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After the disciples of the Viridescent Nether Cult fled, the Jade Pure Sect\'s inner sect started to recuperate.

The destroyed inner sect cities also needed to be rebuilt.

The disciples weren\'t too sad.

Instead, they were excited.

There was actually a mighty figure in the Jade Pure Sect who could easily kill a Soul Formation realm cultivator!

The elders of the eighteen peaks told their disciples about the battle with Duan Tongtian.

They didn\'t reveal Han Jue\'s identity and only mentioned a Deity Slaying Elder.

Deity Slaying Elder!

Since that day, every disciple of the sect revered the Deity Slaying Elder!

They were curious about everything related to him.

That evening…

At Jade Serene Peak…

After Fairy Xi Xuan pacified all the disciples, she asked them to leave, leaving only Han Jue behind.

Although the Jade Serene Peak\'s disciples witnessed Han Jue killing a lot of fiendish cultivators, they didn\'t associate him with the Deity Slaying Elder.

Even Chang Yue\'er didn\'t suspect him.

Before she left, she looked at Han Jue.

After such a calamity, Han Jue was as calm as ever.

She was impressed.

She was prepared to wait for Han Jue outside.

She had something to say to him.

The door to the Jade Serene Hall closed.

Only Han Jue and Fairy Xi Xuan were left inside.

Fairy Xi Xuan had already recovered.

She was still as beautiful as ever, like a fairy from heaven.

She stared straight at him.

Han Jue lowered his head.

But he wasn\'t afraid.

No matter what he did now, Jade Pure Sect would definitely not expel him.

Fairy Xi Xuan also had no reason to blame him.

Don\'t you have anything to say Fairy Xi Xuan asked.

Han Jue looked up and asked doubtfully, What should I say

Fairy Xi Xuan harrumphed.

Who exactly are you Why have you come to the Jade Pure Sect

Li Qingzi could ignore it, but as his master, she had to know.

Her disciple was stronger than her.

How could she be the master

No wonder he never needed my guidance…

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Should I call you Fellow Daoist Han from now on

Facing Fairy Xi Xuan\'s teasing, Han Jue helplessly said, I really don\'t have any background.

You should have been aware after what Junior Iron told you.

Do you not believe in my talent

Fairy Xi Xuan narrowed her eyes and said, Even if you\'re talented, where did you get your abilities You can\'t just create them out of thin air.

A Nascent Soul realm cultivator killing a Soul Formation realm cultivator is too ridiculous!

It had never been heard of.

Fairy Xi Xuan was sure that Sect Master and the other elders didn\'t believe it, too.

Okay, I will tell you.

But please don\'t tell anyone.

When I was young, I was told by an immortal in my dream that my talent was unparalleled and I would definitely become an immortal.

However, it would be a rough path ahead.

So, I didn\'t dare to cause trouble and cultivated in seclusion every day, Han Jue said seriously.

Fairy Xi Xuan fell silent.

Han Jue didn\'t say anything, either.

After a long while…

Fairy Xi Xuan spoke again, If that\'s the case, why did you step forward to save us The sect didn\'t treat you well, and I believe you wouldn\'t call it your home either.

Han Jue replied, That\'s true.

I\'ve lived for a hundred years, but there aren\'t many people I care about.

However, the person I care about the most is in the Jade Pure Sect.

She even said that she would rather perish together with the sect.

Let me see the increase in favorability!

[Fairy Xi Xuan\'s favorability of you has increased.

Current favorability: 3.5 stars.]

Only 3.5 stars

As expected of my master.

She\'s indeed different from other women!

The colder she is, the more I like it!

Han Jue exclaimed in his head.

Fairy Xi Xuan changed the topic and asked, What are your plans from now on Continue your seclusion


That Void Amalgamation realm demon might come at any moment.

I have to quickly become stronger.

Go ahead, then.


Han Jue immediately stood up and left.

For some reason, he was slightly disappointed.

When he reached the door, he turned around and asked, Master, is the end of your lifespan approaching

Fairy Xi Xuan was stunned and asked, What do you mean

Curse me to death

I\'m thinking about Junior Iron.

I don\'t want Master to leave this world.

If this day really comes, I hope Master can inform me in advance.

