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With my aptitude, it\'s impossible for me to catch up to you, Junior.

Chang Yue\'er sighed gloomily.

Am I really worthy of Han Jue

She already had two competitors in the inner sect alone.

Mo Zhu\'s talent even surpassed hers.

Han Jue consoled her.

You won\'t be able to catch up to me.

You just have to cultivate as hard as you can.

Longevity is the most important thing for us cultivators.

Hearing that, Chang Yue\'er was even more demoralized.

After that, she started to talk about what had happened in the sect recently.

Sect Master had already led the disciples of ten peaks to attack the Viridescent Nether Cult.

The remaining eight peaks were guarding the sect.

Ever since the end of the attack by the Cult, the cultivation atmosphere in the inner sect was far more intense than before.

All the disciples felt threatened.

Zhou Fan had already reached the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm and was preparing to transcend the tribulation to the Golden Core realm.

The sect\'s reputation in the cultivation world had greatly increased.

They were like the leader of the orthodox sects now.

As for strength, that was probably not the case.

The story about the Deity Slaying Elder had also spread in the cultivation world.

Although Han Jue wanted to keep a low profile, his pseudonym became famous from a single battle.

After four hours, Chang Yue\'er finally left.

Once the Spirit Qi Gathering array formation was activated, the concentration of Spirit Qi in the cave abode began to increase noticeably.

It seems that the status of the sect is also very important.

It can affect my cultivation speed.

Han Jue thought silently.

He had to ask Li Qingzi for some pills.

Then, Han Jue resumed his cultivation.

Half a year later.

A notification appeared before Han Jue\'s eyes.

[The Viridescent Nether Cult has given up on targeting the Jade Pure Sect.

You will obtain a piece of equipment and a spell manual.]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Demon Binding Rope and the Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm.]

[Demon Binding Rope: It has a powerful binding effect.

It can bind all living beings below the Soul Formation realm and immobilize them.]

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[Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm: A thunder-type spell.

It can induce the Thunder Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth to unleash a catastrophic thunderstorm.

Massive area of destruction.]

The Cult had finally given up.

Honestly, they were really tenacious.

They were beaten to the point of fleeing from their headquarters, yet they still dared to plan for revenge.

From the looks of it, the Viridescent Nether Cult would be eliminated.

From now on, the Great Yan Cultivation World would no longer have a Viridescent Nether Cult.

Han Jue smiled and started to bind the Demon Binding Rope to him.

After that, he inherited the Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm.

The Major Chiliocosm Thunderstorm had a large area of effect.

It suited Han Jue\'s taste.

He loved this kind of grand spell.

Being cool was a lifelong endeavor.

That night.

The thunderclouds above the inner sect gathered and a terrifying heavenly aura enveloped the eighteen peaks, causing everyone to shiver in fear.

The Cult is attacking us again

The Cult is already gone!

Could it be some other demonic path sect

It\'s possible.

After all, the Viridescent Nether Cult wasn\'t the strongest among the demonic path sects.

Prepare for battle!

The disciples of the eight peaks who remained in the inner sect were extremely nervous.

Even the Elders were anxious.

Soon, the Elders discovered that the spirit energy came from Han Jue\'s cave abode.

And the rolling thunderclouds in the sky did not cause any damage to the inner sect.

Is he practicing a spell


The Elders were even more respectful towards Han Jue.

The thunderclouds in the sky quickly dispersed, and the sect regained its peace.

Not long after, an elder revealed that the abnormal sign just now was the Deity Slaying Elder practicing a spell.

After this news spread, the disciples of the Jade Pure Sect felt much safer.

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After that great battle several years ago, the Deity Slaying Elder was their greatest pillar of support.

As long as the Deity Slaying Elder was around, nothing would happen to them!

Two years later.

Han Jue\'s cultivation was still at the second level of the Nascent Soul realm, but he was already close to the third.

This was already incredibly fast.

Ever since Han Jue joined the inner sect, most of the Nascent Soul cultivators in interpersonal relationships did not increase their cultivation.

Han Jue was satisfied with his progress.

After all, he still had more than 800 years to live.

Breaking through to the Soul Formation realm was a sure thing.

Are you free, Elder Han

A voice sounded from outside the cave abode.

