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Han Jue replied, I\'m not happy because of getting third place, but excited to come to Main Peak for the first time.

Master never told me to stop at the top three.

I haven\'t been in Jade Serene Peak for long.

Although I became her personal disciple, Master said that as long as I do my best, it\'s fine.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder snorted in obvious disbelief.

Zhou Fan was his personal disciple, and Han Jue admitted defeat right after beating him.

Han Jue was obviously not giving Heavenly Thunder Peak face.

But as an Elder, Old Immortal Daoist Thunder couldn\'t lash out at him.

Han Jue smiled politely at the other two disciples.

The three of them didn\'t talk much, and it wasn\'t suitable for them to talk at the moment.

Before long…

They arrived at Main Peak.

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder introduced them to Daoist Jingxu and left.

The top three participants of the inner court assessment this time will be promoted to elite disciples.

Besides that, all of you can choose a Connate Cave Abode.

The first place will get to choose first, Daoist Jingxu said expressionlessly as she inconspicuously glanced at Han Jue.

This kid actually managed to reach the top three.

Looks like Xuan\'er wasn\'t mistaken.

He\'s indeed talented.

The two disciples weren\'t surprised.

Clearly, they already knew about the Connate Cave Abode beforehand.

Daoist Jingxu waved her right hand, and the images of three Connate Cave Abodes appeared.

The three abodes surrounded the edge of a mountain range.

Han Jue took a glance and guessed that it was a map of the Jade Pure Sect.

Are they making us security guards

Han Jue ridiculed in his head.

The three cave abodes nicely surrounded the eighteen peaks.

Nevertheless, a Connate Cave Abode was too attractive.

It was like a free spiritual pool.

It was still acceptable.

Now that he had the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe, he wasn\'t afraid of any danger anyway.

Daoist Jingxu began to introduce the three cave abodes.

The first was rich with fire and wind Spirit Qi,

The second was relatively abundant with water, fire, and wood Spirit Qi.

The last had Spirit Qi of all attributes, but each only as rich as in a usual spiritual pool.

There were no surprises.

Han Jue was left with the last cave abode.

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Cultivators who could reach this stage were all geniuses with three or four cultivation potentials.

However, they usually only cultivated a single attribute, so they would choose the first two Connate Cave Abodes.

Han Jue couldn\'t choose but still ended up with the one that suited him the most.

After choosing the cave abode, Han Jue was given a talisman.

Tearing the talisman would lead them to their Connate Cave Abodes.

The three of them bowed and left.

After walking out of the hall, Han Jue immediately tore the talisman.

A golden pigeon appeared out of thin air and flew into the distance.

Han Jue immediately followed it.

The other two bid farewell and also parted.

After flying after the golden pigeon for half an hour, Han Jue finally found the Connate Cave Abode.

It was located in a forest.

The golden pigeon flew head-on into the cliff wall, inducing a glow in the wall.

Feeling the fluctuations of Spirit Qi, there was probably a formation in front.

A hole appeared on the cliff wall, and Han Jue immediately walked in.

The tunnel was wide enough for four people to walk side by side.

After walking for fifty steps, he saw the cave abode.

It was huge, and the walls were damp.

There was a hole at the top of the cave where cold air flowed in.

In the middle of the cave, there was a pool with many water plants.

The water was warm, and vapor could be seen above the surface.

Han Jue felt that the dense Spirit Qi might be slightly more concentrated than the spiritual pools.

And it contained all six attributes!

Han Jue was satisfied.

He first took out the Golden Cicada\'s Mystic Divine Robe and wore it before putting on the Jade Pure Sect\'s Daoist robe over it.

The moment Han Jue put on the Numinous Treasure, he felt his entire aura change.

He felt so safe!

Han Jue smiled happily as he walked back to the cave entrance.

He looked up.

This was his exclusive cave now.

He had to give it a name!

He used his finger as a sword to carve words above the cave entrance.

Endure Today, Freedom Tomorrow!

Han Jue nodded in satisfaction.

It was a good piece of calligraphy.

The strokes demonstrated his power and the strength of his sword Qi.

