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Han Jue hurriedly checked his interpersonal relationships.

[Xiao\'e: Second level of the Void Amalgamation Realm.

Because you killed his puppet, Duan Tongtian, he\'s filled with hatred towards you.

He can\'t wait to extract your bones and refine your soul.

Current Hatred: 5 stars.]

Second level of the Void Amalgamation Realm


I knew there were gonna be older ones!

Han Jue was speechless.

Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Void Amalgamation, Fusion, Tribulation Transcendence, and Mahayana.

These were the realms of the cultivation world.

Progression became harder at higher realms.

A Soul Formation realm cultivator was enough to suppress the entire Jade Pure Sect, not to mention a Void Amalgamation realm cultivator.

I have to go into seclusion as soon as possible after this is over.

I have to reach the Soul Formation realm as soon as possible!

Han Jue thought silently.

At this moment.

A figure emerged from the connate black magnet.

It was the essence soul of that person.

His face was ugly like an evil spirit.

As if it had been burned and then fermented by poison.

His scars were either green or black on his extraordinarily big build.

Fellow Daoist, you really have a good Mystical Power.

A Nascent Soul cultivator killing a Soul Formation cultivator.

Very eye-opening, indeed! that person said in a disturbing tone.

Han Jue raised his sword.

Wait! Let\'s talk nicely! His expression changed drastically, and he quickly lowered his stance.

Han Jue recognized this person.

It was the Xiao\'e whom he had just offended.

His image in interpersonal relationships was as ugly as in real life.

Han Jue asked, Who are you

Xiao\'e immediately straightened his back and said proudly, I\'m an elder of the North State\'s Demon Taming Sect, Xiao\'e.

I can forgive you for ruining my plans as long as you kowtow and admit your wrongs.

I\'m a great Void Amalgamation cultivator.

Killing you is as easy as crushing an ant.

Li Qingzi and the Great Grand Elder exchanged glances.

They could see the shock in each other\'s eyes.

No wonder the Viridescent Nether Cult targeted the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

It was instructed by the Demon Taming Sect! Li Qingzi gnashed his teeth.

Great Grand Elder said calmly, From today onwards, the Viridescent Nether Cult no longer exists.

On the other side.

Han Jue asked doubtfully, Did Duan Tongtian stall for time because of you

Xiao\'e harrumphed.

Of course.

That trash told me that no one in the Jade Pure Sect was a match for him and that I could… Forget it, do you admit your mistake

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Han Jue stared at him and said seriously, I\'m considering whether I should kill you.

Xiao\'e couldn\'t remain calm anymore.

He said angrily, Do you want to offend the Demon Taming Sect Do you…

Before he finished speaking, he turned into a rainbow and sped towards the horizon.

Han Jue was about to attack, but he didn\'t expect Xiao\'e to escape first.

Now it was too late to give chase.

As expected of an old senior.

He reacts much faster than me.

Han Jue sighed.

He needed to learn from that.

He turned around and landed behind Fairy Xi Xuan to heal her.

Fairy Xi Xuan glanced at Han Jue from the corner of her eyes.

She realized that he was not too excited after killing Duan Tongtian.

He was as calm as ever.

She suddenly couldn\'t see through him.

So he was never cowardly.

He really wanted to dedicate his life to cultivation and didn\'t want to be disturbed.

Han Jue, your master doesn\'t need your help.

Hurry up and kill the other disciples of the Viridescent Nether Cult! Li Qingzi urged.

Han Jue replied, No, Master is the most important.

You must be joking.

If I kill all the fiendish cultivators, everyone in the world will know me!

If I become well-known, there will also be more enemies.

Many people would even want to simply challenge him.

Han Jue didn\'t want to face such a situation.

He just wanted to help the Jade Pure Sect survive this crisis.

He would leave the rest to them.

Li Qingzi: …

Fairy Xi Xuan\'s lips curled up slightly.

The other Elders looked at her with a bit of jealousy.

If they had such a disciple, what else could they ask for

Fellow Daoist, tell us the truth.

Where are you from With your cultivation level, you\'re definitely not a disciple nurtured by the Jade Pure Sect, one of the elders asked.

They were all curious about this.

