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Without the aid of pills, Han Jue could only continue cultivating with great difficulty.

Even so, he was getting closer and closer to the Nascent Soul realm.

Two years later.

His water cultivation potential had finally reached the ninth level of the Golden Core realm.

Han Jue began cultivating his wood cultivation potential.

Lines of words suddenly appeared in front of him:

[Congratulations on reaching 100 years old.

You have unlocked the Simulation Trial function.]

[Simulation Trial: You can set your opponent\'s cultivation level and level of strength to simulate a battle.

You can also detect all living beings within a radius of a hundred miles and simulate a battle with them.

The result of the battle will not affect the physical and mental state of the opponent.

The number of times you activate this function is unlimited.]

Simulation Trial

It can even detect living beings within a radius of fifty kilometers

Han Jue was first stunned, then pleasantly surprised.

This is an overpowered function!

Han Jue didn\'t know how strong he was.

He could finally give it a try now.

He immediately activated the Simulation Trial function and closed his eyes.

He came to a dark space.

[You can choose a character in interpersonal relationships to be your opponent.]

Han Jue immediately chose Li Qingzi.

He wanted to see the difference in strength between him and the Sect Master.

Soon, Li Qingzi appeared in front of him.

This Li Qingzi was expressionless and looked like a puppet.

The battle began!

Li Qingzi took out a golden ruler and attacked Han Jue.

Han Jue took out the Qilin Sword and used the Seven Illusionary Steps to distance himself from him.

He quickly executed the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique, causing three sword shadows to appear out of thin air and shoot towards Li Qingzi.

Li Qingzi quickly waved his ruler, dispersed the sword shadows, and chased after him.

Han Jue raised his hand and struck out with the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal.

The six attributes of spirit energy kept changing, and the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal collided with Li Qingzi.

Initially, Li Qingzi was still able to break the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal, but he was quickly sent flying.

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

It seemed like his Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal was very powerful!

No wonder it could suppress the Great Grand Elder\'s essence soul.

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However, the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal didn\'t hurt Li Qingzi.

He would always launch his attack again immediately after.

Han Jue wasn\'t in a hurry.

He was already very satisfied to be on par with Li Qingzi.

The battle lasted for ten minutes before Han Jue lost.

Li Qingzi\'s Heavenly Constellation Golden Body was extremely powerful.

When spells hit him, it didn\'t cause any substantial damage.


Han Jue discovered that using the Qilin Sword to execute the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique would make his attack more damaging.

It could break through Li Qingzi\'s Heavenly Constellation Golden Body and cause him to bleed.

As expected of an unparalleled sword!

However, he would only be able to break through the defense, not claim victory.

He then lowered Li Qingzi\'s cultivation.

Seventh level of the Nascent Soul realm!

He still couldn\'t win!

Sixth level of the Nascent Soul realm!

A draw!

Fifth level of the Nascent Soul realm!

He slaughtered Li Qingzi.

Han Jue activated the Qilin Sword and executed the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique.

The three sword shadows tore Li Qingzi\'s body apart.

Not bad! Not bad!

To kill a cultivator five levels above me is up to standard considering my cultivation technique, cultivation potential, sword technique, and unparalleled sword potential!

Han Jue thought silently.

Subsequently, he lowered Li Qingzi\'s cultivation level to the ninth level of the Golden Core Realm and realized that his spirit energy far exceeded Li Qingzi\'s.

The power of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique was evident.

Cultivating all six types of cultivation potentials gave an abundant pool of spirit energy.

He could instantly kill Li Qingzi of the same cultivation level as him without using the Qilin Sword.

When his consciousness returned to reality, Han Jue opened his eyes.

I can kill a fifth-level Nascent Soul realm expert now.

When I break through to the Nascent Soul realm, wouldn\'t I be able to compete with a Soul Formation realm cultivator

Han Jue thought excitedly, but then shook his head.

The strength of a Soul Formation realm cultivator was definitely vastly different from that of a Nascent Soul realm cultivator.

He couldn\'t let his imagination wild, or else he might fail.

I have to think that I can\'t beat a Soul Formation realm cultivator.

That\'s the only way to be cautious.

Han Jue warned himself silently.

Only wood and earth cultivation potentials left.