After carving the line, Han Jue chopped the trees nearby and then made a table, chairs, and a bed.

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At Jade Serene Hall.

Fairy Xi Xuan was expressionless.

Chang Yue\'er recounted what had happened in the inner sect assessment.

When she heard that Han Jue admitted defeat after entering the top three, the corner of her mouth twitched.

This kid…

So unambitious!

Fairy Xi Xuan admired Han Jue\'s heart towards the Dao, but she couldn\'t understand why he was so afraid of being in the limelight.

He\'s ridiculously cowardly!

Most importantly, Han Jue\'s appearance was extremely outstanding.

It was hard for him not to stand out.

Master, did Junior Han suffer persecution when he was young Chang Yue\'er asked.

Fairy Xi Xuan was deep in thought.

It looked like she had to ask Elder Iron.

Can it be that Elder Iron tortured Han Jue before

Thinking of this, Fairy Xi Xuan\'s glare turned cold.

She had never liked Elder Iron.

If it weren\'t for his meritorious service in the outer sect, no one would be willing to accept him into the inner sect even if he reached the Foundation Establishment realm.

Elder Iron had hardly any potential.

After the inner sect assessment ended, Han Jue didn\'t attract much attention.

The disciples would only smile when others mentioned him.

Han Jue also didn\'t go to the inner sect city and stayed in the Connate Cave to cultivate.

He was prepared to enter the Golden Core realm as soon as possible!

All his Spirit Qi had already reached the ninth level of the Foundation Establishment realm.

As long as he cultivated them to perfection, he would be able to reach the Golden Core realm.

Han Jue was full of fighting spirit.

Once he reached the Golden Core realm, he would be able to use the Six Paths of Reincarnation\'s divine powers.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation Technique had its own divine art, but it required one to reach a certain realm.

Reaching the Golden Core realm would unlock one of those!

Half a month later.

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He had visitors.

They were Mo Fuchou and Zhou Fan.

When they saw the carvings above the entrance, they were speechless.

Endure Today, Freedom Tomorrow…

It really suited his personality.

Brother Han, Mo Fuchou is here to visit! Mo Fuchou shouted with cupped fists.

After a few seconds, the door opened.

The two of them immediately walked in.

Han Jue was meditating by the pool when they saw him.

Han Jue opened his eyes and asked, What brings you here

Zhou Fan looked at him with a complicated expression.

Mo Fuchou smiled and said, Recently, the conflict between us and the Viridescent Nether Cult has been escalating.

Who knows when a full-scale war will break out one day.

We would like to invite you to go on a mission together and take down one of the Cult\'s branches.

Apparently, they possess many pills that can help you cultivate.

Before coming, Mo Fuchou had thought about it.

If he wanted to convince Han Jue, he had to talk about cultivation.

Han Jue shook his head and said, Thank you for your kind intentions.

I don\'t want to leave for the time being.

I have to enter seclusion to break through.

Breakthrough in seclusion

Both of them were stunned.

Zhou Fan couldn\'t help but ask, You want to enter the Golden Core realm

Han Jue nodded.

It\'s not that easy to break through to the Golden Core realm.

The heavenly tribulation you will face is even more terrifying than the one at the Foundation Establishment realm.

You have to rely on some Tribulation Transcendence Pills to neutralize the power of the heavenly lightning and consolidate your Dao heart, Mo Fuchou reminded.

Zhou Fan added, This mission is very important.

If we perform well, we will definitely succeed.

Our status in the Jade Pure Sect will also rise in the future, and we will be able to make a name for ourselves in the cultivation world.

[You have received an invitation from a fellow disciple.

Facing fame and fortune, you have the following choices:]

[1] [One, promise them, go to work together, get a low-grade spiritual stone]

[2] [Second, reject them, practice low-key, and get a magical artifact]

Three lines of words appeared before Han Jue\'s eyes.

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Isn\'t it obvious

Han Jue said righteously, I\'m sorry, I\'m not interested in fame or fortune.

I just want to cultivate diligently.

If the Jade Pure Sect is in trouble in the future, I\'ll definitely risk my life defending the sect.

But right now, I don\'t want to leave the sect!


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