Han Jue replied, Let the past remain in the past.

I\'m a disciple of the Jade Pure Sect now, so I won\'t harm the sect.

Everyone nodded in approval.

Everyone had a past that should be kept private.

At the same time.

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The other elders of the Cult had rushed over.

They didn\'t see Duan Tongtian.

The connate black magnet was the only thing floating in the air.

Where\'s Cult Leader an elder asked in horror.

Seeing that Han Jue and the others were healing their injuries and Duan Tongtian wasn\'t present, they began to feel uneasy.

Hurry up and kill them.

Whatever you want after this, we\'ll do our best to satisfy you! Li Qingzi said anxiously.

With the strength that Han Jue had just displayed, killing these Cult elders was a piece of cake.

Han Jue hesitated.

The Cult elders were stunned and looked at him.

A ninth-level Foundation Establishment realm cultivator can kill us


He must be hiding his cultivation!

Or else, how did he make our leader disappear

The Cult elders immediately retreated in fear.

Li Qingzi cursed silently.

He immediately stood up and walked to the cliff.

He used all his remaining spirit energy in his body and roared, Cult Leader Duan Tongtian is dead! Jade Pure Sect disciples, listen up! Kill all the fiendish cultivators in the sect!

His voice resounded between the mountains.

Then, a huge commotion ensued!

Members of the Jade Pure Sect were really excited.

All of them started fighting as if they were on stimulants.

On the other hand, the fiendish cultivators of the Viridescent Nether Cult were terrified.

Their leader was already dead.

What were they fighting for

Duan Tongtian didn\'t voice out to say otherwise.

So, it was most likely true!

Run! Our leader is dead!

Damn it, the Jade Pure Sect is so strong

Jade Pure Sect has been hiding a mighty figure!

Cult Leader is at the Soul Formation realm.

He was still defeated by that mighty figure

Crap, they\'re about to launch a counterattack!

Li Qingzi heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the fiendish cultivators fleeing in all directions.

Good that they\'re escaping.

At least we will have fewer casualties.

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We will let them pay it all back another day!

With Duan Tongtian\'s death, the Cult wouldn\'t dare to attack the sect for a long time.

Jade Pure Sect could even take the initiative to attack!

He turned to look at Han Jue, who was healing Fairy Xi Xuan.

I can\'t let this kid leave the sect!

Li Qingzi made a firm decision.

He could no longer break through.

He could only rely on others.

Being able to kill a Soul Formation realm cultivator with a single sword strike showed Han Jue\'s terrifying power.

Li Qingzi needed him on Jade Pure Sect\'s side.

He immediately announced, From today onwards, Han Jue will be the Vice Sect Master of the Jade Pure Sect!

Upon hearing this, the elders were all moved, but none of them refuted.

I object!

Li Qingzi glared at the source of the sound.

But it was Han Jue.

Han Jue said righteously, I only want to cultivate.

I don\'t want to be the vice sect master.

Being the vice sect master must be tiring.

I don\'t want it to hold back my cultivation.

Erm… Li Qingzi couldn\'t help but feel conflicted.

Great Grand Elder said, Let him be an Elder.

Just give him a title and let him enjoy the benefits of a vice sect master.

Unless the sect is in trouble, no one is allowed to disturb him.

Han Jue nodded in satisfaction.

He liked this!

Right, that person just now was at the Void Amalgamation Realm… Han Jue suddenly said.

Honestly, he was a little disturbed.

After all, the enemy had escaped.

Great Grand Elder smiled and said, He\'s only left with his essence soul.

If I\'m not wrong, Duan Tongtian agreed to help him recover his corporeal body and obtained the chance to break through in return.

The reason why Duan Tongtian was stalling for time just now was probably to absorb the Spirit Qi and vitality of the Jade Pure Sect.

This should be some kind of secret technique.

As for the Demon Taming Sect, there\'s even less to worry about.

The North State is too far away from us.

It can even be said to be at the other end of the world.

Great Grand Elder didn\'t even seem concerned about Xiao\'e.

But Han Jue was still worried.

One should never think like that!

There\'s still a chance things may go wrong!

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I need to cultivate in seclusion!

I must surpass the Void Amalgamation realm as soon as possible!


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