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Han Jue was full of fighting spirit.

He felt that he would be able to cultivate both to the ninth level of the Golden Core Realm within ten years!

As more and more cultivation potentials reached the ninth level of the Golden Core realm, the cultivation speed of the remaining ones became faster and faster.

Ten years was enough for him to cultivate the two remaining potentials to the ninth level!

Ten years went by quickly.

Han Jue didn\'t leave the cave abode even half a step.

He practically cultivated the entire time.

He had successfully cultivated all his cultivation potentials to the ninth level of the Golden Core realm.

Next, he would begin cultivation to perfection.

Han Jue was pleasantly surprised to discover that he could actually absorb six types of Spirit Qi at the same time.

It was something new!

Can it be that the ninth level of the Golden Core Realm is a threshold

Han Jue soon discovered that absorbing six types of Spirit Qi at the same time wasn\'t too slow for his cultivation speed.

Overall, it was faster than before.

Good news!

Han Jue was confident and continued to cultivate.

Half a year later, all his cultivation potentials had reached perfection.

He could finally cultivate his Nascent Soul!

Han Jue didn\'t relax.

He started to prepare for the tribulation transcendence!

He established a barrier covering the entire connate cave abode!

Jade Pure Sect, Main Peak.

Inside the hall.

Li Qingzi sat at the end of the table.

The Elders of the eighteen peaks were gathered.

Besides them, there were several other Elders.

Everyone\'s expression was very grave.

Heavenly Thunder Peak\'s Old Immortal Daoist Thunder\'s expression was really pale.

He gritted his teeth and asked, Is this true

Li Qingzi sighed and said, It\'s absolutely true.

Duan Tongtian had just transcended tribulation a month ago.

He\'s now consolidating his cultivation.

He\'s already a Soul Formation realm almighty!

Soul Formation realm!

Everyone was scared out of their mind.

It was as if a mountain was pressing down on them, making it hard for them to breathe.

Even Fairy Xi Xuan didn\'t look good.

Where\'s Master Hasn\'t he already cultivated his essence soul Is he already close to the Soul Formation realm Daoist Jingxu hurriedly asked.

Li Qingzi sighed and said, No, his essence soul is only a mystical power.

He seemed to have suffered some kind of blow previously and gave up on it decades ago.

He\'s still cultivating bitterly now.

Although he\'s already at the ninth level of the Nascent Soul realm, there\'s still an insurmountable gap between him and the Soul Formation realm.

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The hall fell into deathly silence.

Everyone was stressed.

An elder couldn\'t help but ask, Then, what should we do Ask for help

Li Qingzi sighed and said, I\'ve already sent a letter to other orthodox sects asking for help.

I haven\'t received any reply yet.

The elders began to discuss amongst themselves.

Soul Formation realm! Even if all of us joined forces, we still might not be able to defeat him!

Other than Duan Tongtian, there are many Nascent Soul cultivators in the Viridescent Nether Cult.


Who would know that the goddamned Cult would produce a Soul Formation realm cultivator Our end has come.

We definitely won\'t be able to win in a direct confrontation.

Why don\'t we escape

How are we going to escape Where are we going to escape to Are we going to abandon our centuries of establishment

The elders were all talking at once, and their tone was very bad.

No one could speak calmly in the face of such a crisis.

Li Qingzi sighed, his face full of worry.


The bell rang on Jade Serene Peak.

All the disciples gathered in front of the main door of the Jade Serene Hall.

After entering the hall, the disciples found mats to sit on.

Fairy Xi Xuan glanced around and frowned slightly.

Han Jue didn\'t come again.

Forget it.

All the disciples looked at Fairy Xi Xuan.

There was no nervousness nor anticipation.

They thought it was about the upcoming inner sect assessment.

From the latest information, the cult leader of the Viridescent Nether Cult, Duan Tongtian, has already reached the Soul Formation realm.

If there are no accidents, the Cult will launch a large-scale invasion against us in a few years.

Fairy Xi Xuan\'s expression was indifferent as she spoke.

The disciples were stunned for a moment before exploding.

Soul Formation realm!


Do we have Soul Formation cultivators

Of course not, Soul Formation realm only exists in the legends!

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It\'s over… No wonder the Cult is becoming more rampant lately…


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