Han Jue was being frank.

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Fairy Xi Xuan said unhappily, Get lost, I still have many years to live.

Han Jue quickly ran away.

Fairy Xi Xuan shook her head and laughed.

She couldn\'t help but think of the battle again.

It still felt like a dream.

She didn\'t expect such a powerful figure to be hidden among her disciples.

However, this kid actually saw her as the most important person.

She was surprised.

After an hour, Han Jue finally freed himself from Chang Yue\'er and returned to his cave abode.

Sitting on the familiar wooden bed, Han Jue yawned and stretched.

What a marvelous day.

I\'m actually so powerful.

Han Jue smiled proudly.

Killing a Soul Formation Stage cultivator with a single strike.

I feel awesome!

Especially now that the higher-ups of the Jade Pure Sect treated him differently…

Is this the posturing that\'s often written in novels

Actually, it feels really good.

Sure enough, it is correct to continue to train in seclusion the entire time.

If I had stopped training a few years earlier, I would\'ve missed this opportunity.

I must try my best to cultivate.

Han Jue thought silently.

If this crisis had happened a year or two ago when he hadn\'t broken through to the Nascent Soul realm, he definitely wouldn\'t have been able to defeat Duan Tongtian.

If that was the case, he would have no choice but to run away.

Those women who were his potential companions would all die.

Thinking of this, Han Jue became even more determined to cultivate.

Before he became absolutely invincible, he had to spend all his time on cultivation.

Although Duan Tongtian was dead, the potential danger was still present.

The Demon Taming Sect!

Han Jue was full of fighting spirit.

He wanted to surpass everyone in the Demon Taming Sect before they would come for revenge!

Han Jue thought as he entered his cultivation state.

Half a year passed in a flash.

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The inner sect of the Jade Pure Sect had recovered completely.

Having recovered from their injuries, Li Qingzi and the rest started to mobilize a large number of disciples to attack the Viridescent Nether Cult.

Han Jue wasn\'t disturbed, and Fairy Xi Xuan didn\'t send any disciples to find him.

Duan Tongtian and Zhang Kunmo were dead.

In terms of the number of experts, the Cult was definitely no match for the Jade Pure Sect!

In terms of mentality, Jade Pure Sect also had an absolute advantage.

A year later.

Under the Jade Pure Sect\'s powerful attack, the Viridescent Nether Cult was defeated battle after battle and eventually fled from their headquarters.

The cultivation world of Great Yan was shocked!

The Jade Pure Sect\'s prestige had greatly increased!

At the same time, Han Jue reached the second level of the Nascent Soul realm.

It took him two and a half years to advance by a level.

It was indeed not easy to break through the Nascent Soul realm levels.

However, compared to before, his cultivation speed had increased by quite a bit.

This was because he did not need to cultivate each of his cultivation potentials separately.

He could directly absorb all six types of Spirit Qi and convert them into Six Paths spirit energy!

Ever since he broke through to the ninth level of the Golden Core realm, he had been able to cultivate in such a manner.

To a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, it was extremely helpful.

One fine day.

Chang Yue\'er came to visit.

The sect has gathered quite a number of natural treasures that can help increase the Spirit Qi in your cave abode.

I\'ll help you plant them.

There\'s also a Spirit Qi gathering array formation, Chang Yue\'er said with a smile after entering the cave abode.

She already knew that the Deity Slaying Elder was Han Jue.

When she heard about it, her favorability toward him increased to 5.5 stars!

She had heard this news from Fairy Xi Xuan, so she didn\'t doubt it.

Junior Han was truly an unprecedented genius!


He must be a proud son of the heavens!

Han Jue nodded and said, Thank you, Senior.

Chang Yue\'er started to get busy.

As she set up the array formation, she smiled and said, You\'re already the Deity Slaying Elder.

Can I still be your senior

Han Jue smiled and said, As long as you cultivate seriously and hard enough, you will always be my senior.

With such a high favorability, how can I reject her

Chang Yue\'er isn\'t ugly!

However, Han Jue didn\'t want to talk about love for the time being.

Cultivating hard was his priority.

Thus, he hoped to lead the women who liked him onto the path of dedicated cultivation.

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Do you want to train together

Like for a thousand years!


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