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Han Jue raised the Qilin Sword and walked towards Duan Tongtian.

As his gaze fell on the small black mountain behind him, he became puzzled.

What\'s that

Han Jue could feel the powerful suction force.

He couldn\'t help but think of something modern.

A magnet

Duan Tongtian had always been standing on this small black mountain.

Is there some trick behind this

At this moment…

Zhang Kunmo rushed up from the foot of the mountain again.

His killing intent soared as he held an oil lamp.

He poured his fiendish energy into the oil lamp and glared at Han Jue with bloodshot eyes as if he had gone mad.

Cao Cao! Do you still want to fight with our leader I will kill you first!

Zhang Kunmo roared.

The oil lamp emitted a black aura that condensed into a huge ghostly shadow as if it came from hell.

Three sword shadows appeared behind Han Jue.

He raised his left hand and waved it at Zhang Kunmo.

Three sword shadows sped forth.

Fast as lightning!

So fast!

The elders of the Jade Pure Sect were all stunned to find that their eyes couldn\'t keep up with the sword shadows.

Pu Pu Pu—

Zhang Kunmo\'s body was instantly pierced through.

Blood splattered everywhere, and his body was riddled with holes.

Yet, he was still holding the oil lamp high.

He died on the spot!

A beam of light shot out from the top of Zhang Kunmo\'s head.

Nascent Soul!

Zhang Kunmo\'s Nascent Soul!

Han Jue squinted.

The sword shadows pursued.

If he wasn\'t even afraid of a Soul Formation realm cultivator, wouldn\'t killing a Nascent Soul realm cultivator be as easy as flipping his palm

No surprise!

Zhang Kunmo\'s Nascent Soul was instantly chopped up!

In less than three breaths of time, a Nascent Soul was easily killed by Han Jue!


The entire Main Peak fell into silence.

Fairy Xi Xuan, Li Qingzi, Great Grand Elder, Old Immortal Daoist Thunder, Daoist Jingxu, and the other elders were all dumbfounded.

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It was so nonsensical.

A ninth-level Foundation Establishment realm cultivator is so powerful

Fairy Xi Xuan, Li Qingzi, Old Immortal Daoist Thunder, and Daoist Jingxu were the most shocked.

They had observed Han Jue for decades and knew that he was really weak before.

Is he possessed

But even if he was, cultivation must start from the beginning.

How could he be so fast!

Han Jue turned around and looked at Duan Tongtian.

He discovered that Duan Tongtian wasn\'t shocked nor afraid.

Instead, he had a mocking smile on his face.

Is he crazy

Han Jue thought.

Duan Tongtian said, You\'re indeed very strong, but you\'re only a Nascent Soul cultivator.

How can you fight with me If you bow down to me now, I can consider sparing your life.

Otherwise, I\'ll let you experience the terror of facing me!

Still acting cool

Han Jue couldn\'t take it anymore.

The sword shadows of the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique appeared behind him again.

He immediately waved his hand, and three sword shadows shot out at high speed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three sword shadows collided with Duan Tongtian and exploded.

Duan Tongtian\'s body flashed with black lightning, easily countering the shadow swords.


It\'s the small black mountain beneath his feet!

What\'s that

Han Jue frowned.

He raised the Qilin Sword and prepared to execute his mystical power.

The thing beneath my feet is a connate black magnet that can absorb spirit energy.

Unless your spirit energy is stronger than mine, it\'s impossible for you to hurt me!

Duan Tongtian laughed wantonly.

Han Jue pointed at him with his sword and said with a smile, You\'re talking nonsense.

I can kill you with one strike.

Do you believe me

As soon as he finished speaking, Duan Tongtian suddenly unleashed a terrifying pressure that enveloped the entire Jade Pure Sect.

In an instant, all the disciples of Jade Pure Sect and the Cult stopped fighting and looked at Main Peak in shock.

What a terrifying pressure!

Even the elders of the sect were pale and breathing heavily.

They were close to Duan Tongtian.

The pressure affected them more.

The Soul Formation and Nascent Soul realms were worlds apart!

Han Jue was moved.

The Soul Formation realm is truly powerful!

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However, after going through the simulation trial, he had already fought against Duan Tongtian, so he was full of confidence.

I have become a Soul Formation cultivator.

