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Hearing Fairy Xi Xuan\'s words, Han Jue\'s first reaction was that she was joking.

At this moment.

Words suddenly appeared before his eyes.

[Your Sect Master is in danger.

No one knows whether he\'s still alive.

You have the following choices:]

Han Jue frowned.

He subconsciously wanted to pick the first choice and avoid the danger.

But on second thought… I\'m wearing the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe, what am I afraid of

Han Jue asked, What about you, Master

Fairy Xi Xuan\'s expression was calm as she replied, Survive or perish, I will stay at the Jade Pure Sect.

Chang Yue\'er wanted to say something but hesitated.

Han Jue said seriously, Then I will follow you, Master.

He would do missions and increase others\' favorability of him!

[Fairy Xi Xuan\'s favorability of you has increased.

Current favorability: 3 stars.]

3 stars!

With one more, will she be a potential companion

Han Jue thought.

I\'m being obscene!

My heart follows the Dao, it cannot become filthy.

Fairy Xi Xuan\'s expression remained unchanged as she asked, Really Aren\'t you afraid of death

Death is unavoidable.

When the time comes, one either has an impactful or a mediocre life.

Even though I pursue longevity, I won\'t abandon you, Master.

I\'ve never taught you anything.

Yes, but your kindness and care are invaluable.

You\'ve helped me compete for opportunities and settle potential troubles.

I remember all of that.

He actually meant it.

After being reborn and living for more than sixty years, Fairy Xi Xuan was the person who treated him the best.

Although Xing Hongxuan liked him the most, she had once threatened him.

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Ever since he had entered Fairy Xi Xuan\'s tutelage, she hadn\'t made things difficult for him.

Even if he hadn\'t followed her instructions, she hadn\'t blamed him.

Han Jue really didn\'t want such a good master to die.

However, if he encountered an overpowered enemy, Han Jue would still prioritize his own life.

My main mission in life won\'t change!




After hearing Han Jue\'s heartfelt words, Fairy Xi Xuan smiled with relief.

As expected of a disciple of Jade Serene Peak.

However, the situation is not as dire as sect dissolution.

Even if Sect Master has gone missing, our foundation is still there.

I know that you\'re very afraid of death, so I asked you to leave first. Fairy Xi Xuan smiled.

Han Jue nodded and asked, Where did Sect Master go missing

He went to investigate the Viridescent Nether Cult.

I see.

Han Jue was relieved.

It would be terrible if he was abducted in the Jade Pure Sect.

The Viridescent Nether Cult had attacked Li Qingzi dozens of times, but they had only managed to severely injure him.

It seemed like there was no Nascent Soul realm cultivator among them.

If that was the case, Han Jue was more confident about his safety.

A Nascent Soul realm cultivator couldn\'t kill him.

Are there any problems with your cultivation recently Fairy Xi Xuan asked with gentle eyes.

Speaking of which, she hadn\'t really taught this disciple yet.

Han Jue shook his head and said, No, there\'s no need to trouble you, Master.

If he cultivated with Fairy Xi Xuan, wouldn\'t he be exposing his Golden Core realm cultivation

If the sect elders heard about it, they might drag him over to labor.

When Fairy Xi Xuan heard this, she immediately snorted.

Then get lost!

Yes, Master!

Han Jue left.

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He had just left the hall when Fairy Xi Xuan took out a storage bag and handed it to Chang Yue\'er.

Help your junior according to what I said.

Chang Yue\'er nodded and stood up excitedly.

As soon as Han Jue flew out of the Jade Serene Peak, he heard a whistling sound behind him.

He turned around and saw Chang Yue\'er chasing after him on her sword.

Junior Han, wait for me!

Chang Yue\'er waved her hand and shouted with a happy smile on her face.

Han Jue frowned and stopped.

Chang Yue\'er stopped at his side and waved the storage bag in her hand, saying, There\'s a set formation and some spirit herb seeds inside.