It was Li Qingzi.

Han Jue immediately waved his hand and opened the cave abode\'s stone door to let him in.

Li Qingzi\'s face was full of radiance.

The Jade Pure Sect was in its prime.

As the Sect Master, he naturally felt respected.

He walked in and sized up this Connate Cave Abode.

He smiled and said, This cave abode is still a little small for Elder Han.

Do you want to go to Main Peak to cultivate

Han Jue shook his head.

It\'s fine here.

I\'m already used to it.

He sensed the auras of the others.

Someone was waiting outside the cave.

His cultivation was low.

He probably just reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

[Detected bearer of connate providence, checking its origin.]

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

He immediately checked it.

[Yang Tiandong possesses the bloodline of a Demon Saint.

He was born half-human and half-demon.

His cultivation potential is unparalleled.

However, when he was young, he lost control and transformed into a demon.

He injured his fellow disciples and was imprisoned by the Viridescent Nether Cult.

Fortunately, the Jade Pure Sect saved him.]


Another candidate for the protagonist

The Viridescent Nether Cult was quite impressive!

They had two bearers of connate providence hidden inside!

But actually, Jade Pure Sect also has two.

There are quite a few geniuses, but the ones that live till the end are rare.

Since that\'s the case, then I won\'t ask you anymore.

But if you have any requests, just tell me.

I\'ve already told all the elders that everything about you is a big matter for the sect. Li Qingzi chuckled.

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Han Jue smiled and said, Thank you for your kind intentions, Sect Master.

Although he had already surpassed everyone in the Jade Pure Sect, he wasn\'t arrogant, because he still wanted to stay in the sect.

Everything is good now.

By the way, Elder Han, do you wish to take in a disciple You can just casually give him some guidance.

This guy has a lot of potential.

When he grows up in the future, he can also be of great assistance to you, Li Qingzi asked with a smile.

He turned to look at the cave entrance and summoned Yang Tiandong in.

Yang Tiandong looked like he was in his early twenties.

His facial features were well-defined, and although he wasn\'t considered handsome, he was still good-looking.

There was a strong beastly aura about him, and the Daoist robe of the Jade Pure Sect looked somewhat incongruous on him.

He knelt in front of Han Jue humbly.

Han Jue subconsciously wanted to refuse.

But on second thought, it wasn\'t bad to nurture disciples.

They would be his helpers when they grew up.

I can accept him as a disciple, but he needs to be taught a cultivation technique of the Jade Pure Sect.

I\'ll only be responsible for teaching him spells and mystical powers, Han Jue said with a low voice.

Li Qingzi smiled and said, There\'s no problem with the cultivation technique.

I can give him the inner sect cultivation technique.

But he wasn\'t a Jade Pure Sect disciple.

He has to contribute to earn the chance to learn our secret techniques.


Li Qingzi took out a bunch of tokens with the words Deity Slaying carved on them.

These are your tokens.

You can give them out to your disciples in the future.

With that, he turned around and left.

Han Jue waved his right hand, and a token flew towards Yang Tiandong.

The other tokens were all kept in the Little Universe Belt.

[Yang Tiandong has a favorable impression of you.

Current favorability: 1 star.]


Only 1 star

Han Jue narrowed his eyes and said, I have already deduced your background.

Your name is Yang Tiandong, half-human and half-demon.

You had been imprisoned by the Viridescent Nether Cult, right

Yang Tiandong looked up in shock.

Before he came, Li Qingzi had specifically instructed him not to reveal his past.

He didn\'t expect Han Jue to deduce it so easily.

So this is the mighty figure who killed a Soul Formation realm cultivator with a single sword strike

[Yang Tiandong\'s favorability toward you has increased.

Current favorability: 3 stars.]

Yang Tiandong said respectfully, Master, you\'re indeed impressive.

I didn\'t expect you to be able to deduce this much.

I\'m impressed.

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He paused as if making a decision.

With a flip of his right hand, a red feather appeared in his hand.

He said seriously, Master, this was left behind by my father, and it contains his ultimate technique.

I need to reach the Soul Formation realm before I can cultivate it.

I\'m still far from that realm.

Master, you can learn it first, then teach me in the future.


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