I\'m blessed by the Heavenly Dao and full of providence.

I will definitely be the top cultivator in the Great Yan Cultivation World.

Jade Pure Sect will be my first stepping stone in unifying the cultivation world!

Those who follow me prosper.

Those who oppose me perish!

Brat, do you really think you can kill me with one strike If you dare to attack, you\'re dead for sure.

I\'ve already given you a chance!

Duan Tongtian raised his arms and laughed with insane madness.

The elders of Jade Pure Sect looked gloomy.

Duan Tongtian\'s aura was simply too powerful.

It was so powerful that it made it hard for people to have any thoughts of resisting.

Han Jue had a strange expression.

This fellow is too talkative!

I reached the Golden Core realm at 100 years old and the Nascent Soul realm at 200.

My talent…

Damn it!

I\'ve had enough!

Without waiting for Duan Tongtian to finish speaking, Han Jue suddenly swung his sword.

In that instant, the world seemed to have stopped.

Not only on Main Peak, but everyone in the entire Jade Pure Sect saw a black sword Qi sweep across the sky like ink hanging high in the air.

It was absolutely shocking!

A Qilin\'s roar echoed around Main Peak!

Heavenly Punishment Ghost Deity Sword!

Duan Tongtian widened his eyes, unable to dodge in time.

As Fairy Xi Xuan, Li Qingzi, and the others watched in disbelief, Duan Tongtian\'s body was directly crushed by Han Jue\'s sword Qi.

The sword Qi swept past, leaving an illusory figure standing on the dark magnetic field.

It was Duan Tongtian\'s essence soul.

At this moment, Duan Tongtian\'s face was filled with shock, as if he didn\'t dare believe what was happening before his eyes.

His essence soul trembled.

He looked at Han Jue in fear and asked with a trembling voice, You… Who exactly are you

Han Jue stepped on thin air.

It was as if there was an invisible staircase beneath his feet as he approached Duan Tongtian step by step.

Zhao Zilong of Chang Mountain!

Han Jue didn\'t reveal his real name, in case he killed Duan Tongtian and someone older was to appear.

He used the Seven Illusionary Steps and appeared before him in a flash.

Duan Tongtian subconsciously fled, but Han Jue was even faster.

He raised his left hand to use the mystical power of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique.

Six Paths Soul Absorption Technique!

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He directly absorbed Duan Tongtian\'s essence soul.

Ahhh—Zhao Zilong! I won\'t let you off even if I become a ghost!

Duan Tongtian let out a miserable shriek.

After shouting a few words, his essence soul was refined by Han Jue.

He was deader than dead.

A Soul Formation realm cultivator was insta-killed by Han Jue before he could even unleash his full power!

Wasn\'t it ridiculous for a Nascent Soul realm cultivator to kill a Soul Formation realm cultivator

But Han Jue did it!

Han Jue kept his sword and looked at the connate black magnet beneath his feet.

The elders still hadn\'t recovered from their shock.

Fairy Xi Xuan was also very shocked.

She couldn\'t believe that this was her disciple.


He\'s too powerful!

Fairy Xi Xuan thought she was dreaming.

The others had similar thoughts.

A moment ago, they were still on the brink of death.


Old Immortal Daoist Thunder raised his hand and tapped his chest a few times.

The acupoints all over his body began to hurt, making him certain that he wasn\'t in an illusion.

No wonder… no wonder…

The Great Grand Elder was extremely excited.

Back when he cultivated the Essence Soul mystical power, he was almost beaten to death by Han Jue.

It made him doubt his path and he gave up on that mystical power.

Now it seemed to him that it wasn\'t his fault.

Han Jue was simply too strong!

Li Qingzi stared at Han Jue with a complicated expression.

He couldn\'t help but recall their encounter in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

He had made a wrong judgment…

Han Jue ignored their gazes as he stared intently at the magnet.

[You have successfully killed a Soul Formation realm cultivator.

You\'ll obtain a bottle of unparalleled pills.]

[Congratulations on obtaining a bottle of Divine Cognition Pills.]

[Xiao\'e has developed hatred towards you.

Current Hatred: 5 stars.]

Who\'s Xiao\'e

Hatred of 5 stars straight away!

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Han Jue secretly cursed this guy.


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