Master asked me to help you set up the formation and plant spirit herbs to increase the Spirit Qi in your cave abode.

When Han Jue heard this, his brows immediately relaxed.

He cupped his fists and said, Thanks to our Master.

Thank you, Senior.

Chang Yue\'er smiled even more happily.

The two of them continued flying towards the Connate Cave Abode.

Arriving at the entrance of the cave abode, Chang Yue\'er saw the words on the stone door.

With a strange expression, she muttered, Endure today, freedom tomorrow… this name…

Han Jue entered the cave expressionlessly.

Chang Yue\'er followed closely behind.

She stopped at the edge of the tunnel and took out the equipment for the formation and began setting it up.

Han Jue turned around and stood behind her, observing closely.

Learning how to set up formations was also beneficial for the future.

Chang Yue\'er noticed that he was behind her and couldn\'t help but become more serious.

After nearly two hours, she finally finished setting up the array formation.

The switch was embedded into the wall of the cave.

It was a piece of jade stone that could be activated by pouring spirit energy into it.

This array formation could conceal the cave\'s entrance.

If one were to forcibly enter it, they would be trapped in an illusion and become unable to extricate themselves.

Han Jue sighed.

I didn\'t expect you to know array formations.

Chang Yue\'er smiled proudly and said, What do you think I\'m learning from Master all the time Although my cultivation level is inferior to yours, I know alchemy, talisman crafting, array formations, exorcism, and so on!

He had a whole new level of respect for her.

Chang Yue\'er turned around and walked into the cave abode.

After sizing it up, she walked to the pool\'s side and began planting spirit herbs.

If I become an immortal one day, I will let you be my herbalist.

So, you should work hard on these skills, Han Jue said with a smile.

Chang Yue\'er harrumphed.

In your dreams! I\'m your senior! If I were to be something, I will be your… hehe!

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She suddenly laughed.

Han Jue played dumb and didn\'t reply.

Rebuffed, Chang Yue\'er continued planting the spirit herb seeds.

Ten minutes later, she finished planting all the seeds.

Han Jue thanked her hurriedly.

That\'s all.

I won\'t disturb your cultivation any longer.

After some time, I\'ll move over to accompany you.

How about that Chang Yue\'er covered her mouth and asked, even winking at him.

Vigilant, Han Jue asked, You want to take advantage of my cave abode

Chang Yue\'er rolled her eyes at him and turned to leave angrily.

After she left the cave abode, Han Jue let out a long sigh.

He patted his chest and muttered, Oh, Han Jue, it\'s really difficult to protect your body!

Han Jue walked to the cave\'s entrance.

After activating the formation, he returned to the wooden bed and started cultivating.

The first level of the Golden Core Realm couldn\'t satisfy him!

After mastering the third level of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Art, his Qi absorption speed was much faster than before.

Coupled with the rich Spirit Qi in the Connate Cave Abode, he cultivated very happily.

Five years passed in a flash.

Han Jue\'s Thunder Cultivation Potential had reached the third level of the Golden Core Realm, while the other cultivation potentials had yet to be cultivated.

He planned to cultivate his Thunder Cultivation Potential to the ninth level of the Golden Core Realm before cultivating his other cultivation potentials.

After all, the Cult could attack at any time.

His lifespan had also increased slightly.

There were many ways to increase his lifespan on the path of cultivation, such as pills, natural treasures, and cultivation techniques.

Han Jue\'s lifespan was only his most basic lifespan.

If his cultivation couldn\'t break through, he could use other methods to increase it.

In these five years, the Jade Pure Sect was safe.

However, Sect Master Li Qingzi was often pursued by fiendish cultivators and was always heavily injured.

Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan were also frequently attacked by fiendish cultivators.

It seemed like their adventures were truly fascinating.

Every time he saw the messages of them being attacked by fiendish cultivators, Han Jue felt lucky he didn\'t follow them.

Han Jue was still cultivating when a line of words appeared before his eyes.

[Detected bearer of connate providence, check its origin.]

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