence, sword shadows flashed in the hall.

The sword shadows pierced through Old Immortal Daoist Thunder\'s chest, pinning him to the main hall\'s jade wall.

Han Jue had been able to kill a Soul Formation realm cultivator when he had been at the first level of the Nascent Soul realm.

Now at the fifth, dealing with Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was a piece of cake.

So fast!

Fairy Xi Xuan was secretly shocked.

She didn\'t even see how Han Jue attacked.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was even more terrified.

He wanted to struggle, but he realized that Han Jue\'s Sword Qi had seeped into his body and was rapidly devouring his spirit energy.


Why is his spirit energy so overwhelming

Terrified, Old Immortal Daoist Thunder shouted, Elder Han! What are you doing

Expressionless, Han Jue said, A secret deacon of the Raincoat Sect, are you When the Sect Master left, he asked me to protect the sect.

Recently, many talented disciples are being captured by the Raincoat Sect.

It must be you who has provided the information on them.

I\'m killing you right now.

He walked towards Old Immortal Daoist Thunder.

[Old Immortal Daoist Thunder has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred: 5 stars]

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was shocked.

He suddenly turned into lightning and dispersed.

Bolts of lightning zapped towards the door.

Han Jue raised his right hand, and lightning shot out from his palm.

Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm!

Countless bolts of lightning interweaved in the hall, shattering the jade bottles, paintings, and other ornaments.


The Heavenly Thunder Hall shattered as well.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder reappeared out of thin air and fell onto the ground, vomiting blood.

Just as he was about to stand up, three sword shadows descended from the sky and destroyed his body.

His Nascent Soul wanted to escape, but it was destroyed by the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was slaughtered!

Turning around to leave, Han Jue said, Master, I\'ll leave the rest to you.

He quickly left.

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Not long after he left, the disciples of Heavenly Thunder Peak finally entered the hall.

Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu were also there.

Seeing the rubbles of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, they were stupefied.

Fairy Xi Xuan said, Deity Slaying Elder and I have found out that Old Immortal Daoist Thunder is a spy from the Raincoat Sect.

Deity Slaying Elder has just executed him.

Tell your fellow disciples to continue cultivating without worries.

A new elder will be chosen when the Sect Master is back.

Try not to go out anymore, so that you won\'t be targeted by the Raincoat Sect.

With a wave of her right hand, she took away Old Immortal Daoist Thunder\'s storage ring.

The Heavenly Thunder Peak disciples were dumbfounded.

How is that possible! Master is a spy

Can Deity Slaying Elder be mistaken

But Master has been so dedicated for so many years.

Even if he\'s a suspect, we need to wait for the Sect Master to come back!

Master is already dead…

I noticed them when they went up the mountain.

It has only been ten breaths of time, but Master was already killed…

Heavenly Thunder Peak\'s Old Immortal Daoist Thunder had been killed by the Deity Slaying Elder!

The news was like a heavy bomb to the inner sect, causing the disciples of the eighteen peaks to be in an uproar.

Was Old Immortal Daoist Thunder really a traitor

The elders quickly gathered in the Main Peak\'s main hall.

The meeting was led by Daoist Jingxu.

Fairy Xi Xuan flipped her right hand, and a letter appeared in her palm.

She then said, I found it in Old Immortal Daoist Thunder\'s storage ring.

It\'s a letter passed to him by an envoy of the Raincoat Sect.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder was asked to collect information about talented disciples of the Jade Pure Sect.

Apart from this, there are some other letters from the Raincoat Sect and equipment for fiendish cultivators.

She passed the letter to the other elders.

After reading it, the elders were all furious and shocked.

They cursed Old Immortal Daoist Thunder in anger while feeling great fear.

The Deity Slaying Elder was too terrifying!

He killed Old Immortal Daoist Thunder without even discussing it with them.

Horrified, they decided to never provoke Han Jue.

At the same time.

Han Jue continued to search in his cave abode.

Apart from Old Immortal Daoist Thunder, the other elders of the Jade Pure Sect were all innocent.

But that was normal.

If numerous spies were found among the elders, the Jade Pure Sect would have been long destroyed.

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The elders were clear.

Next were the deacons.

There were spies from everywhere among the deacons.

Apart from the Raincoat Sect, there were spies from all sorts of sects, whether they were orthodox or fiendish.

There were even some from cultivation families.

Han Jue was flabbergasted.

Are all sects in the cultivation world like this Or are we just unlucky

Han Jue shook his head.

There were too many for him to pursue the matter.

After all, these deacons couldn\'t do much to harm the sect.

Han Jue began to cultivate.

After that, every half a year, he would use the Simulation Trial system to detect the strongest person in the Jade Pure Sect, in case the Raincoat Sect suddenly launched an attack.

Two years later.

A notification suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue\'s cultivating figure.

[Detected bearer of connate providence, checking its origin.]


Han Jue immediately checked.

A row of words appeared in front of him:

[Black Hell Chicken: Reincarnated Demon Saint of the Upper World.

Its true form is a Black Hell Phoenix.

Because it killed too many people, it offended the Heavenly Court and was executed.

Its soul sneaked into the six paths of reincarnation and was reborn in the mortal world.

Its soul will continually modify its physical body until it finally transforms back into a Black Hell Phoenix.

It\'s now a chick.

Its spirit intelligence has not matured.

It\'s like a two-year-old infant.]

Han Jue was stunned.

A demon saint from the Upper World

So awesome

Yang Tiandong only possessed a Demon Saint bloodline in the mortal world.

The Black Hell Chicken was a demon saint from the Upper World!

And there\'s also a Heavenly Court.

Isn\'t this from the legends back on Earth Does this world also have one

Intrigued by the Black Hell Chicken, Han Jue immediately reached out with his divine sense.

At the foot of the mountain, an old farmer was leading a herd of cows through the mountains.

On the back of each cow were two chicken cages filled with chickens.

Han Jue\'s divine sense quickly landed on one of the little black chickens.

The feathers of this black chicken were shiny and had a metallic feel to them.

Amongst the group of chicks, only this little black chicken had a faint spirit energy fluctuation.

How could he miss out on an unparalleled divine pet

Han Jue immediately went down the mountain.

He approached the old farmer and immediately asked for the chick.

The old farmer didn\'t dare to refuse.

He was a servant of the Jade Pure Sect and this batch of cows and chicks was meant to be given to the inner sect.

Once Han Jue showed his Elder Token, the farmer obeyed.

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Han Jue grabbed the Black Hell Chicken and returned to his cave abode.


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